Sunday, 20 July 2008

These REALLY are the last ones LOL

Two young girls on way home from school, and visiting mum in the paddy fields !! lol (yes books and rice in the baskets/bags. view on way back from the school, sunset from the jetty bar..rice fields... and mangroves.

as only got a couple left that I have downsized... adding these... but that really is it folks... cos I can hear you all snoring from here scroll down for last of the last LOL xx


Joanie said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photo's Jackie, I have loved looking at them all, and hearing about your travels.
Looking forward to your next exploits! lol
Joanie x

Anonymous said...

Great pics Jackie Ive enjoyed looking it certainly looks a beautiful hideaway.

Norma said...

Thanks for sharing your pics with us Jazz, i have really enjoyed reading and looking.not bored at all.
The sunset pic is fabulous.

Norma x

budge said...

Many thanks for sharing your holiday with us Jazz. Have loved all of your holiday pics and stories also Stacy's chat.

Sylv x