Saturday, 28 June 2008

bonn voyidge ! LOL

Or something like that.
Well just come to say goodnight and farewell for now folkes. ! ..
Im off on me travels tomorrow... yep, less than 24 hours to go.. well check out the clock dudes !! Not so brave now, are we ! LOL... But keep telling self what a marvellous big adventure it is going to be... oh yes... ( oh no..... still kacking it)... !!! and as much as I love tall dark men... masai warrior , scantily clad or not... still not looking forward to this one bit. But son tell me I be ok.. trust him.. (always said never trust a man, who says, trust me) !... DIL say no worry, !!! it be ok.... yeah be ok for those that know what they doing ... that not be me then !!!! .. but.. still excited, a bit, still apprehensive, I think, and still kacking it.. I know !!!
Oh well... makes for good reading on my blog if nothing else, The lengths I go to to keep you lot amused !!! feathers or not !!! At this moment in time, think I prefer walking around Ally Pally with a feather stuffed in my hair , just for the hell of it ! no... just to keep Kaz amused !!! but we wont digress.
Well ..... good night and farewell.. dear readers.... and if I not back within a fortnight, dont bother come looking for me... cos I shacked up in a mud hut with highlights done in crimson red, sporting a Masaui warrior at my side... Me be Hiyablooming watha yet !!! LOL .. night folkes.. till next time..
ps.. keep checking in.. cos you never know what round the corner !!!!

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