Sunday, 31 August 2008

Four Days to make up for !!!

OMG... what a bad bad few days on the net.... am now in process of changing my ISP... cos this one is taking the mickey... Im just about here now, how long for , not sure.. and its still taking a while to upload/down load anything... but.... fingers crossed it will hold out for now.
so much to post....
Firstly omg... I WON some fantastic blog candy from Dawn, thank you soooo much, cant wait to receive that. (and no, I dont need any more ribbons to fill the bag LOL)... Thank you Dawn and Mum.
next... heres another one up for grabs but be quick it ends today..

I am going to also, attempt to load the two Tilda cards Ive been waffling on about for days... LOL so here goes on them too....

Friday, 29 August 2008

Bins !

What a day... taken me all day to do one card... tinternet playing up... wont upload , download or sideways load...
Was asked by friend to do a card with a bin on it ! why you ask.. (well I did) !... because when friends daughter moved back home for a short while, with two young sons, 'Dad Mick'was relegated to the garden for his evening smoke (and any other one)... and used to sit on daughters bin.... when said daughter moved out again, taking bin with her... "life just wasnt the same again" lol ,due to fact own bins smaller and plastic !! ... so for his 60th birthday daughter has bought him a nice new shiney bin to sit on whilst he has his smoko..... hence this card.
Have some Tildas all made .. but due to net loading slower than a snail on vallium... and me losing the will to live.... I will attempt to load them tomorrow !
Be interested in your comments on this on e! LOL (Well, its different) !!!!

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

A card... finally

So nice to go and have a play... something a bit different for me... both the play and the card itself... lol.... Had great fun with it, and a brill way to use up a lot of my smaller 'scraps'in future. thought about that AFTER had made the card !!! lol.. Hope you like, Im pleased with the way it turned out... in the end.. Just so love Tilda stamps and I really do NEED more flowers..... coz they are just scrummy.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Who lives in a house like this????

LOL.... These were taken a couple of days ago... whilst walking the dogs... and losing a collar and lead !!!! not just an ordinary one.. oh no... not that simple... still not found it, and from these pictures you will see why !!! .. luckily dog that it fitted.. also fits under arm quite nicely... so got carried home when near roads... not that she complained one bit !

So this is the view it was such a lovely day, and could see the sea in the distance so clearly... couldnt resist taking some photos.... been living here for 11 years, and this view ALWAYS makes me smile when approaching the brow of the hill.... stunning...
Tell me what you think...?

am I lucky or what !

Sunday, 24 August 2008

and some more go check out this blog...
Karen has very kindly put up some blog candy for grabs.

Blog Candy

Some fabulous blog candy up for grabs..... super storage for those ribbons too ..... check it out, click the link and good luck .

Saturday, 23 August 2008

What a night !

Not long been back in..... and my ears are still ringing... but what a fantastic night Ive had. ! Yep.. I put my surfboard in the car, and off I went.... to see my mates band... Zerotolerance.. new songs and videos will be addes very soon.. ( Had the best night in ages.... The band where on good form, throwing out some right belters.. Steve the lead singer, is to die for... with or without his brilliant voice... bit Matthew Bellemy (Muse)... so he onto a winner with me anyway... they done covers of Snow Patrol, Bowie, (another brownie point from me), Steriophonics, Oasis, Kaiser Chiefs, The Cult... to name but a few. Might just have to force myself to go again on Sunday...
Now, I am going to pour myself a large stiff drink... as been on the diet cola stuff all night... not good... defo missing something.......... vodka !!!! (I hate driving) lol
so will catch you all soon....

Friday, 22 August 2008

Still alive

Yes Im still about... just had a busy fews days.... with estate agents and the like.. but at least today I can finally add a couple of cards I made last week.... The card for Joan was entered into the challenge on Imagenation, lilac and floral, and the other card is for a very good friend of mine... hope she liked it. ! Decoupage is still my favourite... just love it.
Well cant stop long today... as dental appointment.... so just about to go take a few vallium to calm my nerves... terrified is the word that comes to mind !!! .. hope you all have a good day.. and I promise to try and keep up to date a bit better now on the blog.... got another couple of orders to do... so.. hopefully will be able to share them with you within the next couple of days... so dont forget to check back at some point. thanks for dropping in ..


Sunday, 17 August 2008


Thought I best come up for air as they say... ! phew what a week... I dont seem to have stopped and its not over yet... bit like the saying on Mastermind, Ive started , so I'll finish. LOL.. Craft room - done! ... my bedroom - done . Lounge - done.... Kitchen half done... .... cupboards !!!!! all of a sudden I seem to have found lots of cupboards in my house... hehe... and Ive sorted having a very late.. Spring Clean.. and sort out... not too sure where all this started... craft room I think.. and liked the organisation sooo much... I carried on with rest of house.. Think the dustmen think that a family of 20 has moved in here... the amount of rubbish I been getting rid of. Where does it all come from thats what Id like to know.. ? NOt sure of answer to that, but know where a lot of it is going... down the tip. ! Always thought this house very tiny... maybe when get rid of all this junk it wont feel so small anymore LOL.
Lots of planning going on in head at same time as sorting..... planning my new kitchen and conservatory... oh and new shed and driveway and fencing... oh and new timbers in roof !!!! (that one not on my list until roofer replaced a tile !) that turned out to be a very expensive tile me thinks. I bascially have all the ideas.. lol.. just need the money and a nice few chappies to do the work now. :) And as ever in this house, nothing ever simple... need to move a boiler before anything else can be done ... but.. not sure where to stick it... an dno comments needed on that thank you !!!!! under the stairs seems favourite... but... that is housing more junk at present... thats tomorrows quest... mind you, back seizing up rapidly... as is the rest of my body. Old age... who needs it??
So.. have I made any cards you might ask....... erm.............. NO... ! lol.. nor scrapbooking nor anything else remotely like crafting... (well I have one card made but it for a challenge on the Imag-e-nation forum.... and I cant show it yet !) Will put on here next few days.. once voting has ceased... not holding my breath on being placed on this one, as head all over the place right now. But I enjoyed making it..... my favs.... lilac and flowers....
so folkes sorry to bore the pants of yas... but .. hopefully all crafting will resume soon... if I survive this mass clear out. LOL.... Have a good day all... xx
ps,., still not found the Insurance papers I supposed to have looked for and found by now !!! opps !

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Been busy again

Got my boxes... the ones I didnt go shopping for !! :)... plus the storage drawers... which I did ... and spent hours playing around with them. (kept myself occupied for ages lol)

rearranging the drawers, putting all the scrap card stock in correct colours etc... I know it took me hours when I first sorted out my rather large box of scraps, but its something I am so glad I done, as I find now it only takes a few seconds to find a bit thats needed, plus I do use the scraps more now as they so easily found...

rearranged the dresser, filled 4 of the 5 new boxes.... that I didnt need !!!!! but bargain.... they were reduced down to 1.25 each.... from 2.50 I th ink..... when I got to the till... I got charged 68p each..... well chuffed... would have bought more if Id known that ...

Also had a good old sort out of craft cd's..... and yes I did find ones I forgotten I had !!!! Really must use them more.. but think I need to invest in a better printer... not happy with this one.

Nearly bought myself a television... well a girl has got to watch Ideal World/Create and Craft when in her craft room... !!!! just trying to work out where I can put one.....LOL..

Monday, 11 August 2008

Done ! .... almost LOL

Well Its finally done.... all the craft room that is... not the scrapbook! lol... well Rome not built in a day.. or a week. ! ... Well, I say its done... hehe.. I do still need some curtains.. or rings, more to the point, up. A pin board and some shelving ( for the stamps)... and some pretties. But its more of less how its going to be for now.. quite a long.. n ow... lol.... dont want to go through all that again in the near future.

Now we come to the spare room... tell you what.... best we not !! there lies another story LOL..

so.. without further ado... here is my new craft room... (not quite ikea... more ....J's-idea) xx

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Its done.... almost

My best bud come over today.... and well... is she a little whirlwind or what.? I had to pop out for an hour... and by the time I got back spare room entirely emptied into my room...... omg. how did she manage that? Wardrobes, chest of drawers and numberous bags and boxes.... all done... gobsmacked I was... then after a tipple or two... we moved the entire contents of my old craft room... into their new abode... I had measured to make sure it all fitted, and to within an inch of its life... it did... just.... !!! lol.... just need a bit of a clear out now and a bit of tidying up, but... apart from that... its all in... and yes still room for my ample body to fit in there.. lol... well chuffed.
So I guess tomorrow, mass sort out.. and tidy up. But Im one very happy bunny... I knew it would all fit...
now... next on the agenda...... sort rest of rubbish in spare room... and put the rest in the attic ! .. a little bit of paint here and there... and Im well sorted.... very happy indeed...
only one small minor problem.. I cant reach the window to open and shut it... lol.. table in way.. but saying that.... if windy... all on table be on floor.. so, maybe not sooo bad... lol
Will add piccies in near future... although you probably will not notice any difference from the other pics.... as it basically in same order lol....
scrapping???????????????????????????????????? whats that then?????????? did I say I would be doing some??? ohhh. guess I did... maybe tomorow ? LOL xx

Friday, 8 August 2008

Baby card

Just thought would add this one.
What do you think??

What day is it?

Where did this week go then??? Did I miss it? Good grief that whizzed by...
Scrapping.... yeah right.. well that didnt happen, good intentions were there....and still are... but its just not happening. ! Somehow managed to make three cards this week though.. mmm... only one needed !! ... so much for not making any more cards for a while.. that good intention also flew out of the window along with the 'I Must do some scrapping'' !! LOL.'
So what have I done then... ??? Good question... none to sure what the answer to that is myself.
But I do know... my craft room looks like an explosion has gone off in there.... was fine .... made the cards.... still fine..... then the scrap book gubbings come out...... seemed to go from bad to worse after that... and no so much of a layout or a picture sorted. lol...
Still got hole in roof.... roofer seems to be on very very long holiday... or it just feels like that... particularly when the heavens opened the other night !! HOpefully he due back this weekend. !
Now... these cards... I cant show you any of them yet... as one has been entered into a challenge on the Imag-e-nation forum, the next one, was using left over bits from 1st card, so cant add that or will give the game away as to whos card is whos in the challenge.... and last card is for a good friend of mine whos birthday is looming... so dont want her to see that !.... so there you go... all that hard work.. and cant even show you any of it LOL... but I do promise to add on here as soon as the coast is clear ..... ;)
right, back to craft room... and tidy up... and give up for day I think.... why is scrapping sooo difficult???? catch you all laters peeps x

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

change of direction !

As I have lost one of my shop outlets, I have decided to take a bit of a back seat for a while on the card making. I have got that many cards in my stock box.... I really dont need to make any more just yet. And I really cannot find any enthusiasm for Christmas card making in August ! Yes I know I should start now... or should have started by now... but.... its just not happening ! lol..
So I thought I would start on a scrapbook... well, more like continue where left off a while ago, and also start a new mini one for a present (for Christmas) :) .. So hopefully before too long, will be showing you some of that instead. Not really getting the feel for scrapping yet... but you never know... I might get the hang of it one day !!!.. Have already done two, one for youngest daughter and one for son... so.. time to do eldest daughters now !! You would have thought I would have sussed it by now I always was slow on the uptake LOL...

so going down my list of 'things to do'quite nicely now.... although I do wish my neighbour would hurry up and return from his very ill timed holiday.... as it is raining here, and I have a hole in my roof... (no not bucket) ! .. so inconsiderate of him to go away, doesnt he know I need him !! LOL.... Right said Jackie..... never mind Fred.... Ive got things to be doing.... like finding the blasted Slimming World books I need.... I wish my fat would disappear as quickly as the books seem to have done ! ..
Catch you all laters..... off to do something constructive.... (like empty another cupboard in hope of finding the little beggers) !!! bfn x

addition to card

After I kept looking at Anies card, I decided it needed something else.... so added some pearls... also had a play around with the ribbon, so much happier now.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Back again.

Finally managed to make a card, stitched panel at side, and dufex decoupage, embossed lines top and bottom, matt and layered ,and finished off with an organza bow.

Just hope someone doesnt now decide to take a look at my blog !!! ... lol... Although I know how busy Anie is... so dont th ink that will happen, think I might be safe. will just have to make sure I do lots of enteries, so this whizzs down the page quickly.

I tell you what, you can tell I not been around much..... ... all gone very quiet here on blog land... lol...

Dont seem to have spent much time away from the computer today, what with one thing and another... but for those few minutes I went upstairs .... yep you guessed it... dog on that sofa like a bullett out of a gun... yes, the nice newly washed white covers !!! luckily the little darling hasnt been out playing in the garden ... or would have throttled her... already had to tell her off for wiping her snout on the cushions.... obviously they smell far too clean and nice.... Oh the joys of dogs.. LOL...

All my good intentions of spending day in craft room.... went out of the window.... but.. there is always tomorrow.... my computer really doesnt like it upstairs in that room, and my internet keeps failing.... be interesting to see what happens when I go in a different room with it... and no... not now... lol... had enough mucking around with it as it is... plus one yorkie under arm.. cos wont shut up yapping if i not in room... Would love to know how I put weight on.. all this up and down stairs.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Good Day had

Braved the Dartford Tunnel.... big quest... (yeah I know I went to Tanzania on my own, but thats different) ! LOL... But... apart from a couple of very minor hiccups... I made it to Debs house, reasonably unscathed... (nerves a bit frayed around the edges but, ) and had a brilliant day. Firstly Jan, showed us how to put together a iris folded/decoupage card.... (yeah, thats what I thought LOL)... but... its actually a lot easier than I thought it would be.. had a slight mishap, but, first time out and all that... really enjoyed it.. card above, not finished off as yet.. but thought would show you what we all been up to. Then our hostess with the mostess, Debs, showed us how to make a stationery wallett. once again... a few minor mishaps. lol.. but I wouldnt be me if that didnt happen... but nothing that cant be put right tomorrow, without the influence of the alcohol I have had to calm my nerves this evening, ok ok..... any excuse ! LOL... Had in all, a fantastic day out, crafting with likeminded nutters... sorry... ladies.... So I would like to thank,

Debs, JanR, Cazz, Pammie, NickNat, Carolina and Nikky (all Imag-e-nators) ... for a fantastic day.... cant wait for the next Play Day girls...

and do you know what...... they all said how quiet I was.... see, told you all I was shy !!! LOL
Btw.. you can find a fab tutorial on PeeJays blog.... for the Iris fold/decoupage card.