Monday, 2 February 2009

My little Pony

Still trying to work out two things... 1. How come its taken me nearly all day to do such a simple card( when the image was already painted) ... and 2. What happened to the Sarah Kay image I was working on all morning, in lilacs? Number one, cant answer myself, lol but no. 2... just wasnt happening today... mojo gone awol again... I must have had every combination of lilac papers out that I own.. even put a card together except for image at one point.. but binned it, you know when you just cant get it right? .. hence went across to something different... so maybe that does answer no. 1 LOL
Anyway... painted this up a while back, so once again, doubting my painting on this one ! I must admit to adding a bit paint to the image, but as said.. mojo gone awol... so in end left well alone.. Ive left this without sentiment as going to leave this one blank. Not sure if I should add something else to card, as it looks a bit.. empty, to me.... maybe not used to less is more lol...
Now, Im off to write some cheques and cry.. cos all the snow is going which means I will be able to go round the postbox and post said cheques off.. sob... which in turn, means lack of money in bank a bit quicker than I would have liked LOL... not to worry... its only money !!!!! (thats what I have to keep telling self lol).


Louise Emma said...

Well I think it's gorgeous Jackie, I love the way you have dappled the flank of the horse x

wintersparkle said...

lovely hon could you find time to do us a tutorial on your painting pretty pleeeeeeeeease xx

Budge said...

Love this card it is gorgeous.

sylv xx