Tuesday, 10 June 2008

another busy day

Another busy day yesterday at the Town House.... managed to clear most of the rubbish out of house, and spent rest of day cleaning it... today snagging... oh marvellous job.. not. ! Also, going to organise quotes for carpets today..
On the card front and wedding invites.... 120 of... getting there slowly... well not so slow actually, am rather pleased with how they coming along, and would have come along a lot quicker if had remember to buy a reel of much needed ribbon !!! will post here when completed some. Place names are all done and ready to go.... invites half done.
Also, trying to get organized for my hols in Africa... to go and visit son and dil... only 3 weeks to go... or a little bit less now... yippppeee cant wait.
right onward and upward. J xx


nikki said...

well done Jazz on making a blog it's alot more than i can do Keep it up

jules said...

Hiya, Well i been and had a look , looking good so far , would love to do one but havnt got a clue, x

lliddle15 said...

Hi Jackie,

This stuff is far toooooo technical for me! Great thing to do though. Not long till your holiday now! You must be so excited. Glad to hear the invites are coming along well. Keep it up hun xx Louise Emma (Imagenationer)

Greta said...

Looking good Jackie & you'll have loads to post about when you come back from your hols. Can't wait to see your pics
Greta x

Bev said...

Weyhey kiddo!! Welcome to the land of blog! Now we need some photo's please - not that I'm putting any pressure on you or anything lol

Liz said...

Good on you Jackie, welcome to the land of bloggers! Am looking forward to seeing all your photos of your holidays [once you have been, of course]. Will have to add you to my list of favourite blogs. x

rhomin said...

I'm so impressed Jackie! Well done you - I think it's a major achievemnt to be able to leave a comment :) so no hope of me geting things together to blog! Good luck with all your juggling of holidays, houses and invitations.

Anne Marie said...

Hi Jackie
Just thought I'd say hello on here and I'll let you see mine when I have it sorted out.
Your card is lovely btw. Enjoy the run up to the holiday - I sometimes think it's as exciting as the holidy itself.