Friday, 31 October 2008

Blog Candy and Craft room !

Dawn has very kindly put up some blog candy.. in return for piccies of our craft rooms.... (although she hasnt decided what, probably a duster and some furniture polish in my case, if I get pulled out of hat hehe)
so here is my little cubby hole.. (I have actually put piccies of my craft room on before, but thought I would take a few more)...
Feeling much better now I dont look like the Elephant Man anymore, although trip to dentist defo in order on return from my jollies next week.
I havent made many cards over the past week, so I do apologise to all those that pop by to see what Ive been up to. (just havent felt well enough to be honest)... and now Im too busy, doing a weeks housework, packing, sorting out dog sitters, satnavs, route maps etc.... so hope you will all come by again once Ive returned from Last of the Summer Wine country... (if I ever get there in one piece that is) lol.
so... here is the link.. although it does close today, and I am sorry Ive left it soo late, but sure you will all understand ... i not been welll...LOL...
I must admit, I did enjoy taking a peek into everyone elses crafting spots. (and Bev... you always make me feel better, cos I think I got far too much stuff, until I see yours LOL... then I dont feel quite soooo guilty XX

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

not well

Quickie update... wont be doing much today as feel awful.... so sorry fellow bloggers. But face twice size of yesterday, and I didnt think that possible, feeling dreadful and in lots of pain... so am taking it easy today... going for a lie down with hot water botty... and some more painkillers. Just hope the anti bionics start to work soon. Hammer house of horrors today ! lol... catch you all laters... x

Monday, 27 October 2008

Hammy hampster here!

and looking more and more like the Elephant man by the min.... think I got abscess in mouth... and I dont look particularly pretty at the mo... ok... so I dont normally, but at least I got an excuse now ! LOL... One side of face extremely swollen to say the least... and although had toothache yesterday, didnt expect to wake up looking like I do now. ! Awaiting callback from dentist ! HOpefully wont be too long, as not feeling 100% at mo...
In the mean time... Just started doing a bit of blog hopping whilst I waiting for phone call, and come across a lovely blog and also some giveaway blog candy..

Saturday, 25 October 2008


Yes thats right... stork ! lol...
Im calming myself down from a very upsetting morning... :
I made a card yesterday for a customer, requirements... for great grandma... twins .. one of each flavour. (not yet born) so no dates, spent most of yesterday printing, cutting and sticking etc etc.. (not all day on one card ... !! lol)..but long enough... picked out correct ribbons.. went off down stairs, popped back up later picked up ribbons and card, and spent forever getting them placed and curled and stuck just where I wanted them. Asked a friends opinion this morning... and she mentioned that the 'blue'ribbon looked turquoise, but probably cos of light or piccy... i told her it was baby blue... !!! Well the one I had chosen, WAS ! ... however, in my haste and bad light, I actually picked up the wrong one, and didnt notice last night (due to bad light and bad eyes) lol... after she mentioned it and I brought it up today to finish... yep you got it... she was right. Wrong one !!!! so in ... huh hum.... temper.... (sorry, but I did lose it a bit) ... I pulled the ribbon off .. not so carefully... was past caring... and .. needless to say... had to cut everything off thecard and start again. not easy cutting round a storks legs when decoupaged and already on decent card stock ! (or maybe I need yet another pair of new sharp skissors?? ) LOL

So for all my troubles ... here is the óffending'card lol... with new ribbons. well new most stuff.. hehe... thought I would be clever and experiment with text.. (another reason took so long ) ... so ... for all my efforts, I hope the customer likes it !
Stuart has offered up some scrummy candy... check it out.. but you will have to be quick as it finishes tonight.. (and its Sarah Kaye...!)
Olga also has some fabby candy too... and she has some lovely cards, that I think are slightly different to a lot Ive come across lately, I love them.. (6/11)
and another one... at one of my fav blogs... Funky Fairy..

Friday, 24 October 2008

Adoption Card

Back on track today... been a good crafter and done all the boring bit of.... printing inserts and putting inside of cards.. (dont you just hate that bit?) Or is it just me.... ? done about a dozen or so... and then got on with what I wanted to be doing.. somewhat later than intended however..I feel better now I can play rather than 'work'lol...
My lovely neighbours are adopting two little girls... they come to live with them this weekend, so I wanted to make them a card. Was a stumpted at first, but... girls on the Imagenation forum came to my rescue... and ended up a bit spoilt for choice on images, however, this one printed out nicer .. so as couldnt be bothered with fluffing around with Decoupage 2 builder etc... I just printed it out on one sheet 4 times. and done the rest as I went along. I meant to take a piccy of in inside... but .. erm... forgot ! lol... maybe I will do it later.. ! lol I did say maybe... Found a lovely verse, and also added a mini pic of the main image. Even surprised myself I managed to do the latter LOL.
Right onward and upward as they say.... must go and call in at Vals... and pick up my tag.. and do likewise..... Thank you Val x
HOpe you like this card as much as I do.. I think the image is so sweet. Thank you Marji xxx

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Let the side down today!

Sorry peeps.... no new cards... as ... had to go into town for my parcel, and ... got pulled into the craft shop... bought yet more ribbons.. only went to have a look ... honest ! .. lol... then went and done a bit of shopping... less than half price ready cooked hot chickens yum.... (bought two).. lol.. dogs and me happy tonight.. tomorrow,... Saturday lol..
then come home and had a little cat nap.. (very unlike me)... printed off my sheet for an adoption card... which is half cut out at mo... and im afraid thats as close as Ive come to making a card today... but... so not to completely let the side down... I realised I hadnt posted my last challenge card on here,(rocking horse one, which came second) ! so have added that... and a card I made a little while back that I forgot to put on here too, I think this swag of lillies is gorgeous. will be back on form tomorrow.. :) ..
Received my stationery set today from Linda.. and it is gorgeous... so thank you again Linda .. I cant use it... its far too nice... so will just keep looking at it for now LOL...
til tomorrow folkes. xx

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Black , white and a hint of peach.

Good morning everyone..
Wow... I certainly had a few visitors on here yesterday... and some lovely comments, so thank you everyone that visited and also a special thank you to those that left me a comment.. always love reading them. I know its cos you lot are sooo nosey and wanted to see what I won LOL.. and I bet half you didnt scroll down and see the cards I made... cos got side tracked by lots of scrummy candy that is on offer at the moment LOL... (shame on you LOL)... hehe...
Well today.. I cant lock self away in craft room... sob.... as its lunch with 'mother'today... then Slimming World tonight... and if I have only lost half a pound again I will not be happy... Only had one slip up this week.... a double vodka jumped in my glass one night.. (after my √°llowed'quota LOL).. well it was the weekend... :) but apart from that... Ive been sooo good... so fingers crossed.. it might even be a whole pound LOL
Done something a bit different today.... dont usually go in for black and white as such... but was having a play around with a background stamp.. and it came out quite well, (better than expected much to my surprise LOL)... so I added some glitter to it (not that you can see)... then matt and layered it a bit.. obviously used my nesties.. and added some silk flowers... the colours are actually peachy ... not orange although maybe the ribbon is erring on the side of ! lol.. best match I could get.. not sure what you think to this one.. but still its a bit different, and if no one likes it, dont have to do anything similar again , do I ? also made a quick c/bugged xmas card too...
tomorrow I REALLY must do that blasted baby card that is on order, or the twins will be ready to leave school time I get round to it LOL
Have a good day folks... and thank you for visiting...
I have to move myself... as sooo need to go and get my daily fix of blog hopping LOL xx

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Blog Candy

Jennifer is offering some fabby candy... by WOJ, go check it out,
Rach is also offering some lovely candy over at
Good luck everyone, and thank you Jennifer and Rach for putting up this scrummy candy.

OMG... How Lucky Am I ??

First of all I would like to thank Linda at for putting up this fantastic blog candy... and and even bigger thank you to the boys for pulling my name out of the hat.... I am soo thrilled to have won.
You lot are going to be sooo jealous.. lol... it really is gorgeous.
Im soo excited now, cant wait for it to arrive.
so... best add the piccies for you all to drool over lol... Thank you again Linda. xx

Monday, 20 October 2008

Birthday card, for a change

I dragged myself away from the Christmas stash... and had a play with some new prima flowers instead... oh and yet another stamped and coloured image.. I would like to say I used one of the new fandangle paints, ie... prisma?, or distress inks or glimmer somethings or another lol... but.. I didnt.... I used good old 99p paints from woolies (in the kids section)... plus some sparkley paints I was given as a pressie from my good friend Debs, ages ago.. yes, I have the Marvy pens, and sakura ones, but hardly ever use them... seem to fair better with kids ones... what does that tell you !! LOL.. perhaps I should put some sparkelys on my xmas wish list??? hehe...
This was a card my daughter asked me to make for her friend .. with a cat on it ! Ive still not shifted my bum and put new inks in the printer !!.. so.. cheated and stamped and embossed again. Luckily I wasnt asked to put the girls name on the card lol.. or I would be in heaps of trouble.
anyway, thought Id spoil you and add another card.. and maybe go and finish my silk flower one.. desperately needing caffine fix now !!! laters xx
Blog Candy time.

Stamped background

Been playing with my stamps again... will get the hang of this lol. Stamped the card with clear ink pad, and used White Detailed embossing powder,.... then a lovely decoupage sheet from Bev, thanks hun...the sentiment was inked in blue, and clear embossing powder over the top. nesties used.. dont you just love them. !
Now this is wear I might get side tracked... as my new prima flowers have just turned up, you know the ones that just jumped in my basket whilst I was looking at them for a friend !!!! ... and I know I should be making Christmas cards.... and I also know I have a clear desk !! hehe.... so nothing xmassy on there at all !!! so ... do i play with flowers.. or do I crack on with the xmas ones !!! oh never mind the baby card I need to make... oh and a birthday card with cats ! ... flowers and cats.. now would they go together? lol.
well either way... best get a wriggle on... and do something ! or day be gone again and I wont have moved from the computer ! Hope everyone has a good day.... :)

Sunday, 19 October 2008

On a roll

Good morning everyone... I would like to thank everyone that takes the time to visit my little corner of blogland and also for leaving such lovely warms the cockles of me heart so it does, lol its also so nice to see that not only have I got my 'normal'followers popping by (I use the word normal loosley LOL)... but that a few new faces have appeared from various places around the world, how nice is that.. I feel quite honoured that time as been taken to drop by. I always try to visit people blogs that leave a comment (plus ones I already go to regularly anyway)... my list is getting longer and longer of peeps to visit.. lol.. soon I will be needing to go blog hoppping in my sleep so that I dont miss anything. lol
Luckily I still have two cards left to show you, ... phew... glad I held back hehe, or I would be cardless today... and now that Im on a roll with daily cards I didnt want to let the side down... (plus Karen said I couldnt do it)... not sure how long I can keep it up... but im trying my best.... so for today... a stamp of a church I bought last year, which has been water coloured, and the other card is a topper I made from a 12 x 12 sheet... (they have not photographed very well due to bad lighting and me being impatient).. the colours are much richer in real life,
Im just waiting for my new prima flowers to turn up so I can do another card similar to a few days ago, I still love that little card.. I blame a certain friend for my purchases of more flowers... you know who you are !!! lol... asking me where did I get them from... and encourging me to go drool over them again... and then they jumped in the basket before I could do a thing..and I know they will be here tomorrow, cos I ordered them from Cuddly buddly,.. who are super fast on delivery... and I cant wait to get my mitts on them...
right enough waffling... im sure you only here to see what wonderful creations I have come up with today ROFLMAO... well ok... see what I made lol... so before I bore you all to sleep.... :) Hope you like xx

also... just found some blog candy.. on my blog hopping travels. I sooo need a sarah kay stamp... and I love this one... its on my wish list, so even if not lucky enough to win this... i HAVE to have it soon... there are some fabby cards on here too.. hope you pop over to take a look.
another one to check out.
and some more, beautiful little box with goodies..
and this lovely lady has put up a JS voucher, not only am I pleased to find such lovely candy, but I have also found some fantastic blogs on my hopping, (such generous bloggers.)

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Card of the day !

What a busy day Ive had... two cards and another half done.. then daughter turned up... so... like a fool, I tidied up my craft room, well I had to, as she wouldnt have got in there otherwise. ! lol.... and I think I tidied away my mojo at the same time.. although not too sure which drawer I put it in... why do I work better in chaos? The ideas were flowing.. quicker than the hands could keep up....even stamped up my own backgrounds... now thats very adventurous for me ! lol... (this is a fav of mine over the past few days.... I really love this card).. When daughter went, after spending a lovely afternoon on her scrapbooks... I attempted to 'get going'on another card... but.. sat there looking at an empty desk for more than enough time.. so gave up.. maybe tomorrow a better day and my creativity will return.. or be unearthed from whichever space I put it into ! lol
so for today.. I will add my fav card of the week... (so far LOL)..

Friday, 17 October 2008

blog candy and new card

Morning... well the sun might be shining... but its in disguise, its blooming nippy out there this morning.. know where I will be most of today !! curled up in my craft room in the warm.
Martine has some fab candy up for grabs, and a lovely blog... do pop along and check
it out, you will have to be quick thou on this one, as it ends tomorrow,
such a generous load of bloggers... somemore lovely candy.

for todays card, once again, using the papers from this months Making cards mag...hope you like it...
well this wont do... things to do... cards to make etc... might pop back later and try and add another card... will have to see how the mojo fares today.. due to lack of sleep... brain not fully awake and working yet... (yes I do know what the time is)... hehe.. however, body still thinks its about 4am !! .. hey by lunch time I might have woken up ... :)

Thursday, 16 October 2008

todays make

made another couple of cards today and a half lol.... layout sorted, but due to a blind, deaf, lost in space yorkshire terrier, I never got to finish it off... as up and down the stairs all day ... run out of time, .............. light .......................................and breath ! oh and patience ! LOL
so will put one on today, and you can wait for the others tomorrow lol...

Have booked my b and b today for my little jaunt up north beginning of next month... Im off to see... no, not the wizard... but my good friend Karen J for a couple of days, test out the local water, try out the local craft shops, and .... I know I shouldnt say this, being that Im back at Slimming world.. lol, but... well got to see if the currys up there are better than dan saff. ! lol and hey if I really like it... might stay hehe.
then off to visit my eldest daughter and two grandsons.. little angels !!! :) (not)... but im sure they will at least try to behave.. well for all of about 5 minutes. lol... spending a couple of days with them, then return to Kent... now thats the plan. NOw.... the thing is.... 1) can I fit a surf board in the back of the car (no.. I not going surfing.. dont be silly.... even I know Huddersfield not got beach ! ...) If anyone used to watch 3 of A Kind sitcom, you will know what i meean !!!! 2) Just how reliable is Norman?????? (Navman) 3) HOw long will a 4 and half hour journey take me? and 4)... Karen please have a very large glass of something very alcoholic ready for me, when I finally get there !!!!

a couple more

see Karen, another two cards, how good am I?? lol... these two were me just playing around with glitters and bits.... nothing special on these two... but.. so not to let the side down lol.... ive added them...
these where made on not such a good day, not up to my normal standard I dont feel, and im not too sure if im entirely happy with them... however saying that, i showed a friend, and she wants to buy the baubles one.. ! lol... so just goes to show we dont all like the same thing ! ...
hopefully be having a play in my craft room later and might come up with a masterpiece, then again... i might not lol.... watch this space, just incase i have a moment of genius ! LOL

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

a little beauty

well I think so ... lol.. absolutly thrilled with this one... only started off with the middle bit of the stocking card, that i had left over... and it sort of grew from there... what do you think? I know I will be making a few more like this.. (well similar) lol as I never do two cards the same... life would just be too boring lol.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

as promised or threatened LOL

put this one together today.. but unfortunately taken piccy in bad light, and it is actually decoupaged on the xmas stockings. Thanks Nikky for a lovely sheet.

Card for today

another one of my xmas bakes... sorry makes LOL... Just using up some PB stickers I had found and those double sided peeloffs sticky things... hence the glitter... yep craft room, me and dogs all covered by end of this card... it really does get everywhere doesnt it!. shouldnt be sat here right now... as just got all my paints ouit and some stamps... to go and have a play... I so need some decent xmas stamps... Im liking the WOJ ones... just so scrummy... they on my wish list... i just wish someone would order some for me ! LOL.. think I might have to go tap up some good friends for some images !!!!! yoooo hooo Bev! LOL.. right back to the .... well I cant say grind stone can I ..... playing for afternoon... so... my little craft nest is awaiting my presence.... will catch you all later.. and if you really really good... might even stick another card on later.. well, Ive got to show willing once in a while lol... take care folks and thanks for visiting... would also like to thank everyone for all their lovely comments, its always such a pleasure to read them, and I do really appreciate it. .... x

and even more candy

Donalda is offering up a lovely stamp as blog candy on her blog... go check it out...

and some more... more scummy goodies ..

Monday, 13 October 2008

more blog candy

some fab candy here girls... and a fab blog.. love them teddies and clean lines of the cards.... check it out. J x

thought best add a card

Made a start on my xmas cards... will add one daily... keep you coming back wont it ! or not LOL