Thursday, 31 July 2008

and Finally

Thought Id treat ya all... just to confirm that yes, th is is a card making blog ! LOL.... I just tend to get side tracked now and then.... more now than then... :)

Thanks (again) Nikky... for fab sheet...stuck this one in an √°perture'card (Lynn) lol... just a bit of matt and layering... oh, you can see what Ive done with it. lol... But I really have got to crack on with the awkward men.... (oh.. sorry... men's cards).. ! actually probably right first time ! lol... and also childrens cards... why cant they be as easy as womans cards??

well here it is... hope you like...

Blog Candy

Some fantastic blog candy up for grabs on Jacqui's blogspot.... go check out her site. x

Did ya miss me?

Doubtful,lol but , sorry if you did, but.. had things to catch up on.. and cardmaking wasnt one of them, unfortunately. ! Thats today. so might treat you all to a card later on.
Finally found out whats been the matter with me for the past... year in particular, but not been right (yeah, ok, I know not right in head either !!), for a lot of years, and a good friend of mine, who used to be a nurse, finally diagnosed my problem... shame the doctor couldnt do that !! ... Seems I got IBS.. and that explains everything. So now on quest to find out what sets it off... other than stress. ! But glad to finally give all my problems a name !
Drove for the first time in over a month yesterday, only to find... key fobs not working properly.... so now need new one... yes checked battery !!... Also lost 10lb..... shame it only tyre pressure and not weight loss. ! LOL... Toe very sore and swollen rest of day.. but at least able to drive ... albeit short distance. !
Today.... go and apologise to both shops... that I havent restocked for 2 months on cards... lets hope Ive sold a few pounds worth ah?! lol.. Going to attempt another box clear today... still wading though it.. but.. at least can get into room now.. Just hope the bin men got a good sense of humour tomorrow morning...

And in answer to Margaret..... behind the bin .. there IS a load of stuff lol... but need somewhere to put my legs. ... lol...
Right folks.. thanks for dropping by... and hope to get back to the interesting stuff later, ... off to finish a card that is half baked... and hopefully post later today.. Best laid plans of mice and men and all that... Im expecting a peaceful day (no Ruby today), thank heavens for aunties stopping over.... lol.... but... you know what its like.... just when you think it is safe !!!!!

Monday, 28 July 2008

Craft room

Well made huge progress... yet another gash bag full of rubbish... Having a 5 min coffee break now ! phew its hot today. Why is it when you try and clear one room, it seems to leak into the rest of the house... cos somehow... the lounge, kitchen and my bedroom all seem to look like a bombs hit it right now. ! lol... And Im still only clearing rubbish !!!!.. think this going to take a lot longer than first thought. But there is a lot of stuff that got brought down from the attic and put in box room... think a lot of it will be going back up there too! lol..

Reason for all this... need my spare bedroom back, as Son and DIL will be coming home for long holiday next year, and my now craft room, is ..... their bedroom !!! opps. Should have put craft stuff in box room originally, but was talked out of it... now wish I hadn't listened and gone with instinct and common sense, yes I do have some of that occasionally, just not in this instance.

It will be a bit like the Kypton Factor making everything fit in... but.. if my calculations are correct, should be able to do , but the skin of my teeth.... (would help if I lose a couple of stone at same time, ... as need the room ) LOL ... Well this is the now..... (yes I know... bit messy, but that will all be tidy and more organised in new room)... that part looking forward to, as just know I will come across all sorts of goodies I had misplaced or forgotton I had !

Dont think I will be making any cards today folks, sorry... but far too much to do, and am busy end of week... so its a now or never.. ...must continue with the de-cluttering. My aim at the end of all this... is to have a lovely co ordinated craft room, with gorgeous shelving and units and table.... yeah right. !!! bet that doesnt happen LOL...

Will sort out giving out all the awards later peeps.... take care ... and please dont leave too many comments saying what a messy person I am ! lol xx

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Bev's blog candy

Lovely lovely Bev has put up some blog candy for grabs.... go check out her blog... her cards are truely amazing, and an inspiration to all.

Todays efforts

Thought would try and add a couple of cards today, just to keep up appearances and all that. Although they are neither completed. LOL.... both need sentiments added. And am being lazy and not taking puter upstairs to print out etc... as I also am supposed to be doing around a dozen inserts,.. why do I always leave the bit I dont like until I end up with a dozen or more..

Box room... coming on a treat... brought more junk and rubbish down today, all bagged up and ready to go, was going to ebay lots of clothes... but know I will never get around it to, so to the charity sh op they go. a sack full. Just how many yellow pages books does one person need??? I seem to have had three... and so it goes with the telephone directorys and thompsons... also numerous catalogues that are out of date.... are you all getting the picture here of just how bad it was in that room lol... but bit each day.... and I will get there.

Hope you like the cards by the way...

Friday, 25 July 2008

got headache

Two kids, three grandkids, two neurotic dogs, wet pants, kack on carpet, one tired baby, and two vallium needed...
Yes they descended upon me... for my sins.... now.. got headache... bricks, noisy toys, old dogs.. slightly balder than was.... me slightly greyer than was.... Son on tínternet, not knowing who on earth he talking to, mum, little sis or littler sis.... .... Oh the joys...
Card making .... whats that then... two half finished cards.. awaiting to have senti ment attached, well ok.... typed out, matt and layed and finally attached... hey, maybe tomorrow?? nah.. that aint gonna happen....mad mad bestest ever friend coming over... via the drink dept at Tesco !!
well.... gott a be less stressful than today, ah !!!

Im going AWOL!

I was sooo calm when I got back from my holiday.... which now seems a lifetime away... now... Im feeling very frayed at the edges...
Next doors dog has decided to how many times an hour he can whine, howl, bark, .. not just for one hour... that wouldnt be too bad... but for 8 hours on a good day... and 15 hours on Tuesday... Im going demented.... time to tell the neighbours I think their dogs needs to win an award for most infuriating noise ... (think he suffering from Separation Anxiety Stress Syndrome) !!! and so am I on the last two !
Then ... Ruby.. yesterday... dont get me wrong, she is a darling... but gawd do I feel all of my 50 years and some, by the time she has gone,
So today.. I though peace... quiet.... nah.. dont be stupid, next door dog.... Bob Dog, to give his real name... although I have been calling it a few more names beginning with B ! anyway, he is going for an Oscar today... so... thought two can play at that game.... maybe he needs to hear something... like music, that would be nice for him... then maybe he wouldnt feel alone... so now..Im playing Radiohead at full blast... cos hes a bit deaf.. so thought... sorted... everyone happy... he got music... I cant hear him for 500 decibels playing in my kitchen... mind you, cant hear nuffink else either.
So thats the end of it.... nah... Eldest daughter just let me know her and the two boys are coming over later, with Stacy and Ruby.... OMG... can I go AWOL now please?? or has anyone got some vallium?? Which way is the asylum?? Cos Im just about to order my taxi and book myself in .
So if you dont hear from me for a while... dont worry, im in a calm place where sharp objects are not allowed... catch you all later peeps x

Pink Gem Candy

Pink Gem is offering some Candy... she has got her Max and Milly stamps up for grabs, along with some other lovely crafty bits... pop along and take a look

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Well what a busy day Ive had.... Firstly had my granddaughter for a few hours... oh the joys !!! Best way to Ruby's heart.... like any girl.... chocolate... so whilst she was covered I just HAD to take a piccy... Needless to say, she was all clean with a different top on when her mummy called to pick her up .. LOL

The I was supposed to do some h.......k (must not swear on here) !! ... .... but... I decided to just 'pop'into my craft room first.... just to put some things away, of course.... yeah rite... this is what I did do... and there is just a bit more clearing up to do now.. and still no h.......k done !!! opps

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Getting the hang of this now LOL

Made a few more cards today... whilst craft room messy !!!

Love playing with my new nestabilities, and also dug out some images I had printed up, but hadnt used, and on my travels found a few bits and bobs..
so todays efforts

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

On a roll

Just 'treating'you guys to far too much today LOL....

Guess what new toys I got to play with now !!! Bit like buses.... nothing for ages.. then all come at once. ! ...

Yes.... my new nestabilities.... Ovals, (as shown here) and now my circles havce arrived.... no.. box room still not done !!

My nomin-knees LOL

Right here we go....

Bev ... (just lurrrvee her Tilda cards)
Jak ..http//
Karen J ...
Cazz ..
Toni ...
Nikky ...
Kitty .....

OMG - Thank You

Thank you so so much to all the lovely ladies than have sent me an award... Right, well in true Oscar style,
I would like to thank, In no particular order, ok, other than the one they come in, LOL,
KarenJ (Lapashe and KJ Summer WineKorner)
Lizbe ( My Wee Scottish Corner)
Pam (PeeJays Ramblings)
Jak (Crafters Kitchen)
Joanie (Joanies Quiet Corner)
Greta (Gretas Spot)
Thank you all so very much.
Now I know I am meant to add links here.... but.... I cant work it out... !! link button not working... think I got a duff one.... !!
But if you all check the list right hand side... all these lovely ladies and their fab blogs are there already for you to link to.
NOw.. next .... I have 7 awards to hand out myself.... so.... will catch everyone later, and you might even get a card to look at !!! ...
Have a great day all.... and thank you again so much... I feel very honoured, although I think maybe part of the awards should go to my Stacy for running the show whilst I away... (she can have Oscars left foot) ! xxx

The rules for this award:
1. The winner can put the logo on their blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs you've nominated
will add my nominated blogs later xx

There you go, as promised... a card for today ! x

Monday, 21 July 2008

Finally some cards !

S'posed to be clearing out the box room.. due to soaking wet wall..... but had to by pass the craft room..... so .... here are the results of my 'box room clearing out'!!!

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Check this out !

A lovely sympathy card made from one of my sunsets.... by my good friend Greta... click the link

These REALLY are the last ones LOL

Two young girls on way home from school, and visiting mum in the paddy fields !! lol (yes books and rice in the baskets/bags. view on way back from the school, sunset from the jetty bar..rice fields... and mangroves.

as only got a couple left that I have downsized... adding these... but that really is it folks... cos I can hear you all snoring from here scroll down for last of the last LOL xx

Last of the pics...

Henna Tattoo done on my birthday, the pool at Fundu... one dolphin yah.. hip hip hurrah lol... (honest there were hundreds... but getting a pic not easy).. cloves put out for drying, the smell was amazing.. son and 'Whitey"rofl... yes that really is his name !!!
Going to add one last lot then calling it a day... as anyone popping in will wonder why on earth I called this Jackies Card Corner LOL...

Needless to say... no I didnt finish my card... think my mojo was left in Zanzibar airport and got on the wrong plane home... cos it certainly hasnt arrived here with me. ! However I did manage to cut out some flowers .. yah ... thats the extent of my crafting ! LOL... Will try harder today

Dogs are still sleeping downstairs !!! ... but seem to have found their way back on the sofa ! opps... well it only way to stop them barking, yapping and scratching my lounge door to bits... found that out by mistake one night ! lol.. so I think small mercies... and I cant have everything now can I ! LOL

Right well enjoy these... cos no more being added.... take care folks and have a good day...

and would like to thank Margaret for links to some blog candy... go check out A lil'bit of me if you havent already done so.... Im still wading through the others, will add later xx

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Are we there yet??

Adding a few more! Surely you bored now ! lol... Good thing I dont charge by the hour...

Am going to attempt.. yes attempt to put a card together today !!! just the one LOL..

will add as soon as finish it !! .. erm .. could be gone a while then.... catch you later xx

Friday, 18 July 2008

and more again

Are you bored yet???