Monday, 31 May 2010

Just because

Just because I forgot what challenge/s I was doing.. so just went for it LOL...( had one of them days... infact.. had one of them weekends !... ) Kids. grandkids, joiner, house phone, mobile phone, dog, Ihave been up and down them stairs more times than I can care to remember... I have had more interuptions, than I care to remember... so... forgetting what challenges I have entered, what ones I was going to enter, and what ones went with what card... sort of went out of the
here is a card... just because... I cant remember what the heck I was meant to be doing LOL.
PS forgot to upgrade microsoft words, work, whatever... so lost it.. so for a day or two I will be missing a few credentials.... lol...

Sunday, 30 May 2010

blog candy

Wow..... Jak is giving away some yummy candy.... lots of lubbly ribbon.... (from Fantastic Ribbons ) head over to her blog now and see what you have to do for chance of winning... As you know I LOVE ribbon, so I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one...

Will be back later with a card.... got man hanging doors and putting handles on and making a mess at mo... yes I know it Sunday... but he a friend... bless him...

Friday, 28 May 2010

Monochrome challenge card

This is another fabby image, called Fairy Finna, from Mo Manning, which can be bought here... I just love all her images and they are just so easy to colour up.. I spotted a challenge that was JUST finishing over at pcp last night, so quickly put this card together and hopefully I got it in on time... still learning my way around on that place or it might have been snr rofl... not a clue... was late and I was tired and I really do need to sit down and see if I can make head or tail of it... as I will be needing to use once the my new DT challenges start.. .
Well got to rush off now.... another day with mother, and then tomorrow hurrah.. man coming to fit skirtings on kitchen.... bout time too... :)... and all the doors are being replaced in the house.. so someone going to be very very busy later... painting away
catch you all later gals (and guys).... have a fabby day..h ugs

Thursday, 27 May 2010

First Mini Assignment :)

Good morning all.... sorry I didnt get to put my card up yesterday.. hence I on the ball so early today... I had to wait for permission from the 'boss' LOL as wasnt sure when I could actually add to my blog.
It is what will be my 'introduction' card to be added to The Stamping Boutique blog with a bit about me later... (oh dear... you are going to have to see my ugly mug displayed as well...)
This lovely image is soooo sweet, and I couldnt wait to get her coloured up and made into a card,
I kept this card quite simple.... yeah.. it is.... for me ! lol.... and.. need I say.. used copics ... oh theres a surprise. :)
The image can be purchased HERE... and if you want to get up close and personal... lol....then pop over to The Stamping Boutique later today.. and you will see me there.. LITERALLY lol... gawd help you lol..
have a good day all.... its raining cats and dogs here..... seems summer is over already :(

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

OMG.... MORE good news

Well ... Im a happy little bunny AGAIN today... as I found out I just won a challenge over at WinkWinkInk and I am to be their GDTM for June... wow.. how cool is that ! ..

So I hope some of my followers will come over and join me, with the June Challenge... as it would be lovely to see you there..

Really am looking forward to it.. and I have my instructions... but cant tell you what they are yet.. so you will have to wait and see....
Look forward to seeing some familiar faces over there next month, I hope.....
hugs xx

PS I will be back later with a card... I HOPE.. lol...

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Bit of news

Anyone notice anything different????????????????
whoooo oooooohhhh...

I am VERY happy to have been asked to join The Stamping Boutique Design Team. links from buttons on side bar.
Not sure what I got to do yet or when... but I am very excited and looking forward to it. So.. watch this space.. keep your peepers open... cos.... well.. just cos.... :)

Just Magnolia / Colour Create Challenge Card

Sorry I was awol again yesterday.. Mother duties. !!! But I am back today with a challenge card that I have made for Just Magnolia, which this week is a sketch, and also ~Colour Create have chosen the colours of soft green and aqua. So glad I bought a few more copics in the lighter shades recently !
I also managed to colour up the same Magnolia image for a tut on a forum I belong to. So that one will be showing her face in the near future... plus a few more Mags ... as I went on a hunt and come across all sorts I forgot I had.. hehe... so they had a dusting off... and.. you will be seeing a few more of them over the next few days or so.
Whatever happened to the glorious sunny weather we had for.... one and half days? is that it now? I'm sat here frozen, with a fleece on.. crazy... yesterday sweltering..
Roll on next year... cos I off to ...... no not Africa this time... but... Bali ... :) for two fabby weeks in the blistering heat.. I cannot wait... thats the trouble when you have an early holiday .. ie Feb.... seems like an age ago now.. and so long till the next holiday... ...
My darling son and DIL have now gone back to Indo to work and live .. hence thats my next jollie... its fabby having a son that works in the best possible places. A week at Haven Holidays was the best I could do before that lol.. So I think I might have to stick a countdown button on my side bar... cos I need something to keep me going... I Hate the cold.

Well I'm away now to brave it and walk the dog... and sneek back to craft room for an hour or three.. as want to make sure I have a card for you tomorrow.. I hate missing a day ...
take care all... hugs xx

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Amazing candy from Debbie

Ohh been meaning to do this link etc for ages...
Debbie over at Passion for Crafts, celebrated her birthday recently and is giving away the most FANTASTIC candy.. she is leaving it run until 26th May.... so.. what you waiting for?... oh and dont just grab and run... take time to look at her fabby cards... she has a brill blog.. well worth the visiting time :)..

WOJ GDT/Totally Gorguss

Played around a bit more with this image... so happier with it now, so will show it.. lol.. sorry, but its same as other day (image wise)... but I might be back laters with another card anyway,, and to enter the WOJ GDTA I have to put on blog, also I noticed over at Totally Gorguss, this weeks theme is bling... can go in for that also. ...
sun is finally out... but.. its not that warm... so Im back to my craft room for couple of hours... with a jumper on ..
I dont seem to be winning today... as firstly.. I have a new lodger !!!! and he will be treated to a lovely meal later... and if that not work he be evicted Monday... when the council opens !!!!! as if it was not bad enough I had mice... I now got a relative... a much bigger one.... and it kept me awake last night gn awing at the wood in my bed room airing cupboard... so.. Mr. Ratty... you are not welcome.... all I can say is... why me??? I love animals yes... but... there is a limit to what I allow or want in my house taking up residence. Oh the joys of living in the countryside.
Then.... went on hunt for a cd for puter..... can I find it.. can I bug..ry..... still looking... then just to finish off the day... and it not even 3 pm yet.... Ive now lost my memory stick.. which I needed... grrrr and humph... moan over... lol (for now... till the next little incident) ! ... Im off to play for an hour... or so... :)
Hope the sunny is shining where you are... hugs zx

Friday, 21 May 2010

WOJ Challenge

Another WOJ Card today, but this time for the Whiff of Joy challenge, which is HERE. Bought this ages ago, and never got around to doing anything with him, then... as luck would have it.... brown and yellow for the challenge this time, so thought what better than to do a male card for a change.. cos we all LOVE doing those... NOT... lol... but needs must now and again.
So little blonde boy ended up with brown hair, as it just didnt look right... must have hundreds of copics now... yet do I have the right colours for blond hair... NO ! .. so we all know what that means... :)
I have also decoupaged his dungies, and played around a bit with some large eyelets and ribbon, a nice chunky sentiment and another afternoon well spent. (I hasten to add, I have made up another card with the WOJ image I done on Wednesday, as I had coloured up two of the same image but changing the red and oranges around a bit... not sure if happy with that one... so whether it sees the light of day.. who knows..... I really DON'T like red and orange at the best of times, but together.... yuk lol... yet everyone else seemed to manage it beautifully. Think I can wave goodbye to GDT this time round rofl.)
Right well, washing is all done, beautiful day down here in sunny Kent for a change, lawn is mowed, rose bush told off... and put back through trellis, (little begger keeps escaping)... and this time... yipee no thorns in fingers...' cos treated self to some super duper gardening gloves...:)... housework done... and craft room.... looks like a bombs hit it again.
So I am off for a well earned cuppa and will catch up tomorrow hopefully... I feel a Magnolia day coming on, not had one for a while .... enjoy the weekend everyone... hugs x

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

WOJ GDT/Papertake/Totally Gorguss

This ends of 23 May. So pop on over and have a looksee .

Back with another card.. this time for WOJ GDT. I didn't find this an easy combo on colours, as it was Red, Orange and one other .. hence green trews... it was not so much the other colour that was the problem.. but the red and orange together ! After hunting through all my stash... (yep that took a long while !) lol... I could not find anything that 'worked'... I did find red gingham, (I love gingham).. (JS) and red spots, but it was the orange..... so.. made my own.... and for once.. I can actually tell you what and how... (must have been the day off I had... brain actually working today for a change LOL)..
Also, I found I can enter this card with Papertake, this week it is Say it with flowers... that one is never difficult with me, lol... try making me NOT add flowers might be a different story lol, and also Totally Gorgus which is Round and Round... think I can just about get away with my dotty paper ..

Red check... JS
Red spot... from stash
image WOJ (obviously) :)
MS punch for white edging
retro punch, and punch from stash , R24 for white flowers (Been playing a bit here)
Orange flowers..... prima.. but coloured with YR04/07 and R24 round the edges
trousers g20, 21 and 24
skin E11, E00, E000 R20
top R20,22,24 and 27
flowers on image.. again YR04/07
ribbon from stash
time spent... whole afternoon... rofl... well far better than doing the housework... :)

ps incase anyone was wondering where I was yesterday... I was sicky poorly... but Im all ok again now.. :)

Monday, 17 May 2010

Quickie card again

Made this one in a rush, and please dont say it looks like it lol.... been busy with Mum today, and sorting out all the gash for moros bin men... so this was thrown together, yeah I know... hopefully tomorrow will bring a better class of card ah ! lol
Also trying to clear up my blog a bit with whats in and whats out, and what I do and don't visit and what has gone... you following me here? no? oh well... I know what I mean lol
check out the blog candies I have found on my travels... and please take time to view the owners cards....
me.. Im off to raid the freezer and put my feet up.. Im shattered. :) Have a good evening all and sorry about card and lack of blogging today .. hugs x

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Blog Candy alert...

Wow is all I can say..... Yummy H & S stampies and double yummy papers... where you might ask? not sure if want to tell you :)... less chance of me winning then :)... however... being that I a nice person really, and also due to the fact that this is one seriously fabby blog you must go and take a look see at,... I will let you all know... good of me ah? ! lol.. Elaine, at A Technophobes Blog is the place to go... (21/5)
Im off for a drinkie poos now.. as just finished putting in 36 inserts, envies and bagging up, pricing etc... gawd I hate that job, but at least its done for another few weeks lol.. (or months)... depending how desperate peeps get for cards or how bothered I can be to do it ......
catch you all tomorrow.. and yes there will be a card... one I coloured up yonks ago, and never got round to putting on a card... even though all the papers where with it, ready to go...
can you tell I been also, having a bit of a tidy up !!!!! ...and after what I found today, I feel I ought to make a bit more of an effort to go through stuff a bit more often lol...
at least I can see my desk now ! BONUS ! LOL ..

Cute and Cuddly

What a lovely sunny Sunday.. makes a pleasant change... :) Mind you the birds are making a racket.. lol..
Well last attempt for the Pink Gem challenge and DTA, and also for Create4fun challenge, although I might have 'tweaked it' as Bev would say lol, a little bit too much, so it might not be accepted.... we shall see. Its a sketch over at C4F.
I love this image and I think next time I use it I will do a bit of decoupage on the face and front legs, cos I think it will work nicely. The image is by Meljens Designs, thank you so much, as this was a freebie.
Colour with copics, retro punch used for flowers (and crimped), papers SU, sentiment Cuddly Buddly, rose centres and ribbon from stash.
Time to get the Dyson out and open a few windows I think.. let some fresh air in.. before the weather changes again lol.. oh the joys of living in the UK... (not) ..
catch up again soon... hugs x
ps... so much for not doing another card today...... just popped into craft room.... to clear desk ready for lappy to go up, as REALLY MUST do them inserts... lol.... and.. low and behold... an image jumped onto the table and made me start colouring it in.... how dare it.... :) I dragged myself away as quick as poss... but I have a feeling that I might just have to finish the image at least before I set up the puter and printer etc. LOL... did I tell you I hate inserts? lol

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Pink Gem and LOTV Challenge Card

Back playing in the craft room, after a busy day out with Mum yesterday, bless her, she lovely, but she does wear me out.. lol.. We had a good old clear out of her winter clothes.. gee she got more winter stuff than I got for the whole year !!! not bad for an 80 something lady. I think the next lot of Charity workers that call for some goodies will be more than pleased with what she will be donating. Trouble is... that now leaves her with a rather large area to fill !!!! lol... she a bit clothes buying obsessive, like I am craft buying lol.
Then it was oh the joys, of food shopping, gawd I HATE that job with a passion... and silly me, had to go and do it again on a Friday.. will I never learn.! still thats it for another week or more if I can get away with it. LOL..
So... back to todays card... The image is from Pink Gem, the challenge with them this week is burgandy, pink and green, (yes I know I keep telling you lol)... and for this week at LOTV it is a sketch by Bev... I LOVE SKETCHES :) so will add card, then I away again , back to craft room... cos... I got one more challenge card I would like to get done today, then I think I will have seen enough of pink, for a while !!! lol. Plus I have just spotted another sketch challenge and I like it lots... so... might be back later with another card, if not, will add it tomorrow.
One job I HAVE to do this weekend is put them blasted inserts into about 3 dozen cards.. lol... soooo boring..
have a fabby weekend peeps... hugs xx

Thursday, 13 May 2010

DTA for Colour Create.

Colour Create challenge card (and DTA card....) colours aqua, cream, brown and khaki....
can't stop to write much as need to go and put on blog...
be back in a bit.... gosh its all go...
also this week for the Paperplay Challenge which is Brown and..........

Back again... :) not sure if its cos I got sun in eyes but that paper looks a bit pink to me.... and its not... no I still not sorted out the camera ... can you tell.! lol... but I have been playing with it... not sure if made better or worse LOL... really MUST dig that manual out and attempt to see if it makes any more sense than the last half dozen times I have tried to read it !!!

Another Mo Manning image, this little darling is called Two Marcus... I still cant get enough of Mo's images... gorgeous.
Right well, not stopping, as have just finished colouring up another pink image/s (ok so two more then)... to send in to Pink Gem, as Janet is also having a DT call if anymore is interested in her challenge this week or indeed to apply for the position.... the link is HERE....
have a good evening all... and catch up again tomorrow hugs x

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Challenge Card

Surprise Surprise, No, its not Cilla :), I have just finished another ' Mo' image lol, called Two Tasha, which can be found HERE , for the following challenges -

Paperplay, which this week is bling and a digi image...,
Secret Crafter Saturday Challenge, 3 Embellies, 2 papers and 1 image
Totally Gorjuss Pink and Green
Pink Gem - Pink, green and burgandy

I think I have covered everything !!! .. mind you I ve said that before and fluffed up lol.. not sure If I 100% happy with the flowers... they seem to be lacking something .... might have to have a little re think and maybe another play tomorrow !!! :)...
Well the weekend is NEARLY here... wonder If I will get my doors hung and skirtings in kitchen done this weekend?? Best I not hold my breath ah ! lol.
Have a good evening all... hugs x

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Quickie card

Not had much chance to get on with cards for DT positions today, as on Nannie duties... and with a granddaughter that I am sure has OCD... lol... been sorting out house and trying to de hair it... thats the dogs hair, not mine... and could not settle long enough to get to grips with a full card, so as this image was already coloured up... I used this and just added a few quick bits.
the little tag was just stamped up (not sure where got stamp from mind you !!)... added an eyelet and some ribbon, (the tag does pull out to reveal the rest of the wording), made up a flower and added a bit of glamour dust. Job Done ! as Gordon would say lol
As soon as Madam is dropped off tomorrow morning, its on with cards I should be making.. this one is just for the box, as they say.
Im off for a drink and a rest... (cos I shattered already).. just getting too old for this kid sitting lark. :)
Have a good evening all... will catch up with you all tomorrow.. with hopefully a card. !

Monday, 10 May 2010

The Greeting Farm Critters

This is a skin of teeth admission/submission... (its late) ! for TGF Critters casing DT spot... my dinner just gone out the window... as its now 10pm and I have only just finished it.

Thank you so much Jessica and Mercy for your help and info on time differences etc ! lol... I thought I had missed the boat on this one, but after a quick email... or so.. was told I still ok for a few more hours, being that I in UK.. and they... well are not ! lol... so... (my gals best get me my natural day lamp soon)... cos I need it !!!!!! ... rushed upstairs and printed off one cub and one Lauras cookies.... needless to say I mucked up the cub... so had to go for the other one... hence I need my lamp !!!!!!! as I hate working in my craft room at night, cos cant see a blooming thing... (mind you dont see much more in daytime... see yesterdays post! LOL).

So ... here is my entry for the GDT call for The Greeting Farm... and I hope it is ok, cos not too sure what 'casing' is... and how much you can deviate from the given card.... so I hope I done ok.. I 'cased' (sounds like something out of a movie.. I cased the joint lol).... Jami's card... (I think)... hope I done this right... well here goes anyway.. if I keep talking I WILL miss the deadline... catch you all tomorrow... nite peeps.. x hugs
ps I have since wiped off the access silicone glue from the button lol... yep the camera NEVER lies !!!!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Good evening all.

Well I have been a busy little bee today... not sure what doing exactly, but don't seem to have stopped.. lol... and there still seems to be a list of NOT done jobs sitting on my desktop... oooh I love sticky notes.. and right where I can see them too... ALL the time.. (Windows 7 is a marvellous thing) ¬! lol.. Now all I need to do, is actually take notice of them and do whats on them !!! instead of keep adding more and more to my desktop... won't be any room left on screen soon.. LOL.
Onto todays card, . ... so... outcome Robbie AGAIN.... as had a bit of a misfortune with my 'out of the box' a bit more thinking.. and this is the result. (Im talking larger circles than the nesties I have) !
I have had to add Mo's copyright to my pic, as I had to end up cutting out little boy blue, and lost her sig... sorry Mo ! opps. lol.. I ended up sticking a load of silicone under him and making him 'pop' out of the pic... not sure if shows in photo... and on that note... I REALLY MUST sort out my camera and photographic skills... or lack of, as the case would seem.... camera on wrong settings and I need to sort asap !
sorry I digress.!
I have left a space at bottom left for a sentiment as and when needed. I think this checks all the boxes for Mo's GDT call.. and Jaks sketch... just ! lol..

ADDED.... guess who didnt see the sentiment bit on top left !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats it.. I need specSavers . !

as for all the other ones I hoped to do on one card, that sort of went out of the window a bit... still... there is always tomorrow !!! .. as for the DT call on Belles and Whistles.. humpy, I seem to have a few or at least one, of most, when it comes to stamps etc, but would you Adam and Eve it, I don't have a B and W image. !!! so I cant actually take part in the DT call for that one.. but I will pass on the link for all those of you that can. ! ... I not sulking .... not a lot... really... !!!! ok.. so I am... I have WoJ... but that wont count ... humph....
on that note.... Im off for a large glass of vino calapso... enjoy your evening all.... hugs xx

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Little Red Ted

WinkWinkInk have a challenge up at the moment for a shaped card... (not square or rectangle)... so using one of their free images, (isnt he just sooo adorable), I spent most of the afternoon, playing with Robbie (Robo), which was a lot more stressful than the colouring part, I can tell you, making up this card. Also this week Lily of the Valley have the theme 'Here comes Summer', well I know.. he got a little raincoat on, but.... I live in Uk.... and just as likely to use that even in middle of July !!!! so I went for a different take on a British Summer ! LOL... hope they see the funny side of it !!!!
I am a very happy little bunny, as this is a first for me, after only a few lessons, I have finally managed to make a shape, add a scallop back ground, cut out the backing papers and done all the oval and scallops ALL on Robbie, plus the darker blue parts of the flowers. (had a little bit of help with them) :) thanks Lynn .. I didnt want to put on my usual 'girly' flowers, as felt that the image as I had copic'd him, and the colours used on the rest of the card, called for something a bit more. 'funky' or young?...... completely different use of flowers compared to Thursdays card. lol I know what I mean !!
Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend, Im off to find all the other challenges I had in mind when I made this card... cos guess who didnt make a note of what was where , or save them to file until done the card !!!! .... worn out braincell from all my lessons on Robbie this week lol.. xx

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Who's your friend?

Another Mo image... just cant get enough of these at the moment, just too cute beyond words.
Todays card is called ... my friend..
I have decouped the little girl, and it looks fabby in real life, dont think the pic does that bit any justice... punched out some flowers and run them through a crimper.. (not so you would notice that either lol)... and then papers from stash.
Sentiment is from SU.
Im off to see if I can get Robbie to cut out the new oval scallop shapes I have just learnt to do.. finally lol...
He has been sitting on the table looking very neglected for far too long, I dont do techno stuff... and I have struggled to understand sign blanks or blank signs etc.. lol. never mind all the other hundred different things I need to learn... just goes way over my head... but finally sussed, with a lot of help and a video from my friend Lynn, plus skype chats and remote assist rofl.. and just about everything else you can imagine in the way of help...... managed to make a scallop frame and matt... all by myself. !!! (just)... now need to go and see if can cut it out rofl... hence I like to colour with copics... its so stress free... lol...
hope you like todays card... hugs and see you all soon xx

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Create4fun is giving away one of these little beauties... pop over to see what you have to do HERE for chance of winning... what a fabby prize... wow... someone going to be VERY happy ... (10/5)

will be back later with a card... another Digipencil image... cos I just love them.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Sooo Cute

Adorable Mo Manning image I just HAD to have... as soon as I saw this I knew it would end up in my shopping basket lol... this is Baby Fairy Flora, which can be bought here, lots of pink and lots of glitter and sparkly stuff.
Colour with copics, with a few prima flowers and rosebuds in centre.
Housework is still on the agenda... but still not started.... as I have another MM image already coloured and sitting on my desk ready and waiting to mount up and make into a card.... so... whats it going to be?? erm... no contest there then lol...
I could force myself to turn the washing machine on I spose .... got fantastic windy day here, which would be great for drying the clothes.. however... rain intermittant, so not a lot of point even contemplating putting anything out on line... mind you... it could end up miles away, as gusty is an understatement lol..
hope you all had a fabby long weekend .... will be back tomorrow hopefully with 'whos your friend' hehe... not sure thats what the stamp called... but it something like that .. thanks for looking... hugs xx

Monday, 3 May 2010

Must be a red week !

Gone for another red... not bad for someone that hates the colour... but this one a deeper shade... so not too bad working with this :). Another Gorgus gal, and bp by Joanna Sheen, punched out the flowers and run one through the Cuttle bug and had a play... think I could have done with using a different card stock on that one, think should have stuck with what I used to do the matt and layering.. oh well, lesson learnt..
Was going to do another challenge card, but sort of got side tracked, as you do... one of those cards that did not turn out as I had planned.. added a few ribbons to side for a different effect.
Well we have had torrential rain for 24 hours in Kent, and it is still blowing a hoolie today too... I feel sorry for those that had the day off and was hoping for a bit of sun, me? Im off to see 'mother'.. so will be nicely snug inside.
Have a good Bank Holiday, even if the weather is awful.
catch you up again soon.... hugs x