Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Painting Tuturial.. Jackie style.

Ive been asked by quite a few ladies to do a Painting Tut... I am going to say straight away, Im not that brill at painting, (see Bev R's cards !!!!) she a master in the art of stamped images, and Jak is a marvel at freehand paintings... They do it probably the correct way, LOL... I do it ... like Frank said, My Way ! .
But I will give it a bash and try to add pictures as well. although not good at that either lol so think pictures going to be all over the place. ! I will try my best.
Ingredients.... (please remember this is the way I do it)
Paints (obviously) lol.. I use shimmer paints from The Works, (2.99),
Set of kiddies paints from Woolies (99p) :) bargain
water, brushes, I use the medium one, for everything, but choice is yours, (I dont fill the resovoir (sp).
kitchen roll, plain white tiles for mixing colours on, (or something to that effect).. sheet of scrap paper/or card, (to test the brush before applying to printed image).
One printed image. For this demo (rofl, I am using... ohh guess what.. a Sarah Kay). ! :)
Right here we go then.
No. 1 ... load a brush up with said colour, having brush not too wet it causes water blobs (this is SO not going to be very techno). out line the image .. ie in this case the apron with pink paint.
No. 2 ... then wash brush out in clean water, and all but dry it.. and then.. blend the painted outline colour into the centre of the image.. swirling the brush round and round... if the brush becomes too coated in colour, wipe clean on kitchen roll ( or you will end up with no shading but one block colour).
No. 3 ... Next . a little bit more shading.. go over some places (usually marked on most stamps... with a loaded brush of paint again (not too wet)... clean brush off and all but dry
No. 4 ... repeat the blending in circle motions.... hey presto... one painted apron.. (well Im not doing the whole image tonight as light bad and im shattered) lol so if Ive gone over the lines you know why.
Now going to attempt to add the piccies in nearly right places.... cant see that happening. ! ..
Any questions?? leave me a comment and I will try to answer it best I can..... NOW.. I will want to see what you come up with... cos Heaven help you all, with my instructions, as I said, so much easier to show... and no.. I dont have a vid cam thingy whatsit !


Anonymous said...

Jackie - you're as daft as one of your paint brushes lol! I can just imagine you sat there swirling round and round! Can't wait to read the rest of it!! Your card are getting fantastic recently and I love having a look to see what you've done next! I'm sure your "tut" will be very helpful to quite a few. I love my stamping and painting but would struggle to put it into words! Keep up the good work - and bringing us laughs into the bargain! (We laugh with you not at you by the way!) Viv xx

Deb said...

You`re right about one thing, easier to show than tell lol
I found it very entertaining but I could follow it. Not sure if thats cos I`ve had a personal lesson or cos I know you though lol

Daisycat said...

Very nicely explained. What colours do you blend together to get skintone.

wintersparkle said...

it not only informative its entertaining to thanks for doing this xx

Jackie said...

lol Debs ! probably the former !
I just pick the lightest shade of pink I have, then water it down acoordingly.

Greta said...

Love the destructions Jackie but mine still don't look like yours - probably cos I ain't got that stamp LOL x

Jackie said...

sok Greta, I show you when meet up next ! you be fine lol x

Karen J said...

Just brilliant!!! LOL!!
Karen xx

Norma said...

Well thankyou Jackie, will have another go, when you explained to me last time i found the outline was to dry to blend in, when i got back to it after wsshing brush.
i want to give it another go cos i ave some lovely images Viv sent me for my birthday and really need tomake a good job of them.
now surely thats not impossible, or is it
Norma x

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Jackie and such a fun way of doing a "tut" ... whens thenext in th series lol

Jan M

CaroleRob said...

Thanks Jackie for this painting tut -- I think you did well to explain !
The postman brought me two lovely stamps yesterday so i am dying to have a go at painting them now.

Carole x

Budge said...

Thank you Jackie for the tut as I am hopeless at painting. Must have a go your way.
Your paintings always look so good.


Toni said...

woo hoo a tut and a fab one too Jackie fabulous pics and explaination wonderful

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Thanks for the great tut, very entertaining and I love the pics. I'm useless at painting but may just try the Jackie Way
Chris x

sheffsue said...

Thank you Jackie. A great tut and now I know where I've been going wrong...not taking excess colour off my brush when blending. Ive been practising today and I can definitely see an improvement.