Sunday, 22 June 2008

What Day is it???

Its Sunday, .... and Im sure thats sposed to be a day of rest.... yeah !!!
Made my final (so I thought) card before my hols.... and then, I sort of got side tracked... as found it sooooo cozy in my craft room, didnt want to come out and face the jobs that were awaiting me.... so, guess what... I didnt !!! Instead I made two more cards for my box, (well for my outlets)... as I dont seem to have any cards in stock at mo... someone is going to be pretty busy when they get back from their holiday jaunt !!.. But inspiration was at the ready, and desk was in a mess anyway, and thought.... well what the heck.... its Sunday after all, and I still got 7 days to go.... plenty time.. (says she with fingers and toes crossed).. !!
So these are my other two efforts, cant show the one I had to make, two reasons.... 1)... cant let receipient see it.. and 2) things just not dry on it yet.. ! But in the mean time hope you enjoy these two. Now I really must go and tidy up craft room, ... sob.... and put everything away... as cant see me going back in there next week... (but... you never know your luck) ! lol.... Any comments on cards or blog always very gratefully received. Hope you enjoy reading my blog, half as much as I enjoy writing it !.



Jan R said...

Both lovely cards Jackie, I'm sure they'll be snapped up!

lliddle15 said...

They are both gorgeous hun, well done....Louise Emma

rhomin said...

Really like these two Jackie and they would suit any age of 'girl' I can't tidy my craft room - I always find something that just has to be made then and there so never get it finished! Have a productive week.

Dawn Loring said...

love both cards but I love the Tilda, but then I am biased

Norma said...

two gorgeous cards Jazz, just love the lavender one