Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Must add a card !!

Thought about time I added at least one card to start me off ! LOL... (hopefully it will work). Had been after this stamp for aggggeeess..... and when I got it, it went where all new purchases go... on a shelf to look at !... but did get around to using it eventually... on a self appointed play day.


Greta said...

Lovely card Jackie. Sooooooo cute
Greta x

Toni said...

great card Jackie

Stacy said...

Hi Mum
Thought I would post on your blog check you out miss puter whizz its beyond me all this techno stuff
Anyway just want to say love you losds and that you are the bezzie mum in the whole wide world and although me and ruby are pains in bums some times we are beautiful pains in bums and love you very much
Love the blog altho i do think there should be some pics of your gorge kids and even more gorge grand children
so until next time lots of love from the pain in bottom and the infamous 666child "ruby tyler"