Wednesday, 25 June 2008

OMG Panic

Just been chatting with Anie.... and she has had to cancel her trip to Dar Es Salaam, which in turn means..... she wont be at the airport to meet meet ... and I still got lots of travelling to do after Dar. !!!! ie.... run like crazy sort visa out... have 25 mins to do that, collect luggage, if its about ! and get to domestic flight, need to find man from Zan Air !!! Pilot been told by son to wait for me !! heres hoping. ! If no luggage, leave ticket with man... and he sort later... what man is that then?
Next arrive at Pemba island, find man , this time, one from Fundu, go on drive to other side of island .. I think this is the case... not so sure at min... and then get in boat.. with or without a man, will be past caring at this stage.... and finally hopefully arrive at Fundu Lagoon, cocktail time... cos I sure going to need one... or three !!! oooohhhh dear.... Panicking big style now. !


PeeJay said...

What an adventure but you'll do it! I've every faith in you - lol! BTW - you've been tagged! Take a look at my blog to find out what you have to do ....

Dawn Loring said...

Jackie I am sure you will sail through this adventure. But if you are in doubt as to people finding you , you could always wear a feather in your hair!!! Have a wonderful time

Norma x said...

Am sure you will manage fine Jazz.
Take care and have a wonderful time