Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Been busy again

Got my boxes... the ones I didnt go shopping for !! :)... plus the storage drawers... which I did ... and spent hours playing around with them. (kept myself occupied for ages lol)

rearranging the drawers, putting all the scrap card stock in correct colours etc... I know it took me hours when I first sorted out my rather large box of scraps, but its something I am so glad I done, as I find now it only takes a few seconds to find a bit thats needed, plus I do use the scraps more now as they so easily found...

rearranged the dresser, filled 4 of the 5 new boxes.... that I didnt need !!!!! but bargain.... they were reduced down to 1.25 each.... from 2.50 I th ink..... when I got to the till... I got charged 68p each..... well chuffed... would have bought more if Id known that ...

Also had a good old sort out of craft cd's..... and yes I did find ones I forgotten I had !!!! Really must use them more.. but think I need to invest in a better printer... not happy with this one.

Nearly bought myself a television... well a girl has got to watch Ideal World/Create and Craft when in her craft room... !!!! just trying to work out where I can put one.....LOL..


Karen J said...

It's looking brilliant now J ... still not got all my stuff sorted yet but getting there .. slowly!!
K xxx

wintersparkle said...

shame you dont live nearer i have a spare tv lol and not got a craft room to put it in lol xxx