Monday, 25 August 2008

Who lives in a house like this????

LOL.... These were taken a couple of days ago... whilst walking the dogs... and losing a collar and lead !!!! not just an ordinary one.. oh no... not that simple... still not found it, and from these pictures you will see why !!! .. luckily dog that it fitted.. also fits under arm quite nicely... so got carried home when near roads... not that she complained one bit !

So this is the view it was such a lovely day, and could see the sea in the distance so clearly... couldnt resist taking some photos.... been living here for 11 years, and this view ALWAYS makes me smile when approaching the brow of the hill.... stunning...
Tell me what you think...?

am I lucky or what !


Bev said...

lovely pics hun.......I live right next to a corn field. Farmers are here now cutting it. dusy everywhere. wanted to put my washing out :(

Anonymous said...

Lovely view Jazzx you are lucky to live near such views.Hope youve managed to get a new dog collar now.

Dawn Loring said...

stunning views Jackie, and yes on our first visit to your neck of the woods last October I was well impressed and would certainly come back