Saturday, 28 June 2008

bonn voyidge ! LOL

Or something like that.
Well just come to say goodnight and farewell for now folkes. ! ..
Im off on me travels tomorrow... yep, less than 24 hours to go.. well check out the clock dudes !! Not so brave now, are we ! LOL... But keep telling self what a marvellous big adventure it is going to be... oh yes... ( oh no..... still kacking it)... !!! and as much as I love tall dark men... masai warrior , scantily clad or not... still not looking forward to this one bit. But son tell me I be ok.. trust him.. (always said never trust a man, who says, trust me) !... DIL say no worry, !!! it be ok.... yeah be ok for those that know what they doing ... that not be me then !!!! .. but.. still excited, a bit, still apprehensive, I think, and still kacking it.. I know !!!
Oh well... makes for good reading on my blog if nothing else, The lengths I go to to keep you lot amused !!! feathers or not !!! At this moment in time, think I prefer walking around Ally Pally with a feather stuffed in my hair , just for the hell of it ! no... just to keep Kaz amused !!! but we wont digress.
Well ..... good night and farewell.. dear readers.... and if I not back within a fortnight, dont bother come looking for me... cos I shacked up in a mud hut with highlights done in crimson red, sporting a Masaui warrior at my side... Me be Hiyablooming watha yet !!! LOL .. night folkes.. till next time..
ps.. keep checking in.. cos you never know what round the corner !!!!

Lucky Me.

This is the Butterfly Kisses Box, I received from Karen, well the contents, box in background, lol..

What a wonderful idea, and what a fantastic pressie .. 50 Items for 50 years. !!! Also the beautiful handcrafted cards I have received so far. Thought I would share now, as I know a lot of you are dying to know what was in the box. Cant thank everyone enough.. Had some lovely pressies from other friends too, Thank you, Kaz, Debs and Lynn. How lucky am I to have such lovely friends.... thank you everyone xxx

Friday, 27 June 2008

It just gets better !!! Not !

OMG... help... Change of plan...... yes, yet another one... Son has informed me... that there has been a change of plan to my travelling itinery... Not only have I not got Anie meeting me in Dar now, but..... I have to stay overnight, on my own.... in Dar Es Salaam... something to do with customs, drugs and luggage !!! nooo.. not mine ! lol... So... when I get of plane in Dar, nice man from ZanAir.. find me... take me to visa place, sort visa, get luggage, get some Tanzanian schillings... and then go to hotel... check in.. man leave... pay in usd... (next bit in sons own words .... )... scantilly clad Mausai Warrior, with no teeth, take bags... pay him 2 dollar, and he be very happy, shut door . !!!!! then something about sleeping outside on a bench or something... not sure if thats me or the warrior !!! Then go find restaurant and eat !!! ... yeah right, like im going to venture out of my room.... need Norman !!! (no thats not the Warrior, thats my gps). ! lol... next morning half six, nice man come find me... again... and take me to airport for plane to Pemba... say farewell and pay him ! ... more schillings.... (lots of noughts)... lol.... get on plane, get off plane and another nice man take me for drive... then I get on boat... should arrive all being well.... at Jetty ... BAR !!! at approx 11am (their time) Tuesday morning !!! Yep.. ok.. I got that... and am I worried... nah..... Terrified.... !! 3 days travelling.... on own, strange country, strange men, strange food and strange money.... Im not liking this so much now...
On a much better note... I have just picked up a parcel.... rather a big parcel... from my friend Karen J... (of LaPashe design team) ! name dropping ... lol... and I am just about to go and open it... one item per one year of life..... thats a LOT of items..... so will pop back later when Ive seen what I got.... thank you Karen...!!! off to open the box now... dont want to ask a friend, or go 50/50 and I defo not asking the audience !!..... Im going for it.... !!! lol... catch ya later peeps x

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

OMG Panic

Just been chatting with Anie.... and she has had to cancel her trip to Dar Es Salaam, which in turn means..... she wont be at the airport to meet meet ... and I still got lots of travelling to do after Dar. !!!! ie.... run like crazy sort visa out... have 25 mins to do that, collect luggage, if its about ! and get to domestic flight, need to find man from Zan Air !!! Pilot been told by son to wait for me !! heres hoping. ! If no luggage, leave ticket with man... and he sort later... what man is that then?
Next arrive at Pemba island, find man , this time, one from Fundu, go on drive to other side of island .. I think this is the case... not so sure at min... and then get in boat.. with or without a man, will be past caring at this stage.... and finally hopefully arrive at Fundu Lagoon, cocktail time... cos I sure going to need one... or three !!! oooohhhh dear.... Panicking big style now. !

Done !

Good Morning one and all,

Well, Ive finally finished all the wedding invites, day and evening, all 120 of... all inserts done yesterday, RSVP's and place name cards. So relieved they are all done before I go away, only thing left to do is the table plan... but until H gets her replies, cant do that... so no worries on that one. (for now) !

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Nearly !!!

Habari za mchana
Thats good afteroon to me and you. lol
Well so much for going and ordering my usd's.... was tidying up craft room !! and sort of got side tracked.... and am in process of finishing the last 10 Day Invites for H. All ribbons in place, and just putting last few toppers on....
Then I hope to try, try being the operative word, and get the evening invites finished before I go away. I have printed out the inserts already for the evening ones, so !!! why didnt I do those first? LOL
Will defo have to go to bank tomorrow !
Have received some nice things in the post, makes a lovely change from all the bills I been getting in of late..... two more birthday cards, and some beautiful flowers from my good friend Ettie, in Liverpool.... and a parcel.... who I suspect is from my good friend Debs !! LOL.... I will hold out a couple more days, then Im opening the lot lol.. (even thou it said on one card DONT) !!! ... but I got enough to carry in suitcase... so !! (thats my excuse and Im sticking to it) . Right ... back to these invites... had a cuppa, so next round coming up. catch you later folkes. xx

Monday, 23 June 2008

Are we there yet??

Well still running backwards to try and catch up with myself ! But a VERY productive day (again) ... although sadly, not on the card side of things... I soooo long to get in my craft room and play... but I dare not...

Today,.... tried to sort car tax online.... nope... not happening.... tried via silly auto phone thingy...nope.. not happening either... so in end, took a quick whizz into nearest village with a post office and sorted the old fashioned way !! Only sorted the insurance yesterday... also, paid for Dads polltax, (or whatever its called nowdays... daylight robbery !!!more like).... plus his water bill.... !!!! and rang up his gas company.... why.... have I got a bill.... for xx amount... when the gas was disconnected for over 9 months... and there is noone living there ?? yep beyond me too. (might have a gas leak I spose !!!! Anyway, after being frightened to death.... on ph one.... a REAL person answered !!! theres a rarity... it completely threw me... lol... going to take meter reading Thurs.... and will be sorted from there...

the Saga of the trousers !!! Now, normally when Im looking for something for myself (not often but)... I can NEVER find the size I looking for... its always size 10 and 12 left on the rail... Today, when I looking for size 10 (dont you just hate skinny people) LOL... they had loads of 14 and 16... but no 10's !!! grrr. been around half of Kent (without Norman) !!! (oh, he is my satnav for those that dont know).... I finally found 3 pairs... but... think they all too long... and... bet you they not right.. so on return from hols, guess who will probably be returning said items !!! lol... And... how did I still end up spending a fortune without the trousers?? erm.... storage for craft room, new Radiohead CD..... bottle of alcohol... and mixers obviously. ! lol... erm.. think I found the answer LOL... and the dogs wont go hungry thats for sure.... HOpe daughter knows how Muggi likes her sausages !!! (dont swear and mention dog food infront of her) !!!

Well Im sorry guys and gals, but ... surprise no.... cards !!! lol.... just a load of waffle.... but, so you got something nice to look at . lol I will add a piccy of the dogs...

I would also like to thank everyone that drops by, cos my ratings are going up nicely ... lol... thank you... big surprise to me.. thought I would have bored the life out of all of you's by now. !

Sunday, 22 June 2008

What Day is it???

Its Sunday, .... and Im sure thats sposed to be a day of rest.... yeah !!!
Made my final (so I thought) card before my hols.... and then, I sort of got side tracked... as found it sooooo cozy in my craft room, didnt want to come out and face the jobs that were awaiting me.... so, guess what... I didnt !!! Instead I made two more cards for my box, (well for my outlets)... as I dont seem to have any cards in stock at mo... someone is going to be pretty busy when they get back from their holiday jaunt !!.. But inspiration was at the ready, and desk was in a mess anyway, and thought.... well what the heck.... its Sunday after all, and I still got 7 days to go.... plenty time.. (says she with fingers and toes crossed).. !!
So these are my other two efforts, cant show the one I had to make, two reasons.... 1)... cant let receipient see it.. and 2) things just not dry on it yet.. ! But in the mean time hope you enjoy these two. Now I really must go and tidy up craft room, ... sob.... and put everything away... as cant see me going back in there next week... (but... you never know your luck) ! lol.... Any comments on cards or blog always very gratefully received. Hope you enjoy reading my blog, half as much as I enjoy writing it !.


Saturday, 21 June 2008

No rest for the wicked

Not stopped all day, but finally feel Im nearly organized.. Sorted suitcase, eventually, just got to add few bits that need ironing... think thats the thing that gets hot when plugged in, lives under the sink most of the time, at least thats where I think it lives !!!! Hope its a bit like riding a bike ! (not literally... LOL.) Just a couple more bits to buy.... mainly due to Anie needing linen trousers, cos she lost hers... I didnt even want to ask how, or where... LOL..
Anyway, amidst all the mayhem and chaos.. I did manage to make a card for my youngest daughter...

Thanks Nikky for sheet.

hope you like it.... more to the point, hope Stacy does ! LOL... until next time...

8 days !!! and counting.

Well its a bit like the Krypton Factor here .... one large suitcase, wh ich seems to have shrunk... as clothes just dont seem to fit into it !! ... Cant work that one out... no matter how I bend, fold, screw, squeeze, flatten.... its just not happening.... ! I know it will fit... its just how.. ! LOL
Hopefully m ight have a card to add here later, to keep all you craftaholics happy... :)... on that note... Im keeping this short ... and off to craft room... If I dont get this done today, think youngest daughter will divorce her mum !! lol

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Good Day. !

What a productive day Ive had... Finally found driving licence !!! Erm, ... it was where it should have been, where it wasnt last time I looked for it, so inbetween times, at some point, I obviously found it.... and put in its home, ... and forgot I had found it !!! ... Say no more... anyway.. Its found. Car Insurance, sorted and paid for.. just as well they rang me to remind me !... yep, I'd forgotten all about that too.. (seems to be a common denominator here !! LOL)... bit worrying !!.. but I expect I will forget all about that in half hour... :) And I took 'Norman'out for a jaunt.... about time I dragged him out of the cupboard.... and we went clothes shopping... and YES.. yippeee I finally bought something. quite a lot of somethings.. actually. Not bad for someone that doesnt do clothes shopping, 5 tops, 1, swimsuit, 1 matching sarong, 2 pairs of linen trousers, 1 beach bag.... and ... 1 item of night attire.... LOL... So thats my holiday clothes sorted. Told you I had been productive. ! (oh forgot to mention the 2 pairs of crop trousers I bought yesterday).. !!

Next. this is the reason Im posting !!! LOL.. told you too much chat not enough craft....

I am adding two thank you cards I made for a couple of my good friends. Hopefully they should have received them by now, so hopefully safe to post.

And daughter has finally gone for the light pink ribbon !!! .. oh well.... her choice..


Wednesday, 18 June 2008


Well put together one of each in the end, light pink and a darker almost cerise pink... I prefer the darker, but think it might be too dark for daughter... as theme of wedding light pink LOL... this is becoming the bane of my life.... So am sending them both to her.... and she can choose. Hopefully ! The dl was the original invite I came up with, and that was simple.... white satin ribbon !! ... from this we ended up with war of the roses and .... ribbons!! If anyone would like to make a comment on preference... feel free.. Im losing the will to live right now !! LOL

More Fish !!

Thought would show you whats on the menu later !!! This is my son Matt, and his small catch...

Its a Sail Fish, apparently.... incase you wanted to know.

Also, thought it about time added another card, Had some help... well actually a lot of help and its a well travelled card... lol... My good friend Lynn in Spain made up the template, sent that to another good friend in Kent, she cut it out on her Robbie... and I put the finishing touches to it, think I got the easy bit LOL...

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Of Mice and Men

Well best laid plans!! what else did you th ink I meant?? :)
Did I do all things on list... did I heck ! LOL... did I make discision on ribbon, did I heck... I thought I had, then I didnt, then I did, then... well... I gave up... Can see why friend bought both !! Asked H, she no help.... so am sending both to her for her to decide. Cos I sure cant. I so want to go back to white LOL...
Little confession to make !!!... I was going to post a few cards on here tonight... well 4. !! but... due to unforeseen circumstances... ie... I got sidetracked ................................................................ with sun and garden.. :) I didnt get round to making all 4 cards, infact only 2... and.... well.... but... I cant put on here, cos when I woke up I realised that the receipiants might !!! might just drop by and see them before I send them... so fraid folks you will have to wait a couple of days. ! Well it gives you a good excuse to pop by again ... cos you know you want to !!! Now I did say its a lot of chatting a bit of card making... !!!!
Good friend in hospital right now, lazy mare, starts a new job and takes time out to have a bit of R and R... thats Rest and recovery apparently..... LOL
Get well soon Cubs.... xxx

Another manic day ahead

Well, where do I start.. with a coffee I think... days are whizzing by now... holidays seems so close, (only 13 more days to go) and panicking Im never going to be organised enough by then. For those that want to be nosey, (well thats why youre here isn't it? LOL)... check this out....

Today, can make pretty cards ! lol so shouldn't be sat here talking to you lot, or myself, whichever is the case !
Waiting arrival of .........................................ribbon...
(oh that sounds familier, if anyone has tried getting hold of The Nestabilities at a reasonable cost... or the CB Swiss Dots folder rofl..... elusive little creatures these things. !!)
But my 'supplier', lol.... bless her... sent hubby out on a mission to post them yesterday, so all being well.... I could be up to eyes in pink organza by this afternoon. so if any of my friends with birthdays coming up soon end up with a card covered in the stuff, you will know why LOL Especially as said friend so indecisive she bought two reels in different shades .. well I got a choice and lots of pink !!! And for those that know me, I DONT DO Pink LOL
Lists to make for hols.... lists to make for things to do at home, lists for Town House, lists for lists I think... lawn to mow, weeding to do, car to clean inside and out, house to clean, dogs to walk, so.. on that note.... I best move my butt... Hopefully will be posting some marvellous creations later today.... failing that... I will stick my efforts on later ... :)

Monday, 16 June 2008

On the Buses

This is the other ordered card for same chappy with the chippies !! LOL.. He apparently collects bus numbers.... so not so much train spotting as bus spotting !!! Everyone to their own !! LOL

Anyone for Chips?

Well, Ive finally done it....'and made That and here it is.. am I happy with it... no. ! Will the customer be?? probably lol...

Sunday, 15 June 2008

What A Day !

Had to have my decorators head on today.... not half so much fun as my crafting head... but.. needs must.... !... Painting all finished !!! yipppeee.... done the snagging today, so fingers crossed Ive not missed any more spots. !!! Carpet man arriving tomorrow... to measure up... Just the outside to do now. !
Didnt get around to DL inserts, but... (no I didnt put chef head on but),I been cutting chips all night.. !!! oh and waffles... why you might ask, well... Ive been asked for some strange cards in my time, but this one takes the waffle !! literally, request was..... card with fish and chips and cream waffles on, now I didnt even know you could get cream waffles ..! but you can, and not just one sort neither... theres hundreds !!!... As for the fish and chips... doddle... unless he wanted salmon, cos I think hes got a piece of cod ! :) Last card requested from same lady for her BIL was a Portaloo... !!!! need I say more, :)
The saga of the ribbon goes on.... A friend of mine, all the way up in Bonny Scotland, went out shopping today to see if she could get some to match..... choice of two... what did she do..???/ buy both.. of course, be rude not to... LOL.... but we have a slight dilemna .... is there enough?? Will be fine, as long as Daughter wants a mix and match wedding !! LOL....
No piccies today folkes... but ... just for a laugh, I will post the dreaded foodie card.... and I know already, Im going to hate it..... !!! but if thats what the lady wants, thats what the lady gets LOL>.. till next time. xx

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Gremlins and Fairies

So many problems with peeps trying to leave comments for me.... reckon little gremlins got in the works, ! so ive left it open, so you will all have to be annoy-i -mus... LOL... (please leave your name).. until I can phathom (!!!) it out, .. on that note lol.... the little fairies have also been and had a play... and look what they left me !!! (yeah I wish) ! ... update ,on wedding stationery for my daughter Hayley, still waiting on ribbon !!!

Tis the weekend. !

The sun is shining, just not in this country, well not where I am anyway... Ive got orders to sort, inserts to print, lots of, friends birthday cards to press on with, Town and Country house's to clean, (think I need a cleaner) LOL dogs to walk, and washing to do.... lists to make, so a busy day ahead... and what am I doing... sitting at the computer with a cuppa !! Im building myself up for a very busy day...:) and if you are really really lucky... a card or two just might be added later... thats the plan anyway. LOL Holiday plans are coming along nicely... just one slight hitch at the moment.... cant get back from the airport on my return... !! just a minor detail then... so if anyone sees a mad red head on the M whatever.... with trouser leg hitched up, thumb stuck out and a dragging a huge suitcase, wearing a safari hat and carrying a giraffe under m y arm, ... on 14th July, that would be me then, so please stop and give me a lift, or at least.... take my suitcase off me !!! lol

Friday, 13 June 2008

And there was me thinking.. !!

That I would actually get some cards made today..,,, yeah right, not even one !!! ... what did we all do for 6 hours... well.... we shrunk some plastic... some had success !!! ....some didnt LOL... we had a few disasters, (quite a few actually) but a lot of laughs... and when my good friend Kaz sends me a picture or two... just for the entertainment value, I will have to post them here... what else did we do.... erm.. pretty much nothing.... well more than chat, chat some more and laugh even more again. And we did 'do lunch'. So all talked out for today... you lucky peeps... will catch you all on the flip side


666 ??

This is my beautiful devil child,LOL grandaughter.. Ruby Tyler, taken yesterday,
She has learnt how to throw a tantrum, and she has mastered the art very quickly, Luckily being a Nana, means I get to go home without her, and leave her poor mum to it. (so nice when you can give them back !!!) LOL
Off for a playday at my good friend Karen's today, and also my other nutty friend Debs. so hopefully might even have a card to post later, you never know your luck LOL.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

I Won something !!!!

Omg.... I have just won something.... and what a wonderful something it is too.... A decoupage set from the Remember When, Series 2, yet to be released.. from LaPashe... Cant wait to get those... and as soon as can ,will get cracking with a card or two and post here. Just got to be patient until they arrive now. Would just like to thank Jak (of CraftersKitchen and LaPashe) for running the competition. xx

Fantastic news

Just been talking to my daughter in law Anie, all the way over in Tanzania, and have had wonderful news , well it is for me.... she is going to meet me in Dar Airport on my arrival in Africa on 30th June, (sons idea apparently lol).. I get impression he thinks I might end up in outer Mongolia if left to own devices. (although he has been trying to send me there on a one way ticket ever since I said I wanted a holiday... lol) As once arrive in Dar, then have to get a domestic flight to Pemba, then approx 40 mins rough riding it... (well being driven to where I have to get on a boat apparently), then get on small boat to other side of island.. so plenty opportunity for me losing myself. I am so chuffed thou, as will see Anie a day sooner now, and we can spend some girly time together, its been over a year since I have seen either of them... so it will be fantastic to see them both. This is Anie... working hard .. LOL.. (she is.. she entertaining the guests at the pool side).. That will be me in a couple of weeks !!

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Must add a card !!

Thought about time I added at least one card to start me off ! LOL... (hopefully it will work). Had been after this stamp for aggggeeess..... and when I got it, it went where all new purchases go... on a shelf to look at !... but did get around to using it eventually... on a self appointed play day.

Another quiet day - Not !

Absolutely shattered from yesterday, spent all day cleaning Town House, and started snagging, sure little gremlins in there when I not about and going round taking paint off of walls etc... how on earth can I have missed so many little spots??? Must make mental note.... take glasses with me and use them next time I have to paint anything. ! Anyway, nearly there now, 4 rooms clean and finished, ready for carpet man.... two rooms left and stairs and hall. Wish my back belonged to someone else today. As can hardly move.
Today... off to see 'Mum'... and what should be a two hour social visit, and test drive her hoover round the lounge for her, ends up with 5 hours plus... earache, and sore throat from talking so much. I love her dearly, but she wears me out LOL
Still havent found the ribbon I need to finish the wedding invites off for my daughter... am getting a tad concerned now, as need them done by next week, and its manic here, (as always)..
and as for card making... whats that then? Cant remember when last made a greetings card just for the sake of making one. ! Craft room... think thats upstairs somewhere... LOL Now have a conveyor belt in the lounge LOL... actually finding doing the wedding invites relaxing, (now I know Im mad).... but can sit and watch tv and just plod along sticking bits in correct places, well correct places MOST of the time. (yes had a few minor mishaps). Cant wait to take a photo and post on here ... when I got the blasted ribbon. How hard can it be?? pink organza... !
Well will no doubt be back later... shattered... but might just find a card to put on here, before people wonder why its called Jackies Card Corner ! lol
have a good day folks.... J xx

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

another busy day

Another busy day yesterday at the Town House.... managed to clear most of the rubbish out of house, and spent rest of day cleaning it... today snagging... oh marvellous job.. not. ! Also, going to organise quotes for carpets today..
On the card front and wedding invites.... 120 of... getting there slowly... well not so slow actually, am rather pleased with how they coming along, and would have come along a lot quicker if had remember to buy a reel of much needed ribbon !!! will post here when completed some. Place names are all done and ready to go.... invites half done.
Also, trying to get organized for my hols in Africa... to go and visit son and dil... only 3 weeks to go... or a little bit less now... yippppeee cant wait.
right onward and upward. J xx

Monday, 9 June 2008

Start of something new

Well.... Ive got there.... Ive managed to start a blog.... or have I? we shall soon see.... LOL... If I have, and I havent fluffed it up.... Hello and welcome to my new blog....
Not sure how often I will add anything to this, or indeed if I will manage to work out how to do anything on here. Techno is not my strong point at all. (infact, still trying to find out what my strong point is) !! LOL
Well, lets go see if this has worked... if so... hope you all have a good day... and 'see'you soon, maybe !!!