Friday, 25 July 2008

Im going AWOL!

I was sooo calm when I got back from my holiday.... which now seems a lifetime away... now... Im feeling very frayed at the edges...
Next doors dog has decided to how many times an hour he can whine, howl, bark, .. not just for one hour... that wouldnt be too bad... but for 8 hours on a good day... and 15 hours on Tuesday... Im going demented.... time to tell the neighbours I think their dogs needs to win an award for most infuriating noise ... (think he suffering from Separation Anxiety Stress Syndrome) !!! and so am I on the last two !
Then ... Ruby.. yesterday... dont get me wrong, she is a darling... but gawd do I feel all of my 50 years and some, by the time she has gone,
So today.. I though peace... quiet.... nah.. dont be stupid, next door dog.... Bob Dog, to give his real name... although I have been calling it a few more names beginning with B ! anyway, he is going for an Oscar today... so... thought two can play at that game.... maybe he needs to hear something... like music, that would be nice for him... then maybe he wouldnt feel alone... so now..Im playing Radiohead at full blast... cos hes a bit deaf.. so thought... sorted... everyone happy... he got music... I cant hear him for 500 decibels playing in my kitchen... mind you, cant hear nuffink else either.
So thats the end of it.... nah... Eldest daughter just let me know her and the two boys are coming over later, with Stacy and Ruby.... OMG... can I go AWOL now please?? or has anyone got some vallium?? Which way is the asylum?? Cos Im just about to order my taxi and book myself in .
So if you dont hear from me for a while... dont worry, im in a calm place where sharp objects are not allowed... catch you all later peeps x

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Greta said...

OMG Jackie we got a spare bed if you want it - lol.
Please pop over to my blog I have sumfin for you x