Monday 31 January 2011

Sketch n Stash Challenge 54

Good morning                      ................ Monday............. :) (or not) lol 

Today starts a whole new sketch challenge over at Sketch n Stash,  I LOVE SKETCHES !! lol  doesn't it just take all the hard work out of a card? Well ok, MOST, of the hard work out of a card.... if you are anything like me, I spend so /too much time picking out the papers... and far too much with the layout... so... now all you  have to do.. is pick some dp's, colour up an image and join in the fun.

For this challenge I have used one of the brand spanking new Kenny K Glam Girl2  images. so thats my NEW bit  of stash :), and this little cracker is called... Club Kid.  I am totally in love with these new images. (no not biased ! lol).

Now don't forget we are looking for the top three cards  at S n S, and you have to be in it, to win it !!!...
This week we are being sponsered by

Papers... k & co
flowers from stash
image KK
copics, E00, E000, R20, E11,                  B12, B14, B16,                           R81, R83, r85  hair. no idea lol..
a random mix as per the norm,., :)..

Hope you will join in the fun at Sketch n Stash this week... as cannot wait to see what you guys an girls come up with..

big hugz Jackie x

Wednesday 26 January 2011

Look what I found :)

Erm.... a card I done for challenge..... but.... forgot to enter it, and now can't remember what challenge it was anyway.. lol... having a tidy up and up popped Tilda... opps ! so much for trying to get more organised..  But I am trying honest.... (yes..... and I am sure a lot of people with agree to ... me/trying ! LOL)...

Been so busy sorting lists, DT stuff and trying to learn new puter techno stuff , hardly had time to make a card... so just as well I found this one really..   Perhaps I deliberately hid her for a rainy day? ! :).. and by goodness it certainly that outside... great day for ducks !!!

Now... we all know whats coming next don't we :) .... copics... yes.... numbers??? no,  lol..
But looking at the wellie boots and top, I would say... R81, R83, R85, R89.
Skin E00, E000 ,E11 and R20,
Hair E13, E15, E17 and E19...
but no idea on the dress...
Flowers from Wild Orchid,
lace from my good friend Trace.
and I think papers from Papermania..
hey..didn't I do well LOL 
Enjoy rest of day folks.... and will catch up very soon .. hugz J. xxx

ooooh and keep your little eyes peeled ..... cos some exciting news coming up :)   Yes I know, I such a tease lol...

Sunday 23 January 2011

Kenny K Challenge - 29

Hello peeps.. well today brings another new challenge from the Kenny K Krafty Girlz Challenge Blog.... and this week the theme is................................... a sketch !!! Thank you to Bev, I know we all had fun with this one.

I have used Maggie Mayhem, who can be found HERE.   I had printed her out a while back, but not got around to colouring her up... so thought what better time. :)... I do however, wish I had made her a bit bigger, cos my eyes not what they used to be LOL...   Thought would go with the raunchy red and black theme... and.. hey get me... I actually MADE the eyelet embellie... you impressed?  cos I was LOL...  piece of black card, marked it out in intervals... then (attempted)... to cropadile it accordingly LOL...   
I have NO idea where the papers come from, other than my stash box, but did use the swirls CB folder... ok.. so that the easy bit lol..

I think I can safely let you all know my little bit of news here now, before I ORDER you all to take part in this weeks challenge Lol.. ok... we would LOVE to see more entries... and all your fabby cards, and this is a great sketch to follow... so I am counting on you girlz and guys... and why, because... as our lovely Bev has had to stand down as Team Leader of Team A, due to her heavy commitments.. she is such a super star now you know LOL.. (good luck hun, justly deserved)...  I have been asked to take over as Team Leader... gawd help them all.. especially our poor Donna lol..   So ... please... dont let me down.... join in the fun.. dig out your KK images and get creating.. :)...  (or I might be sacked LOL ) ...  Enough of my waffle....
Have a fabby Sunday, and  I look forward to seeing lots of fantastic enteries this week... (be warned... things might not go quite according to plan on the next Team A challenge LOL ).. YEP.. they leaving me in charge... OH DEAR  !!!
big hugz ... Jackie x

Saturday 22 January 2011

Challenge 13 - A Gem of a Challenge

Well its my first card as GD for A Gem of a Challenge, and I have to admit to being very excited about being on the team for the next 3 months.   So thank you for having me :)

This Challenge has been set by  Debby, who is hosting this time around, and she has chosen the theme of RIBBON AND/OR LACE..  this can be the real Mccoy.. or made from punches/die cuts/techno machines.. however you want.. :)  (Can you tell I don't do electrical devices LOL).. they have mind of own.

The challenge is up for 2 weeks until 4th February... I really hope some of my followers/friends will drop by and check out the other DT's cards..all totally fabby girls,  and join in the fun with the challenge

For my card, I have used Ellie & Gingerbread Man, who is in polymer stamps (and on special offer at mo) !!!  and also some of Janet's (Pink Gem) fabby new digi Springtime papers too.... 
Ellie (and how cute is she).... is coloured with copics, pearls, flowers and charm from stash. Lace from Wild Orchid and sentiment by Pink Gem. 

Copics used.  Hair. E19,17,15,13 and 11( and boots and gingerbread man).
                      Skin E00, 000, 11, and R20
                 Clothes G12, 000, 14.  R81,83,85,99

Look forward to seeing all of your wonderful creations....  
and I will be back EXTREMELY soon with another card.. :)..
and maybe a little tiny bit of news... :) ...
Have a fabby weekend all and enjoy your crafting

x hugz J x

Wednesday 19 January 2011

Last dog update ! (for now)

Evening all... (Dixon?) if you know that, you as old as I am lol

As I have received a few messages from friends, re my girlie, Xev, I thought I would put a post on here tonight to let you all know whats occuring. :)

(Promise to TRY and add a card tomorrow)....

We went to vets this evening,a nd.. hurrah... no more lampshade, that means... no more sleepness nights, no more back ache, no more... oh .. sorry Xev.. looking stupid and uncomfortable.. !! lol  Stitches out, all healing/healed  fabby.... dont have to wear lampshade no more.... and.. tomorrow we.. ok Xev, going for a run, no lead walking... but A RUN... being Collie X, she got LOTS of excess energy, and although as good as gold on lead.. she loves a good.. chase the ball game..  so, I am actually looking forward to.. (I didn't say that, did I??) taking her out tomorrow and letting off the lead.. first time in 10 days... and BALL !!!! ..  

Thank you all for your lovely comments and best wishes on my fur baby, and  I am sorry no cards of late, but... hopefully.... I can now get back to them... so many half baked ones on go, just got to remember which for DT's and which for pleasure lol....  hugs J and Xev xx

Monday 17 January 2011

Sketch n Stash Challenge 53

We have a brand new Challenge starting over at Sketch n Stash today, and lots of news too.
I would like to welcome the 4 new DTM's. Angie, Julie, Daniele and Faye, welcome to the team girls, I look forward to working alongside you all...  Make sure you pop over to their blogs and say hi.
Also, the New Year, brings a whole new look to our Challenge Blog... very posh we are now :) lol
and last piece of news is... we have lots of fabby new blinkies to pick up, and we will all be on the look out for the top three cards each challenge.  So lets get on to this challenge... its a nice simple one, so no excuses not to play along, all we ask is you use either brand new or badly neglected piece of stash, and share with us what it is.

We are beiing sponsered by Pollycrafts and Just Some Lines.  I have used the Cloverfairy with Butterfly from Pollycrafts, and she can be found HERE.  I just think this image is adorable.... so thats my new piece of stash :).

Also have used my brand new... ouch that hurt cutting into those.. papers I got for Christmas, I still  need to look to see who they made by.
Copics used... E00 E000 E11, R20 skin.  R81, R83, R85, R89 Dress. R22. R24.R27 Mushrooms.  G82, G12, G94  tights.  C5, C3, C1 tights and mushroom stalks. ... Wings and butterfly R00 and R02 and glamour dust.
Have a fab day all... and have fun with the sketch.  hugs J xx

Saturday 15 January 2011

Update again on doggggg

Well, as I haven't got any cards to show, thought I best do something :)    Reason for no cards.. dog and granddaughter. !
But... am on the case LOL..
Xev doggg, on the mend.. had drain taken out,, and Vet very pleased with healing of stitches.  Go back next Wednesday, to have stitches out.  
In the mean time.. Im trying my best to HIDE the drugs,   Xev 3 ... mum 1... yep she winning paws down. ! keep finding the tabs spat out in various parts of the living room...  tried cheese, tried sausages, tried.. well.. I on verge of shoving down throat now ! lol... but.. she neurotic as best of times, so trying to hold out on that one..  
But. all is well... lampshade off when I about, eyes in bum job, but worth the lack of pain in ear drums... whining. !  Can't possibly 'do' the food or water bowl, with 'hat' on... so would rather starve and dehydrate than attempt either. ! lol.. as said NEUROTIC. !  
Couple of cards half baked.. .. still nothing finished as such.. so please bear with me... I will get there. !  All services should resume to normal as of next week.. (she says ) !
Enjoy rest of weekend.. hugs J x
thank you all for your comments and best wishes of the Xev front.  x

Tuesday 11 January 2011

Update on dog.

Sorry I been awol last couple of days, but Xev, my collie X, had to go into surgery yesterday morning, and its been a testing time, to say the least.

Some of you may remember she had a lump growing under her chin, and what first started out appearing like a golf ball in her throat, looked more like a tenniis ball by the end of it... so had to revisit vets, who advised for it to come out (no surprise there)...  so yesterday she had the lu mp removed, and luckily to say, it was only a fatty tissue lump.. phew, the relief was immense.

She came home at just after 2pm, and  welll .. the antics started there.... firstly, another dog wanted to get friendly.... Xev obsviously still away with the fairies and having a hard enough time staying upright and walking in a straight line (sounds like me after a good night out) ! did not.  ... then trying to get her into the back of a two door car... with a bit of negociating of the lampshade on head, and a lot of persussion, plus a helping hand on the rear end... we got there.... albeit not very pretty looking.  
Some idiot had backed into and parked as left... yep I should have taken his number, but.. head not in right place at that point, (still need to inspect car).

Now, if getting  IN the car was difficult... getting her out was a whole new experience.. cos.... by now, she even more dopey, or stubborn, or just plain playing on it,  there was no way she moving a muscle for the thing on her head to attack her again. .... so trying to remove 18k of dead weight dog (me with a bad back), and manovare out of the back.. was a ' sight for sore eyes.  (now I remember why I have always kept mini yorkshire terriers... !!!)

eventually in house... and more 'nightmares' begun..... she is terrified of the lampshade,(neurotic at best of times)  and try as I might to remove it... it just NOT happening, eyes not brill, and the plastic clips refused to budge.... after half an hour.... and a lot of swearing.. only one of the two clips undone, i had to admit defeat.  So the thing has to stay put. (hoped for a couple of hours without it.. however)

Bedtime...., omg.... wished I had slept on the sofa, cos reckon it would have been easier.... getting her upstairs, (not even going into that) ! just use your imagination !!! lol
All night she trying to get on the bed, then trying to get off the bed, then trying to sleep on top on me, etc etc etc... two needed visits to the garden.... and we have one very very tired Jackie today.. and one totally panick stricken dog.. who is still bleeding from the drains in neck... great !  and walking into everything that doesnt move, or indeed that that does.... It going to be a LONG few days !!!!!

Sorry for long post, but it might explain a little why I will be away from cards and commenting,  for a few more days to come.
Luckily I up to speed with my DT cards, although I desperately wanted to play with my new Pink Gem images, I think thats on hold for a moment...  she too big in lay in craft area at best of times, never mind with a big hat on  lol.  

so from one very bruised, battered, sore, tired, but extremely relieved Jackie   hugs xx
and will defo catch up soon.

PS  Murphys / Sods Law..... youngest daugther used to be vet nurse for years.... and where is she this week????? away on a work meeting for the week, and joy of joys, like I not got enough to worry and contend with.. I got Ruby aged 3 and half for three days too.... OH BLISS !!!!!

now the fun with getting tablets down neck start !!! yep a LONG LONG LONG few days !!!! lol 

Sunday 9 January 2011

Little announcement. :)

I know a few of my friends have been chomping at the bit to find out what I been teasing them with... well I will now reveal :)...

I have been kindly asked by Janet of Pink Gem Designs, to join her fabulous Design Team, as Guest Designer,  at A Gem of a Challenge, for the next three months.... to say I am excited, is a bit of an understatement :)..

I have loved Janet's designs for longer than I can remember, so the chance to play a lot more with them is fabulous... I am really looking forward to joining the team, as from the next challenge (number 13, lucky for some lol), which will start on the 22nd January.

A new challenge started yesterday, which runs for the next two weeks... yes... Gem of a Challenge now runs two weekly :)... I would love to see some of my buddies join in the fun.... so please pop over and take a looksee... as Debby has a brill sketch to follow .I will see you there in two weeks time :)

So.... keep your eyes peeled... as I have some super cute images to play with.. and on that note... I off to do some playing... sorry... designing LOL...

Make sure you scroll down to see this weeks new Kenny K challenge :)... its all go you know lol xxx

Kenny K Challenge

Good Morning peeps,Well today starts a brand new challenge over at Kenny K Krafty Girlz blog, and the theme this week is....  LOVE YOU.  
I have used ' Bench Couple' from Kennys new 'Love' releases, and they can be found Kennys Shop. This one seems to have been a fav with the DT.

We have the pleasure of some of the new DT members joining us this week, and wow... they have certainly showed us why they where picked :)  check out their fabulous work on the Challenge Blog, and make sure you drop by their blogs and check out there brilliant designs. A huge big welcome to you girls.

I have used some brand new papers I was lucky enough to get from a friend for Christmas... beats smellies LOL...and have used some turle from stash.  plus found a little heart button, sprayed it with some tacky glue, and sprinkled glamour dust over the top. image coloured with copics.
I look foward to seeing all your fabby creations this week and hope we get lots of enteries, as do not forget we have some fabby prizes to be given away for the top winners.

We have another two fabulous prizes this week, Kenny K is offering 5 digi’s of the winner’s choice
Kenny K 
Plus Crafty Ribbons is sponsoring us with this wonderful prize
soget creating girls.... :) and be all ready for St. Valentines Day. :)....    I will be back later with a little announcement.... need a cuppa first LOL.. 
hugs Jackie x

Monday 3 January 2011

Sketch and Stash Challenge 52

First card of 2011... for our Challenge over at Sketch and Stash this week,  We have another fabby Sketch to follow and its a nice easy one to start with :)..   We also have all the winners names for challenge 51, if you would like to pop over and see if you have been lucky enough to win a prize.  We had a fabulous response to our last challenge of 2010.. and hopefully this will continue in 2011. 

I have used a Kenny K image, called Metal Babe and she can be found HERE. 

Thought I would have a go at colouring up black hair again, still need more practice LOL.. but must admit to be happier each time.. so hopefully it get it spot on very soon, (it not easy, is it).! lol
I have used papers from stash... and the guitar one is very old, and been lurking at the bottom of the pile for a long time... but as soon as I picked up this image to colour, I knew exactly what paper I wanted to use (doesnt happen like that very often... usually spend more time picking out the papers than anything else).
From memory... I THINK, the copics I used are...
Skin E11,E00, E000 R21.
Hair and trainies  C10, C9, C7, C5 and C2
Clothes  B28, B26, B24, B20
for the guiter I used C3 and glitter gel pen over the top,

(... I did make this last week.. so Im ending the year as I had started it... rofl.. useless.)... But hopefully I will do a better job this year with remembering to note copics used as I go.. New Years resolution... try to be (operative word.. TRY).. a bit more organised. !!!!
Need to shoot off to 'Mums' now.. so will catch up with you all soon... Have a fabby day... and enjoy the last day of your Xmas break...
hugs J x