Sunday, 13 July 2008


Just a quickie this morning to welcome my mum back tomorrow, i so cant wait to see her, I have missed her so much.
The dogs are still alive and I have just enough patience left to last me till tomorrow, and then i will be signing myself into a crazy ward for a few weeks to get back to normal.

In all fairness tho the dogs are acting more like dogs and the more time ruby has spent with her daddy over the weekend the more she has chilled (think she was missing the big guy) so all I have left to say is thank you all so much for your lovely comments I am sure we will all chat again some time and keep doing your great jobs of looking after me mam' or her looking after you lot not sure which way round. i am sure we will have great stories about africa and the journey home to come.... so keep reading

Just one more thing ( I gather you all realise I love to talk) even though Ruby is 666 right now and going through the terrible 2's at 1 ( why did no one tell me that could happen) I am the proudest mummy on this earth and i love her with every inch of my heart and soul she is the best little girl anyone could ever wish for and I wouldn't change her for the world!! (honest!)
And I also know how much my mum loves her and absolutley dotes on her ( even though she hates kids) yeah ok!!!

Bye for now girlies xxxxxxxxxxxx


Greta said...

Stacy you've done a great job.
Jackie welcome home! Please pop over to my blog. I have something for you.x

Karen J said...

You've done a fantastic job filling in for your Mum Stacy. Are you gonna start your own blog ... 'cos you should!!! Looking forward to your Mum's safe return too.
Karen xx

Anonymous said...

stacy you've done such a go job i'll miss your take on things think you'll have to start up one of your own. Jackie welcome home hope the foots not to sore and you get home safe.
christine x

PeeJay said...

Hey Stacy - thanks for keeping us as entertained as you Mum does! You really need to think about having your own blog ....
Welcome home Jackie - I think - lol!!