Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Quality time

Had a quiet day yesterday just lazing around in the sun.... 10 mins on beach... fried... and then back under the parasol... reading a fab book, Beach babylon... can sooo relate to the experiences of here and Indonesia... actually think maybe Matt wrote this on the quiet.
Last night, went to Matts little house, and we all shared some good wines... and caught up , finally... not bad as been here over a week. They so busy, not get much time together, so making most when can. Play tennis with the mossies .... ducked from low flying bats, and watched the sun go down.... and had to have Matt explain why the moon is upside down! .. other than that... a quiet day... so nothing exciting for you all to read im afraid... other than, go check out the comments from Stacy on July 7th !... because think this family all shares the same sense of humour when it comes to putting pen to paper., (sure some of you remember Tales of Travelling Matt) .... bye for now... and sorry if boring you all to death.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie glad you have finally had a catch up time with your son and dil watch you dont get burnt reading that good book...Stacey you should write a book lol Hope the dogs have settled now..Can sympathise with the bedroom thing I was the same until I got my yorkie now he sleeps in the bedroom.....what are we like

Stacy said...

ok i am not being funny or nothing but glad you girls think that this is all so funny you do realise that next time mummy goes on her travels you girlies will be mums new best friends cos im going to make sure i am out of the country exactly the same time!!

Well i decided that i was no longer being ruled by 2 dogs well 1 and a bit so i thought i would put my foot down and unfortunatly so did robin straight on top of the rat whoooops this rat has seriolsy got a death clock hanging above its head that has been ticking for far too long, she is only here to annoy me ( we have a love hate relationship) mum makes me do all the medical stuff with the dogs so they think im the nasty auntie stacy.

so anyway strict stacy no more sausages, no more sitting in the middle of the rug all day and no more sleeping upstairs.

well..... muggi didnt have sausages she had fish fingers and chips from macdonalds and no xev didnt sit on the rug all day cos i got so stressed with 4 dogs toddler boyfriend and the laminate flooring issues that i took them back to mums. just the one and a half dog not my labs thank god for small mercies!!

so we all go back to mums 666 child strapped in car seat, xev on the front seat head out window and the rat sat on my lap!!! yes you read right!!
my dogs the normal ones sit in the boot quite happily not mothers dogs oh no

so then my little ruby (she is now my little ruby cos she was so poorly) has a reaction to her jabs and has HUGE molar coming through and is vomiting EVERYWHERE and the only think that makes her happy is picking up her new toy (that mummy has obvioulsy bought just for her) by its ears yep "the rat" and by its tail.
she loves it even more when it makes squeeking noises!!
she loves the rat she has even learnt its name mu ey""
mun has probaly told you all that she is very bright and with a little help from xev has learnt eyes (being poked in them) and nose (finger up it) oh and tail (pulling xev round the living room)
so they are all getting on extremley well and doesnt understand why the rat is allowed sausages and she cant so one bite for rat 2 for ruby!! ewwwwww

oh just one more thing before i go... my other half has the patience of a 2 year old and it took about 30 seconds before him to lose his temper with xev.

so they fell out he shouted at her to walk across the bloody floor you freak and she said you obvioulsy dont no who i am and i wont be spoken to like that.
so that evening after ignoring eachother all night robin decides to take them all for a walk and xev decided differently and tells him i am sooo not going out with you, you shouted at me so after being dragged out by collar and half way down the street she decided sod you im buggering back off to auntie stacy and came back home knocked on the door slid across the laminate floor and predominatly stuck her bottom straight in the middle of the rug and stayed there to he casme back and sat there and glasred at him all night with that "collie stare"
they havent made friends.

Stacy said...

oh and i miss my mummy boo hoo and cant wait till your home xxxxxxxxlove you oh and loving the craft room my scrap book is looking fntastic more on that later xx

Dawn Loring said...

Stacy you obviously take after your Mum!!!. Jackie unfortunately I don't remember Matt's tales, but he could always tell me on a 1 to 1 basis, I wouldn't complain!!!!!!!!!!!!! you know what I mean!. Glad YOU had some me time with him. Looking forward to seeing those pics, and the sunsets.

Lynn said...

Still love hearing what you have been up to, even the quiet days.
Fantastic news that you can get your flippers on, no stopping you now then.
As for Stacy's tales - well I reckon she will have both dogs sorted by the time you get back - one way or the other - lol.

Jak said...

Not boring at all hun in fact I've given you an award check my blog.

Margaret A said...

Yawn...yep bored to death.
Sitting here in the dark wondering if the rain is still on is sooooo much more interesting that boring old Indonesia. Missing you. x