Friday, 8 August 2008

What day is it?

Where did this week go then??? Did I miss it? Good grief that whizzed by...
Scrapping.... yeah right.. well that didnt happen, good intentions were there....and still are... but its just not happening. ! Somehow managed to make three cards this week though.. mmm... only one needed !! ... so much for not making any more cards for a while.. that good intention also flew out of the window along with the 'I Must do some scrapping'' !! LOL.'
So what have I done then... ??? Good question... none to sure what the answer to that is myself.
But I do know... my craft room looks like an explosion has gone off in there.... was fine .... made the cards.... still fine..... then the scrap book gubbings come out...... seemed to go from bad to worse after that... and no so much of a layout or a picture sorted. lol...
Still got hole in roof.... roofer seems to be on very very long holiday... or it just feels like that... particularly when the heavens opened the other night !! HOpefully he due back this weekend. !
Now... these cards... I cant show you any of them yet... as one has been entered into a challenge on the Imag-e-nation forum, the next one, was using left over bits from 1st card, so cant add that or will give the game away as to whos card is whos in the challenge.... and last card is for a good friend of mine whos birthday is looming... so dont want her to see that !.... so there you go... all that hard work.. and cant even show you any of it LOL... but I do promise to add on here as soon as the coast is clear ..... ;)
right, back to craft room... and tidy up... and give up for day I think.... why is scrapping sooo difficult???? catch you all laters peeps x

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Dawn Loring said...

Don't talk about roofers!!! I have been trying to find one since July and everyone I phone says it is not worth coming out for 2 tiles..........ermmmm it is to me, coz every time it rains, and it does a lot here in Cardiff, I get wet in bed!!!!! and it has ruined my wallpaper that I waited 17yrs for!!! no can't put a bucket under the hole in roof as it is in an awkward place something to do with the trusses being in the way..........I know I would like to truss someone up!!!!