Friday, 13 February 2009


hello everybody...
last time on Nannies puter... (for a while).. !!!!! a LONG while Nannie said!
She gets grumpy when tired.. I think she very very tired !!
I was good girl.. for a while... !
we watched Iggly AGAIN and the tombleboo oooo drunk all the pinkyponk juiice and nearly fell over... just like Nannie does , didnt know she had Pinkyponk juice here !!

made Nannie cook me dinner, then didnt want it.. so nannie said NOOOO chokolate.. NOOO biskits...... (that horrid word again).. then I found Muggis EYES.... with my fingers. ! ... she played hide and seek but I found her.... about 100000 times. :) think MUggi VERY tired now too ! so I played with Sess.... I found her nose.... she got two little holes there so I tried to see if both fingers would fit... THEY DID ! then... I found her EYES too !!!! they much bigger than Muggis, but I still fitted my fingers in them.. :) then I found her tail... so Nannie said shall we play with Barney ! :( .
then I was hungry.. so asked nannie for biskit.. and chokolate... i can say chokolate 100000's of times.. and i can pull sad face toooo... more times I say chokolate,... i can get sadder, and sadder and make eyes leak water .... but still nannie said no chokolate... so she made my dinner warm ... I didnt want that... I wanted biskit then... and STILL nannie said no... :(
Then mummy came, after we watched loads of Iggle Piggle AGAIN.. Nannie nearly knows ALL the names now... isnt she clever :) I asked mummy If I could have a biskit... but Nannie told mummy to say no... I think I going off Nannie.... so I let them both know I NOT happy.....
for about an hour..... then mummy said I had to go in car... Nannie said Thank God again... who is this invisible man? cos I never see him? perhaps he is hiding with Muggi and Sess?????

Im going to hairdresser tonight... not sure If I will decide I want hair cut or not yet :) Bye bye all... until next time.... from Ruby (aged nearly two)....
(nannie said I not make my 2nd birthday??? whats that all about?) Nannie said crispbread and cheese nice.... so I had to try some of hers... very messy stuff you know.. but nice.. much better than sketti and tato. xx


Pamela said...

Oh no, no more Ruby Tyler (nearly two) for a while. I'm going to miss these little stories.


Stacy said...

oh my god so funny mum really is ruby to a T!!!! i needed that after the afternoon i had with her altho she does look gorge now with her new hair cut
so beautiful yet such a madam yes believe it readers!!! asking for bed tonight what have you been doing to her mum!!
love you

Louise Emma said...

Jackie, I think you should take up writing kids books hun, I am serious! Reading Ruby's exploits has really brightened my dayx Thank you x

Lynn said...

Back to normal now then?
What another great account, thanks for sharing, but don't forget to keep these treasures safe for her scrap book!

Happy Crafter said...

Hope little miss Ruby wont be away for long, love her stories about her time with Nannie will miss them for sure :)
Val xxx

Joy said...

Wonderful accounts of her exploits, really brightens my day. Can't wait till she visits again and we see her new haircut!

Daisycat said...

Oh Ruby what a treasure you are, and you tell such a lovely story. I hope your Nannie recovers from the horrible germs you shared with her. I hope you are going to show us a piccie of your new hairstyle.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you both had fun really.:0)