Sunday, 24 May 2009

Another few days gone whoosh

Well I certainly dont know where the past few days have gone, again.. beginning to wonder if I got time for this blogging.. I actually made this card last week at some point, and was convinced I had shared it with you all.... .. totally losing the plot nowdays.. too much going on me thinks. I have had a bit of a special thing I have had to do this week... but cant share yet... but stay tuned.. especially around 7th June !!!!! :) .
As for the family... its been pretty hectic to say the least.. son and dil returned from France, with samples of... extremely nice wines. !":) hic... and for the first time in life I actually tasted a Red that I liked... (as well as rather a lot of white and a rose LOL). Detox next week... as they return home to Africa..sob.. but spose one outcome of that will be that I will hopefully have some time on my hands to blog daily like I used too. and that includes adding a card most days, instead of once a week lol. Honestly the time has flown by since they arrived, and I shall be so sad to see them leave.. as not know when I will see them both again, hopefully some time next year, but could be the year after... who knows ! ...
Well this little beauty is one of the Gorjuss girls, I just love these images/stamps. Right Im off to test the latest bottle of Pink stuff........ lol.... label looks good anyway... :)
Enjoy you rbank holiday.. and hope to see you all again very soon... although I think this next week is going to be flat out with entertaining the troops. !!! x

ps oh my giddy aunt.... just scrolling down to double double check I hadnt posted this card.. lol... and spotted the Blog counter.... sniff sob cry... I used to hover around 30 - 50 ish.... now... can tell I be awol..220 !!!! gee... think I best get a wriggle on soon as 'kids'gone, or I will be lost in space... and off the chart... oooh .... think I need a drink now to steady my nerves... that such a shock, just goes to show, it dont take much to lose your spot !!!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Who pinched a week?

Cannot beleive I havent visited my blog for a week... but there has been a VERY good reason.. but you will all have to wait a while to find out why and what... well you do know how much I like to tease you peeps. I do apologise for being a bad blogger.. and hopefully should be back on track now. Son and DIL returning home tonight, but they away again tomorrow for the weekend, so will be able to catch up on some bits and start sharing with you all again, gosh I feel awful neglecting my blog so badly...
This is a card I have made for the school, as it nearing the end of term, there will be some teachers leaving etc... so.. was asked to do half a dozen cards.... womens ones, Ive already shown you, and now working on the chappies.... gosh they a pain.. in more ways than one lol... so .. this is one of them. Thank you Nikky for the image (yes it is deco'd.. even the hands ...grrrr lol)

Friday, 15 May 2009

Not a Card

Thought it about time I got on and done Rubys room plaque before she leaves home LOL... just waiting for things to dry, and will add a tad more sparkle for her, few little gems on the letters if can find some small enough.. (i know I got some somewhere lol).
busy doing all sorts of other projects at mo, but will defo be back with some more later.. got too many half done things on go .. need to finish them all off and get them on blog .
time to put the kettle on I think and take 5 mins out... its exhausting all this crafting :)

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Debbies Candy

To celebrate her birthday Debbie is putting up some fabby candy... take a gander x (ends 23/5)

Another Retirement card

Can you see a theme here.. lol.... sok Ive not made them all lilac,, trust me. Today I really must do some men cards as well, as I know they have male teachers leaving also, got one or two ideas, thats about it mind, one or two LOL... Mens cards just dont get any easier do they! ?
Going to be short and sweet with todays posting... as things to do, places to go (craft room) lol...
hope you all have a fabby day, and I will be back tomorrow... take care x

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Happy Retirement

Was asked to supply half a dozen or so... cards for the school, (where I sell a few cards now and then).... for end of term, retirement and leaving cards.... so... I tried hardest to stay away from my usual cards, as put a few of those in the box, with blank inserts in. so... going back to óld school"no pun intended... I decoupaged a few images and tried to not OVERDO it... gosh was that hard, I so wanted to add more papers, more flowers and more.. well everything really lol
so this is what i come up with... will add more tomorrow etc...
Im still waiting to see who Pink Gem take on as their new DT,. the suspense is killing me LOL.. yeah well, those that know me, know I dont do waiting ! lol...
oooh and... Im actually going out on Sunday.. theres a surprise.... Im going to see Rydian... yeah I know.. saddo lol.. but daughter got me two tickets for xmas pressie, she was SOOOOO hoping I would find a friend that wanted to go with me... erm no... lol... so she coming too.. much to her dismay LOL.. that will teach her n ot to buy me craft goodies LOL.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Nice and simple...ish

The reason I saying simple is cos I only used one backing paper, and minimum embellies, as the backingpaper so busy, I didnt think this card needed anything else, I liked it just the way it was, not put a sentiment on it, as leaving blank inside. ... have three half baked cards on the go, so hopefully tomorrow I will put at least one on here.. not my normal stuff, but wanted to prove to self can still do different... lol.. ... but as I said they are only half done at mo, so anything can happen yet. LOL... hope you all had a brill day, and I will be back tomorrow with something else.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Blog Candy time

From the Cats Whiskers, ........ Jacqui is giving away some super candy... she has a fab blog so check that out too !! .. lovely cards. Thank you Jacqui for chance of winning blog candy.
Ends 15/5

Saturday, 9 May 2009

New JS papers yummy

Got a beautiful pad of papers from JS, couldnt wait to use them, so the main backing sheet is from the pad, rest from stash, found this little tilda in my box of stamped up images.. and oooh where did those spotty flowers come from I wonder ??? the things that fall into a basket when you not looking... LOL
Pink Gem Designs are looking for a new DT member, if anyone wants to take a look, and omgoodness she has some FABULOUS stamps .... check out the baby ones... .I SOOO need those.. lol Had this blog on my side bar link for as long as can remember, but not popped by for a while.. so glad I have now.... well maybe not actually, cos thats even more stamps to go on my wish list now.... LOL..
Right Im away to my craft room to make some more mess... will catch up with you later.. have a good day.. xx

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Gosh is it Thursday already?

Never mind losing o ne day last week, think Ive lost 3 this week. This getting to be a bit of a worry lol... getting very careless in my old age.. LOL.. Seem to be busy... but got nowt to show for it.. think it cos I keep getting visitors ! thats my excuse and I sticking to it.
Anyway... Got some lovely JS papers in the post today...couldnt resist as bargain... and im a sucker for pretty papers, as you may have guessed... I also bought a new Koi water brush... it sort of fell in the basket.. as these things do. Ive got other water brushes, of the cheaper variety, which I use ALL the time.. but never put water in them, cos they leak... hence invest in a good brush... On the good side... its a lovely brush to use, and as JS herself says.... they dont leak and you do get just the right amount of water on.. really lovely to paint with... on the bad side... I bought the medium (as this the one I use all time out of my other packet, but it is very fine in comparrison, so now I need the thicker one !! lol).... and I cannot blend with it, as too damp... im sure thats just me being kack handed thou... so for the blending i still resort back to my old faithful. NOw Ive bored the pants of you all.... I will add a card I threw together last night, and I mean threw... Image already painted, had papers out already and fancied a complete change of shape of card... have to try these things now and again.. This looks a bit half baked at mo, and thats because it is lol... need to add a few more bits and bobs to it, but wanted to add something to blog before you all get totally bored . I will add a finished card tomorrow using the new papers i bought.. lol..
hope you all having a brill day...

Monday, 4 May 2009

Me Devil child... nannie says ..

Hello peeps,
Nannie not happy... she saying I got three sixes on head.... not know what mean, me cant see nuffink on head... scept felt tip pen that missed the paper...
I wanted to come see my Nannie today, well actually see if she had any biskits left in cupboard but for some reason me screaming not make her listen... not understand ! Mummy tried talking to Nannie today... but me wanted alll the attention... I watch Peppa Pig ... twice.. and palyed with Barney lots of times, but I still bored.... oh oh .. I sooo forgot to tell you all.. I got new babysitter now... she my bestest ever friend... when I stayed at nannies to sleep the other night... when Nannie put me to bed.... (she left televison on for me, but dont tell mummy)... and she made sure I not fall out of big bed.... and.. she left me new babysitter.... she very warm, and very snuggly and when Nannie asked her to go downstairs .. she done what I do... she not listen... she stayed put on bed... me love my babysitter... nannie tried lots of times to get her come downstairs... but she not leave me... she must have known I not have my special blankie, or my bottle of milk (just dont taste same in a cup)... and me not have my Iggle piggle either... so... Xev slept next to me allllll night.. I love her, but she got cold wet nose, and kept sticking it on me... think it to let me know she still there.. :)... in morning, Nannie tried to get her off bed again, naughty nannie,... nannie went downstairs to have a smokey stick and a coffee in peace.. me and xev had lie in... (just to give Nannie some peace and quiet you understand)... cos she gets EVER so grumpy otherwise. she say she not do mornings.. think she got s ticky thingy on fridge saying that too... :).. so... anyways... xev not go downstairs either, maybe she 'cared of Nannie too ... but when I woked up... Xev jumped off bed and Nannie heard her and come up and got me.. I asked for juiice, choclate, milk, porridge, biskits, chrips, .. just got porridge.. how unfair is that.? anyways... me liked sleeping in Nannies bed cos i got all room to lay wrong way round hehehe.. dont think Nannie got much room between me and Xev.. I have to go now... til next time.. xxxxxxxx Ruby T. xx

last of the animals...

Last of new stamps, and although the image took minutes to paint, the rest of the card seemed to take forever, why? cos I stupidly opted to do an a5 card, been so long since I done one that size, think I should have stuck to 7 x 5 or 6"square (and Lynn if you reading this.... sorry its not metric) lol promise to try harder hehe. Made for a very very good friend of mine, my second Mam.... (they keep 'adopting ' me lol.... and why Mam and not Mum, cos she comes from Sheffield. :) I will DEFO be back later with a little diary entry from..... darling little Ruby T. grrrrr... I need a drink first ! to get the creative juices flowing ... no... to calm my nerves !

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Bunnies in pots :)

Should have named this one Hoppy Birthday lol... (was tempted to put on as a sentiment, maybe next time).
another new stamp by PB. Once again will have a go at decoíng it up at some point. Didnt make this one too fussy. Dont actually think heart in cards today, but wanted to test the stamp out. Feels like I lost a day somewhere... keep thinking its Saturday!
Will try to put a story u p from Ruby later :)

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Micies in pots (Secret Crafter Saturday Challenge)

How cute is this image.... Penny Black stamp... was going to deco it up, but got impatient lol had this a little while and been dying to get stuck into it, but obviously been a bit busy... so finally got to play today, albeit briefly, but just enough time to put a card together.. got two more new stamps not used yet as well, both PB... so keep eyes open next few days... Also putting this one in for the Secret Crafter Saturday Challenge.
Got a little house guest again tonight, but she was far too tired to write to you all... so she said maybe tomorrow :) .. (Yes Ruby T)...

Friday, 1 May 2009


As Im not going to be about much the next few days/weeks... ! Due to Son and DIL arriving from Pemba, Tanzania... I have been having a bit of a sort out, and thought I would put up some blog candy........ I was going to do this at 20,000 but that passed quicker than I thought.. lol... so..
a few bits and pieces......... please leave a comment and link to this blog.. and pass the word.... if you havent got a blog, leave a comment.. and if you win I will shout you x
I will get Son or DIL to pull a number out of the hat on.......... 1st May... before they set off for France for a couple of week, (before returning to Uk before they go back to Pemba)......... so ready set go........... ( I will add a few more bits and pieces as I go) GOOD LUCK.

winner will be drawn later today.

Results of the draw ........... I asked my son Matt to pull a number out of the hat... (well ok... a box) lol... and the number he picked out was...


please send me details of addy etc...and I will get these in the post to you as soon as possible.
thank you everyone for leaving comments etc.
Normal service will resume tomorrow as will be be myself again for a few weeks, so plenty cardmaking I hope. J x

Had to share this

Just to show you all what a beautiful granddaughter I have.... this is Ruby Tyler aged 2 ...
I just loved this photo in black and white.. what a little cutie.. :)