Monday, 28 July 2008

Craft room

Well made huge progress... yet another gash bag full of rubbish... Having a 5 min coffee break now ! phew its hot today. Why is it when you try and clear one room, it seems to leak into the rest of the house... cos somehow... the lounge, kitchen and my bedroom all seem to look like a bombs hit it right now. ! lol... And Im still only clearing rubbish !!!!.. think this going to take a lot longer than first thought. But there is a lot of stuff that got brought down from the attic and put in box room... think a lot of it will be going back up there too! lol..

Reason for all this... need my spare bedroom back, as Son and DIL will be coming home for long holiday next year, and my now craft room, is ..... their bedroom !!! opps. Should have put craft stuff in box room originally, but was talked out of it... now wish I hadn't listened and gone with instinct and common sense, yes I do have some of that occasionally, just not in this instance.

It will be a bit like the Kypton Factor making everything fit in... but.. if my calculations are correct, should be able to do , but the skin of my teeth.... (would help if I lose a couple of stone at same time, ... as need the room ) LOL ... Well this is the now..... (yes I know... bit messy, but that will all be tidy and more organised in new room)... that part looking forward to, as just know I will come across all sorts of goodies I had misplaced or forgotton I had !

Dont think I will be making any cards today folks, sorry... but far too much to do, and am busy end of week... so its a now or never.. ...must continue with the de-cluttering. My aim at the end of all this... is to have a lovely co ordinated craft room, with gorgeous shelving and units and table.... yeah right. !!! bet that doesnt happen LOL...

Will sort out giving out all the awards later peeps.... take care ... and please dont leave too many comments saying what a messy person I am ! lol xx


Deb said...

Ok so I was one of those that talked you out of having craft room in the box room but only cos you shouldn`t be keeping a decent size room empty for the odd visit or two from Son and DIL lol.
As long as you have a craft room though you`ll manage whatever size it is x

wintersparkle said...

I thought the pics where the after pics looks very tidy to me xxx

Lynn said...

I just wish my bombs landed as lightly as your bomb. lol
Don't forget my idea of giving them your room and then you can craft anywhere you like. x

Margaret A said...

Are you supposed to be able to see under your crafting table like that...??? Thought you were supposed to keep more stuff under I do.LOL