Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Nearly !!!

Habari za mchana
Thats good afteroon to me and you. lol
Well so much for going and ordering my usd's.... was tidying up craft room !! and sort of got side tracked.... and am in process of finishing the last 10 Day Invites for H. All ribbons in place, and just putting last few toppers on....
Then I hope to try, try being the operative word, and get the evening invites finished before I go away. I have printed out the inserts already for the evening ones, so !!! why didnt I do those first? LOL
Will defo have to go to bank tomorrow !
Have received some nice things in the post, makes a lovely change from all the bills I been getting in of late..... two more birthday cards, and some beautiful flowers from my good friend Ettie, in Liverpool.... and a parcel.... who I suspect is from my good friend Debs !! LOL.... I will hold out a couple more days, then Im opening the lot lol.. (even thou it said on one card DONT) !!! ... but I got enough to carry in suitcase... so !! (thats my excuse and Im sticking to it) . Right ... back to these invites... had a cuppa, so next round coming up. catch you later folkes. xx

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