Friday, 11 July 2008

Call me Doctor Doolittle

Ok I never thought I would say this but me and the dogs are now getting on and we are becoming friends
We have no rules in mums house and its going to stay that way.... its taken a few arguments and a few tears (from skitzo) but by jo we have it

Wake up time in morning.... well whatever time i go downstairs and wake the dogs up out of THEIR beds and kick them out in the garden... they have a quick walk before work with 666 in buggy down to the swings quick 15 minutes of ball throwing. Ok i have to admit i did lose the rat more than s few times she gets bored and thinks she can just take herself off home.
Off to work NO sleeping on sofas especially after they have all been washed and ready for mummys return... chairs on sofas so skitzo cant get up, I am telling you now she just isnt brave enough the chairs might eat her!!

Get home down to the swings again.. trying my best to tire out 666 (but it doesnt) ball throwing
And home dogs have their dinner.... yes DOG FOOD and then bedtime 10pm on THEIR beds downstairs


Until I get up next morning
Now if mum gets home and tells me that they wake her up at silly o clock in the morning who is the mug!!!! Not the dogs thats for sure!!

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