Saturday, 2 August 2008

Good Day had

Braved the Dartford Tunnel.... big quest... (yeah I know I went to Tanzania on my own, but thats different) ! LOL... But... apart from a couple of very minor hiccups... I made it to Debs house, reasonably unscathed... (nerves a bit frayed around the edges but, ) and had a brilliant day. Firstly Jan, showed us how to put together a iris folded/decoupage card.... (yeah, thats what I thought LOL)... but... its actually a lot easier than I thought it would be.. had a slight mishap, but, first time out and all that... really enjoyed it.. card above, not finished off as yet.. but thought would show you what we all been up to. Then our hostess with the mostess, Debs, showed us how to make a stationery wallett. once again... a few minor mishaps. lol.. but I wouldnt be me if that didnt happen... but nothing that cant be put right tomorrow, without the influence of the alcohol I have had to calm my nerves this evening, ok ok..... any excuse ! LOL... Had in all, a fantastic day out, crafting with likeminded nutters... sorry... ladies.... So I would like to thank,

Debs, JanR, Cazz, Pammie, NickNat, Carolina and Nikky (all Imag-e-nators) ... for a fantastic day.... cant wait for the next Play Day girls...

and do you know what...... they all said how quiet I was.... see, told you all I was shy !!! LOL
Btw.. you can find a fab tutorial on PeeJays blog.... for the Iris fold/decoupage card.

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Margaret A said...

Obviously if you were quiet it's because you were drinking at the time, Jackie.The card is fab....don't understand it ...but it's fab. You'll have to do a tut for it.