Thursday, 24 July 2008

Well what a busy day Ive had.... Firstly had my granddaughter for a few hours... oh the joys !!! Best way to Ruby's heart.... like any girl.... chocolate... so whilst she was covered I just HAD to take a piccy... Needless to say, she was all clean with a different top on when her mummy called to pick her up .. LOL

The I was supposed to do some h.......k (must not swear on here) !! ... .... but... I decided to just 'pop'into my craft room first.... just to put some things away, of course.... yeah rite... this is what I did do... and there is just a bit more clearing up to do now.. and still no h.......k done !!! opps


Cazz said...

your card is sooooo pretty hun xxx

And what is so wrong about little children getting dirty anyway? The inventor type people have come up with a wonderful device - you put white powder in and it spins round and round with water in and you get out a clean version of what you put in - clothes. Its amzing this device - its called a washing machine and every home should have one and parent should stop worrying about kids doing what comes naturally - getting dirty LOL

I'll get off my soap box now LOL

ha-ha bet you've not had a comment this long before (thank goodness she says LOL)

budge said...

Lovely card but a beautiful grandaughter.

Sylv xx

Karen J said...

Totally agree with Cazz Jackie ... chocolate and kiddies ... what a brilliant combination!!!
Gorgeous card as well and not a trace of the brown stuff in sight.LOL
Karen xx

Elaine W said...

Your Ruby is just gorgeous & nothing wrong with being covered in chocolate. I also agree with Cazz lol
Oh & your cards are fab too!!!
Elaine W xx

Anonymous said...

Fabulous grandaughter...looks a bit like you...can imagine you with all that choccy round ya chops...not!!!

Lovely card too...received a Tilda card from shellshearer recently and have fallen in love with them now.

If you want messs hun.... I would love to introduce you to my 6 yr old Emily.... you aint seen nothing yet!

Louise Emma xxxx

Jan said...

Gorgeous grand daughter and gorgeous cards - best of both worlds
Well done on both :o)

Jan M

Margaret A said...

Can't imagine that this is the actuall 666 child...she looks just like an angel. Think you must all be telling fibs about her.;)

Liz said...

Lovely card and Ruby looks delicious too! x