Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Right peeps... you asked for this... so dont go blaming me if you get bored !!! this will be the first instalment, as I need to resize a lot of them still... but have chosen a variety, best I can.. will hopefully add more as I go, ... got loads to do... unpacking being one of them ! lol... so here goes... hope you enjoy... (and you might have to tell me to stop adding them...)
Met by a Mausi Warrior !! at Pemba, stayed night in hotel before going onto Fundu next morning. Yes he a real one ! lol
View from my lounger !!! yes sea at my feet, literally,

inside of my 'tent'!!! Dolphins at Dawn
First night arrival at Fundu with son Matt, and a bottle of Moet !

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Bev said...

Aww hun, looks like you had the holiday of a lifetime, and you so deserve it!!!