Thursday, 19 June 2008

Good Day. !

What a productive day Ive had... Finally found driving licence !!! Erm, ... it was where it should have been, where it wasnt last time I looked for it, so inbetween times, at some point, I obviously found it.... and put in its home, ... and forgot I had found it !!! ... Say no more... anyway.. Its found. Car Insurance, sorted and paid for.. just as well they rang me to remind me !... yep, I'd forgotten all about that too.. (seems to be a common denominator here !! LOL)... bit worrying !!.. but I expect I will forget all about that in half hour... :) And I took 'Norman'out for a jaunt.... about time I dragged him out of the cupboard.... and we went clothes shopping... and YES.. yippeee I finally bought something. quite a lot of somethings.. actually. Not bad for someone that doesnt do clothes shopping, 5 tops, 1, swimsuit, 1 matching sarong, 2 pairs of linen trousers, 1 beach bag.... and ... 1 item of night attire.... LOL... So thats my holiday clothes sorted. Told you I had been productive. ! (oh forgot to mention the 2 pairs of crop trousers I bought yesterday).. !!

Next. this is the reason Im posting !!! LOL.. told you too much chat not enough craft....

I am adding two thank you cards I made for a couple of my good friends. Hopefully they should have received them by now, so hopefully safe to post.

And daughter has finally gone for the light pink ribbon !!! .. oh well.... her choice..



Liz said...

Two lovely cards Jackie, love the colours. Well done on your shopping spree bet you can't want now for your holiday to come round. Not long now. x

Karen J said...

Thank you so much Jackie.
It's even more beautiful in real life. Karen xx

Anonymous said...

Fabulous hun, love the colours on the cards. Louise Emma