Thursday, 5 February 2009

A card at last

Ok, so its another Sarah Kay... sorryyyy lol... But this was the image I was doing whilst teaching my good friend Debs, the Jackie way of painting.. and I hate to admit it... but I think Debs's turned out far better LOL... Ive been busy doing other things !!! all will be revealed very soon... so havent got time to stamp up other images at mo... but thought it would give you something to look at for now.. went a little bit OTT with the flowers ... or not.. :) depends on your view I spose.. hope you like anyway... Im now back off to what I am supposed to be doing :)


Toni said...

lol its a great card I love it You have alittle something over on my blog hunny I forgot to tell you
been busy ;)

Karen J said...

It's lovely J .. although could have done with a few more flowers!! LOL!!
Karen xx

Happy Crafter said...

Oh its gorgeous Jackie i loves Sara Kay so ya can do loads more for me lol, it dont need any more or any less flowers its perfect :)
I am intrigued now what are you up to hope all will be revealed soon mystery lady :)
Val xxx

Greta said...

I love that image & all the flowers. Will we see what you've been up to on Sunday? x

Karen said...

Fab cards Jackie. love the painting tutorial.

love Karen xxx