Saturday, 14 June 2008

Tis the weekend. !

The sun is shining, just not in this country, well not where I am anyway... Ive got orders to sort, inserts to print, lots of, friends birthday cards to press on with, Town and Country house's to clean, (think I need a cleaner) LOL dogs to walk, and washing to do.... lists to make, so a busy day ahead... and what am I doing... sitting at the computer with a cuppa !! Im building myself up for a very busy day...:) and if you are really really lucky... a card or two just might be added later... thats the plan anyway. LOL Holiday plans are coming along nicely... just one slight hitch at the moment.... cant get back from the airport on my return... !! just a minor detail then... so if anyone sees a mad red head on the M whatever.... with trouser leg hitched up, thumb stuck out and a dragging a huge suitcase, wearing a safari hat and carrying a giraffe under m y arm, ... on 14th July, that would be me then, so please stop and give me a lift, or at least.... take my suitcase off me !!! lol


Anonymous said...

Hi great blog, and the image of you hitching a lift, gave me a real chuckle. Have a good day and remember, delegate, delegate, delegate.

Best wishes Sue

Anonymous said...

Great Blog Jazz.........luv Dimps xxx

Dawn Loring said...

Would love to oblige with the lift from airport and to hear all your tales first hand but unfortunately I will be in France enjoying Bastille Day.
Absolutely love the blog

Dawn Loring