Sunday, 17 August 2008


Thought I best come up for air as they say... ! phew what a week... I dont seem to have stopped and its not over yet... bit like the saying on Mastermind, Ive started , so I'll finish. LOL.. Craft room - done! ... my bedroom - done . Lounge - done.... Kitchen half done... .... cupboards !!!!! all of a sudden I seem to have found lots of cupboards in my house... hehe... and Ive sorted having a very late.. Spring Clean.. and sort out... not too sure where all this started... craft room I think.. and liked the organisation sooo much... I carried on with rest of house.. Think the dustmen think that a family of 20 has moved in here... the amount of rubbish I been getting rid of. Where does it all come from thats what Id like to know.. ? NOt sure of answer to that, but know where a lot of it is going... down the tip. ! Always thought this house very tiny... maybe when get rid of all this junk it wont feel so small anymore LOL.
Lots of planning going on in head at same time as sorting..... planning my new kitchen and conservatory... oh and new shed and driveway and fencing... oh and new timbers in roof !!!! (that one not on my list until roofer replaced a tile !) that turned out to be a very expensive tile me thinks. I bascially have all the ideas.. lol.. just need the money and a nice few chappies to do the work now. :) And as ever in this house, nothing ever simple... need to move a boiler before anything else can be done ... but.. not sure where to stick it... an dno comments needed on that thank you !!!!! under the stairs seems favourite... but... that is housing more junk at present... thats tomorrows quest... mind you, back seizing up rapidly... as is the rest of my body. Old age... who needs it??
So.. have I made any cards you might ask....... erm.............. NO... ! lol.. nor scrapbooking nor anything else remotely like crafting... (well I have one card made but it for a challenge on the Imag-e-nation forum.... and I cant show it yet !) Will put on here next few days.. once voting has ceased... not holding my breath on being placed on this one, as head all over the place right now. But I enjoyed making it..... my favs.... lilac and flowers....
so folkes sorry to bore the pants of yas... but .. hopefully all crafting will resume soon... if I survive this mass clear out. LOL.... Have a good day all... xx
ps,., still not found the Insurance papers I supposed to have looked for and found by now !!! opps !


hayleyandjay said...

hey, i ve got a 4 bed house, with loads of cupbaords and junk. and 7 boxs that need emtying/ organised around house, so once you ve finished your s fancy doing mine. cos i ve lost the enthusaism...(actually! erm don t think ever had it.... ) .. please help me.. i have 2 weeks before kids go back to school. so now would be ideal time to start, as i havent a clue where i ve put there school uniforms.. what room would be good start. let alone what pile. help me!!??? xx hope your well.. hits(freeview 18-i think) is playing hightlights from V.. might catch muse on there.. xxx

Liz said...

Sounds like you have had a good old clean out Jackie. Hope your back is better soon, know what you mean about old age and you're only a young chicken compared to me!

Greta said...

OMG Jackie you make me tired just reading this. Now mine is only 3 bedrooms but it sure needs sorting out!!!!! I got 10 years on you so I reckon you should offer to help me out lol. Can put you up while you do it lol x