Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Another Flippin'Women card.. this will certainly be a fav amongst us women... as what you dont see on the front is hidden nicely on the back !!!! and will appeal to our sense of humours. !!! and .. guess who forgot to take a piccy of the finished inside !!! lol but there is a huge cake hidden... brilliant.. so much fun these sheets, dont think anyone will regret buying them. check out Jak, Toni and Karens blogs... see what they have done with their cards too..
Im granddaughter sitting again today... so another day no card making.. so glad I had these done in advance. Will have to be extra busy in craft room tomorrow. right.. best add piccy before my peace is shattered... will catch up with you all tomorrow.. at some stage... if I dont sleep all day.. this babysitting is hard work im shattered LOL.. where do they get all their energy from? Cos I could sure do with some of it !! Iggle Piggle biscuits to make today !!! We done Postman Pat cakes yesterday, (I had picked up wrong packet, thought I bought Dora the explorer !!!) and im still finding bits of icing stuck in places i didnt know possible... (in the kitchen I hasten to add) . !! :)... makes a change from foam pads and dst I spose ! LOL .


Greta said...

Great card Jackie & gorgeous girl! What happened to Dora cakes? LOL x

Anonymous said...

The card is great as usual,but what about your granddaughter, she steals the show as far as I'm concerned, she's gorgeous Jackie. I bet you're loving the time with her, even though you'r k*******d by the time the sun mind, tomorrow is another day.

Trace x

Karen said...

Love your "Flippin'" cards Jackie. I saw Jak on IW the other day. Couldn't believe ahow quickly they sold out.

Love Karen xxx

Happy Crafter said...

Fab card Jackie, Ruby looks so darn cute outshines the card i'm afraid :)
Val xxx

Louise Emma said...

Brill card hun xx