Wednesday, 9 July 2008


For all of you that have been worried about the rat being squished over the past few days i just like to apologise for scaring you all, as i no you probably all lost sleep over it
The rat is doing just fine!!! Mum may think she is old and decrepid but i am telling you now she moves her bottom a lot quicker than the 17 stone body builder!! she is so not blind and death more like grown very bleedin' clever in her old age
The rat knew he was going to stand on her before he did and she was up the hall way like a little whippet with a rocket up its backside.

Well apart from the 666 child coming back into play and after mummy enjoying a WHOLE bottom of wine we are all pretty chilled..... well i am.

Funny how if you do not cook sausages in the correct way that the rat doesnt want them so i thought i would stop wasting my time cooking them for her and guess what it has eaten the last 3 days?.... ok macdonalds and rubys beef stew and dumplings but dog food!!! every day and night
And guess where mummies precious little angels sleep....... on dog beds DOWNSTAIRS.


Just pure utter silence.......
well apart from 666 waking me up ALL night long as poorly but i forgive her for that i know what im like when i have tooth ache and just want my mummy.

Anyway i did try and put on some of my scrap book pages but cant seem to download for all you crafters oh god im turnng into mother and also wanted to put a time clock to count days until mums home but didnt think she would like to be reminded and also couldnt do it anyway

so sorry peeps to go on and bore you all but i miss my mummy loads and thought i would help her along with the bloggy thing
love to you all take care
stacy, 666, mu ey, and the skitzo


PeeJay said...

Have to say Stacy (are you the daughter that was with your Mum at Farnborough???) that you're a good stand-in! Just as funny to read so keep it going ....
Perhaps you should start your own blog - lol!!

Karen J said...

Good grief Stacy .... it's like listening to your mum!!! She has me in stitches too!! ... and if it's any consolation I'm missing your mummy too ... she's my drinking buddy!!! LOL
Karen xx

Margaret A said...

Stacy....the dogs are behaving for you because you treat them like dogs. Your poor mum is up at the crack of dawn every day. lol.
She'll be livid when she hears that they didn't bother you.
Just keep drinking the wine to cheer yourself up love...mummy will soon be home. xx

Greta said...

OMG Stacy I needed cheering up this morning & you've sure done that -lol.
You are a great substitute. x

Liz said...

Kepp up the good work Stacy you are doing a great job as stand-in for your mum. x

Lynn said...

Well done Stacy - I really hope the dogs behave the same way when Mum gets home. Now that really would be a welcome home pressie to beat all others!
I agree with all the others, you are the spit of your Mum (not sure about looks, but certainly in character).
Hope it keeps going so well

'Aunty' Lynn

Joanie said...

You really do make me smile Stacy, I think you should start your own Blog when your Mum is back! lol
Looking forward to the next installment, thank you for the laughs!
Joanie x

PS Can you tell Mum I have a little Pressy for her on My Blog, she can Pick it up on her return, although I think you Deserve it more!!