Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Steering !

Got to add this one of son... what a handsome dude he is !
Well last one for now.... will try and get the 'good'scenery ones done later for you all.... this one was the day on the catamaran..... with us coming home... and me steering.... brilliant...! (yes I do have a ticket... steering that is, not speeding lol).... but this was just a little different to cross channel ferries !!! ... lol...

hope you enjoyed a brief look at me enjoying myself LOL... promise to add the interesting ones asap. x


Liz said...

Brilliant photos Jackie and agree your son is a very handsome guy! You must be so proud of him.x

Margaret A said...

Fab photos it already seems like a long time ago....

Stacy said...

ok so after 2 weeks about worrying about my mum getting to africa, finding the right plane or the right terminal she has a great time gets home and i end up taking her to hospital!! mothers who would have em.
The dogs training has gone so out the window and now they are back as normal getting up at silly o clock but not only that they have taught ruby to get up at the same time toooooo ahhhhhhhh
anyway welcome home mum so nice to have you back missed you soooooo much
love you loads
stacy and ruby xx