Sunday, 15 June 2008

What A Day !

Had to have my decorators head on today.... not half so much fun as my crafting head... but.. needs must.... !... Painting all finished !!! yipppeee.... done the snagging today, so fingers crossed Ive not missed any more spots. !!! Carpet man arriving tomorrow... to measure up... Just the outside to do now. !
Didnt get around to DL inserts, but... (no I didnt put chef head on but),I been cutting chips all night.. !!! oh and waffles... why you might ask, well... Ive been asked for some strange cards in my time, but this one takes the waffle !! literally, request was..... card with fish and chips and cream waffles on, now I didnt even know you could get cream waffles ..! but you can, and not just one sort neither... theres hundreds !!!... As for the fish and chips... doddle... unless he wanted salmon, cos I think hes got a piece of cod ! :) Last card requested from same lady for her BIL was a Portaloo... !!!! need I say more, :)
The saga of the ribbon goes on.... A friend of mine, all the way up in Bonny Scotland, went out shopping today to see if she could get some to match..... choice of two... what did she do..???/ buy both.. of course, be rude not to... LOL.... but we have a slight dilemna .... is there enough?? Will be fine, as long as Daughter wants a mix and match wedding !! LOL....
No piccies today folkes... but ... just for a laugh, I will post the dreaded foodie card.... and I know already, Im going to hate it..... !!! but if thats what the lady wants, thats what the lady gets LOL>.. till next time. xx

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