Saturday, 19 July 2008

Are we there yet??

Adding a few more! Surely you bored now ! lol... Good thing I dont charge by the hour...

Am going to attempt.. yes attempt to put a card together today !!! just the one LOL..

will add as soon as finish it !! .. erm .. could be gone a while then.... catch you later xx


Lynn said...

More great photos Jackie. And what a cheeky chappie he is, dipping into the staffs tip jar .......or is he on the pay roll?


Greta said...

Jackie just can't see what you found attractive about the place!! lol
Great pics again but not very keen on creepy things especially not that size!!!!! x

Jak said...

yhewwwwwy what is that in the last pic and worse still who's hand is it?

Margaret A said...

If that's the size of the bugs then I don't want to see the
And no we're not bored looking at your photo's yet.