Thursday, 12 June 2008

Fantastic news

Just been talking to my daughter in law Anie, all the way over in Tanzania, and have had wonderful news , well it is for me.... she is going to meet me in Dar Airport on my arrival in Africa on 30th June, (sons idea apparently lol).. I get impression he thinks I might end up in outer Mongolia if left to own devices. (although he has been trying to send me there on a one way ticket ever since I said I wanted a holiday... lol) As once arrive in Dar, then have to get a domestic flight to Pemba, then approx 40 mins rough riding it... (well being driven to where I have to get on a boat apparently), then get on small boat to other side of island.. so plenty opportunity for me losing myself. I am so chuffed thou, as will see Anie a day sooner now, and we can spend some girly time together, its been over a year since I have seen either of them... so it will be fantastic to see them both. This is Anie... working hard .. LOL.. (she is.. she entertaining the guests at the pool side).. That will be me in a couple of weeks !!


Jak said...

Oh wow Jackie I wish I was going with you, it all sounds fantastic.

Liz said...

I second Jak, sounds a holiday of a lifetime. Wish you all the luck and am sure you won't want to come home!