Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Another quiet day - Not !

Absolutely shattered from yesterday, spent all day cleaning Town House, and started snagging, sure little gremlins in there when I not about and going round taking paint off of walls etc... how on earth can I have missed so many little spots??? Must make mental note.... take glasses with me and use them next time I have to paint anything. ! Anyway, nearly there now, 4 rooms clean and finished, ready for carpet man.... two rooms left and stairs and hall. Wish my back belonged to someone else today. As can hardly move.
Today... off to see 'Mum'... and what should be a two hour social visit, and test drive her hoover round the lounge for her, ends up with 5 hours plus... earache, and sore throat from talking so much. I love her dearly, but she wears me out LOL
Still havent found the ribbon I need to finish the wedding invites off for my daughter... am getting a tad concerned now, as need them done by next week, and its manic here, (as always)..
and as for card making... whats that then? Cant remember when last made a greetings card just for the sake of making one. ! Craft room... think thats upstairs somewhere... LOL Now have a conveyor belt in the lounge LOL... actually finding doing the wedding invites relaxing, (now I know Im mad).... but can sit and watch tv and just plod along sticking bits in correct places, well correct places MOST of the time. (yes had a few minor mishaps). Cant wait to take a photo and post on here ... when I got the blasted ribbon. How hard can it be?? pink organza... !
Well will no doubt be back later... shattered... but might just find a card to put on here, before people wonder why its called Jackies Card Corner ! lol
have a good day folks.... J xx

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