Wednesday, 9 July 2008


ok well it feels like that long, mum has asked me to fill you in over the next few days i dont know why but here goes.

i have a few tips for anyone that has small children actually anyone that has a child still at home not sure if anyone has seen the new chocolate and white chocolate yoghurts on the tv the one with the cow on front oh my god if you have any sense what so ever do not i said DO NOT feed them to your children my 666 child yes she is back with a vengance had to come home from nursery today she was really tired and miserabe was sick etc so i picked her up took her home and all she wanted was cuddles wouldnt eat wouldnt sleep and then i gave her THE YOGHURT!! i amsure there are some traces of speed in these yoghurts ditch the calpol these are the new pick me ups.
i will only say this once but these poor dogs mums poor house.... poor me (sympathy)!! please!!

she is soooooooooo hyper my god i have never seen anything like it... the toys have had flying lessons around the living room, the dogs biscuits have been distributed around the kitchen where the rat cant even get to them, nappies have been on 666's head dirty ones!! she is now in the herbs cupboard deciding weather to try nannies chillie powder after slready sampling pepper a few months ago and telling herself good girl.... yeah right!

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Margaret A said...

You have a wonderful child.....she sounds just like my Lisa fact she still is....especially if she's drinking vodka and red bull. Haven't saw her with a nappy on her head for a few years though.
You have my sympathy.xx