Thursday, 31 July 2008

Did ya miss me?

Doubtful,lol but , sorry if you did, but.. had things to catch up on.. and cardmaking wasnt one of them, unfortunately. ! Thats today. so might treat you all to a card later on.
Finally found out whats been the matter with me for the past... year in particular, but not been right (yeah, ok, I know not right in head either !!), for a lot of years, and a good friend of mine, who used to be a nurse, finally diagnosed my problem... shame the doctor couldnt do that !! ... Seems I got IBS.. and that explains everything. So now on quest to find out what sets it off... other than stress. ! But glad to finally give all my problems a name !
Drove for the first time in over a month yesterday, only to find... key fobs not working properly.... so now need new one... yes checked battery !!... Also lost 10lb..... shame it only tyre pressure and not weight loss. ! LOL... Toe very sore and swollen rest of day.. but at least able to drive ... albeit short distance. !
Today.... go and apologise to both shops... that I havent restocked for 2 months on cards... lets hope Ive sold a few pounds worth ah?! lol.. Going to attempt another box clear today... still wading though it.. but.. at least can get into room now.. Just hope the bin men got a good sense of humour tomorrow morning...

And in answer to Margaret..... behind the bin .. there IS a load of stuff lol... but need somewhere to put my legs. ... lol...
Right folks.. thanks for dropping by... and hope to get back to the interesting stuff later, ... off to finish a card that is half baked... and hopefully post later today.. Best laid plans of mice and men and all that... Im expecting a peaceful day (no Ruby today), thank heavens for aunties stopping over.... lol.... but... you know what its like.... just when you think it is safe !!!!!

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wintersparkle said...

Jackie your blog ALWAYS makes me smile i think you should write a book.... hope u get it all sorted and welcome to the IBS club ive had it for 15 yeasrs or