Tuesday, 5 August 2008

change of direction !

As I have lost one of my shop outlets, I have decided to take a bit of a back seat for a while on the card making. I have got that many cards in my stock box.... I really dont need to make any more just yet. And I really cannot find any enthusiasm for Christmas card making in August ! Yes I know I should start now... or should have started by now... but.... its just not happening ! lol..
So I thought I would start on a scrapbook... well, more like continue where left off a while ago, and also start a new mini one for a present (for Christmas) :) .. So hopefully before too long, will be showing you some of that instead. Not really getting the feel for scrapping yet... but you never know... I might get the hang of it one day !!!.. Have already done two, one for youngest daughter and one for son... so.. time to do eldest daughters now !! You would have thought I would have sussed it by now I always was slow on the uptake LOL...

so going down my list of 'things to do'quite nicely now.... although I do wish my neighbour would hurry up and return from his very ill timed holiday.... as it is raining here, and I have a hole in my roof... (no not bucket) ! .. so inconsiderate of him to go away, doesnt he know I need him !! LOL.... Right said Jackie..... never mind Fred.... Ive got things to be doing.... like finding the blasted Slimming World books I need.... I wish my fat would disappear as quickly as the books seem to have done ! ..
Catch you all laters..... off to do something constructive.... (like empty another cupboard in hope of finding the little beggers) !!! bfn x

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