Friday, 30 January 2009

Something different

Something different today... its not a Sarah Kay, its not a Tilda.. lol.. but (as been told, still has the Jackie look to it) lol
Im not entirely happy with my colouring on this one, (of the stamped image)... so I will defo have to practice a bit more I think LOL... mind you the first and one and only time I used this stamp (about a year ago) I binned it, so have improved a bit.. So would appreciate your comments on this one ! or will be sticking with little people stamps lol
Well back still not recovered from Monday, not that I expected it too, and need to do some h.......k today.. grrr... swearing that is.... know what I would rather be doing. !
Lapashe truck delayed hehe... so few more days grace for me.. Not sure what I will be playing with later, but as got a room full of pretty things, Im sure I will find something.:) catch you all later, really must dash,.. as running late.. as ever . Have a good day all x

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Tilda and butterflies

Finally finished.... two painted images later... all colours of rainbow papers out, filling entire room... plus what looks like a raid on a haberdashry ! So much for pick paper and paint image accordingly ! This card started out as a blue and brown Sarah Kaye... dont ask.. lol...
However, although not what I started out to do, still pleased with end result, and found some lovely papers on my travels (again) lol. Will be back later to finish that award thingy.. Now need to take dogs for walk as the bigger one is climbing walls and playing chuck the biscuit in the air and kill it on landing, game.. she making her own entertainment until I get my coat out !!! LOL.. Then big race on who can get to front door first.. needless to say she is always first.. with myself and old girlie taking our time, well we tried rushing but it just doesnt happen at our age.. she may be 107 but I sure still feel it at mo LOL.. (ok so she is usually in second place in the 'race'but I didnt like to admit Im always last ! :)

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

An Award :)

OOOh I won an award... Thank you Craftyanny (
for passing this onto me... I will have a little think and pass this onto fellow bloggers of my choice later. Thank you so much... made my day that has. :)
The rules are...
The Lemonade Award is given by a previous winner to 5 people who have shown a great attitude or gratitude this week. Isn't this a nice way to show other bloggers how much you appreciate their work! So here's what you need to do now.

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 5 blogs, which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude! Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
3. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
4. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

Right must make a move... a slow one at that lol... and get ready for my good friend to arrive, or will scare the life out of her... as will be greeting her at the door lookinglike Wurzel Gummidge... :) Will hopefully add a card later today... if we get round to making any in admist all the chatting LOL
I would like to pass this onto Bev As her work always inspires me and Im grateful that she shares her wonderful cards with us.
Jak at once again a blog I always pop in on... and the fact you have decided to 'give up'... good luck with that. !!! will add other three in a bit.. half way through doing a card brb lol Got to give this award to Kath, as she ALWAYS makes me laugh with her daily tales, one very funny lady... bless you Kath, and her cards are amazing too.
Val for you as well, as you are always popping by to leave comments, and I always appreciate that.. once again.. brill cards ..
and lastly...... but by no means least.. Louise Emma, once again, someone that always pops by to leave a comment..
lovely cards to Lou,. So thats my bit done.. except go and let all the lovely ladies above know.... Thank you all for what you give to others... xx

Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Wont be on here long... well not in one go... Went a bit mad yesterday, defrosting mothers freezer, and doing a bit of spring cleaning .... but the freezer had been turned up to max, (accidentally)... and it took me 4 hours to sort it... unfortunately,... and my back didnt take to kindly to it at all.. Im in agony today, stiff as a board and ache like mad... but apart from that ! lol... and not being able to sit on puter chair or craft chair for long... (back to my sofa in a min)... will add a Tilda card I done last week, but didnt get round to adding to blog, so, will add it now, also tried to keep this one to a minimum, as I have been going a bit... overboard with flowers and such, but now, looking at it, it seems too bare lol, and yes you have seen the papers before lol... this was pre sort out of top of printer, (paper junkyard if in working progress)... well... no room left on table to put as I do like to spread it out... hehe... hope you all have a good day... need to get off this hard chair now (and thats with a cushion)... think a proper computer chair in need.... !!! catch you in a day or so x if I can get out of bed tomorrow that is lol

Monday, 26 January 2009

Just for a change....

Daughter wanted a card for her good friend who loves Retreivers.... I really did try not to use flowers .. honest I did ! but what started out is not how the card finished ! lol.. how many times does that happen ! LOTS ... but I was pleased with result , and so was daughter.
All inserts done for all the SK cards I have been making of late... grandsons cards done and in envies !!! ... lol.. no pics ! opps.. just got TOO much going on at mo... cant remember everything lol... Now to see if the two fishes and five loaves works in this house, me thinks not somehow,.... but ... about 8 or so square cards.... and about 2 square envies !!!! say no more. ! Gary.. hurry up and stock the shop will you... ! :) please !

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Gone Sarah Kay mad .... !

One of my purchases from the Craft Barn day out...
Dug out my Watercolour pad too, not used it since I got it about 18 months ago !!!! .. hey.. its brill... wish now had tried it sooner, only one setback its not an ultra white.. like the linen card stock I use.. so stamped the sentiment on it as well... heat embosses lovely .. wasnt too sure what the outcome would be, but.. well try anything once lol had the fire extinguisher near to hand just incase :) and the broom handle... (for smoke alarm). but all went well... didnt have to 'run'(not that I do running)... down stairs as if on fire drill... Will defo be using this a lot more in future. Had a play with some paperflowers too.. thought would make a bit of change from using Prima flowers and the like.. reckon I could have pushed this card to A5 size quite easily... as this rate if I dont buy some square envies soon... thats what I will be doing.. at mo Im still playing around with 7 x 5". (cos got tons of those envies lol).
Grandsons birthday soon.... So think I best plough on with that today... wonder if he would like Tilda or Sarah Kay? lol. Not quite Ben10 is it ! ...

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Pink and Brown

No scraps this time.. LOL... (oh.. only one).. but I did force myself, and it hurt... to take two brand new sheets out of my 'just for looking at'box... I already had this image stamped up from my Xmas stamps... so thought I would use this one, hopefully do another new one today from my latest purchases.
Noticed the corners on Bevs blog, now Im not sure if you can get a little machine to do the hard work... lol... but I sat and played for ages making them up myself... just to try something different... seem to have rather a lot of little corners left over now.. due to slight mis calculations hehe...
I have decided I defo need some new inks... as never got the right colour I need there either... how does that work, I can understand it with the inks, as dont have that many... but still trying to work out the ribbon status LOL...
anyway here we go... Im off to look to see if there is a challenge I fancy having a bash at... Have a good day all x

Friday, 23 January 2009

New Sarah Kay Stamp - lovely

Photography poop ! lol... (Its not as 'shiney'as it looks on here) I love this image, (also entered this into this week PTWC,) but then I love ALL the Sarah Kay images LOL.. also, got some new flowers... tut tut ... then wished I hadnt as silly me not realise the Oil peeps not taken money out of bank ! opppppps. !!! HOwever I digress lol....
Really enjoyed making this... with a lot of blaspheming on the lack of sticky onto glitter card... yes.. before you all say it... I DID score away the glitter... humph... blooming stuff.. dog now covered in pink shiny stuff.. ended up resorting to silicone spread out !! lol.. where theres a will...
anyway without further ado.... and me rambling... will add piccy..
Im making the most of ''me'' time before I get a truck load of LaPashe stuff arrive :)

oh BTW.. do I have to do a recipe thingy at end of post, (now I on DT) ? to let you know how I made the card up? cos I notice all the best peeps do... LOL.... In which case.. here we go ROFL. !

3 co cordinating scrap pieces of paper taken from out of blue and pink drawers.. 2 flowers made up of various bits from 2 upturned coffee jars h olding pink and blue flower parts... bit of swearing cos raining and dark and Im colour blind... so matching not easy... size, denominated by fact run out of square envies, image painted with kids 99p paints and some glimmer things I got from the Range (I think) ! ribbon from various stash of 1000 ribbons none ever the size or shade that you want together at one given time.... cuttlebug used and abused. Chalks and various inks used to colour match... with a bit more swearing. :)

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Flippin'Men !! LaPashe

Jak is offering some super duper candy..... 20 sheets of La Pashe Flippin'Men decoupage.... !!! yes you did read that correctly..... 20 sheets!! ..... now there is something not to be missed.... so what you waiting for???? click and go.... lol..... good luck to you all.... as someone is going to be SOOOOO lucky....

New Tilda

Didnt get quite as far as hoped today... as been a bit stiff from uncomfy chair yesterday (Craft Playday).. so had to do in stops and starts.. however, got there in the end... just using up some scraps of paper that I should have filed lol... and it just so happens I had already painted this image in blues and browns anyway.. trouble is... the card I also finished off (only needed a sentiment added)... is using the same papers nigh on lol.... however... Ive now had a tidy up and got my Sarah Kay stamps at the ready for tomorrow... hoping to get stuck in nice and early and get a bit further on than I did today.. think I might sit and cut some deco out tonight whilst put my feet up on the sofa for a change.. not done any deco for a while... so will make a bit of a change... and I cant sit doing nothing ! lol...


LaPashe have acquired a new Design Team Member, little old me :) If you havent heard of them and the fabulous products that they have on the market ... and I dont believe for one minute you wont have heard of the Remember When Series, or Flippin Men... then you must go and check them out... !
I feel very proud to be asked to join the Team... so thank you Jak. (probably be more hinderance than help mind , lol)
I am very sure that you will soon be seeing the cards on my blog that are made from these fabby products.
In the meantime... whilst I still have 'my time'... Im off for a cuppa and a lie down.. well, im still in shock lol... then will finish off my latest Tilda card and add later..
oooh almost forgot.... I was MADE to purchase some more Sarah Kay stamps yesterday... they were forced into my basket :) so hopefully... will be adding those too very soon... on that note, not going to get anything done sat here chatting am I ! lol...
From one very happy little bunny... catch you all later folks and have a good day :)

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Its still middle of the night !

Well it feels like that, cos some stupid person set the alarm for 5.20... instead of 6.30.. (and even thats FAR too early for me).. but off to the Craft Barn today, for a day with the girlys, and some crafting, if I can stay awake that is. Should be a good day all in all, as meeting up with fellow forum members of Imag-e-nation, many of whom I have made such good friends with other the years, and we certainly do have a fab time when we manage to meet up.. so apart from being half a sleep at mo.. I hope I come to life a bit before I have to get the car on the road !! Was sooo tempted to go back to bed for another hour or so.. but think I might have thrown the alarm clock out of the window if it 'spoke'to me again... I dont do mornings... and even less anything before 8am. grr.. Must remember to take glasses next time I intend to set the clock. ! Personally I think the gremlins have moved from out of the puter and onto the clock.!
Have a card all ready to add later... just needs a sentiment plonked on it... yep thats the way im feeling at mo... im sure by the time I get around to doing it.. it will be lovingly placed on the card LOL.
Still waiting for the 'Boss' to spill the beans !! But within the next few days... there might be an additional logo going on my sidebar.. :) Dont you just love a mystery? lol
or... I might just let you all know tonight when I get back from my day of playing..
have a good day everyone... and if Im sat with matchsticks later they wont be for crafting of any discription, or to light up another ciggie.. (yes I know... bad person)... but to keep my eyelids open ! :)

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Jack to Jack

More blog candy up for grabs.,.,.,some lovely dragonfly charms.... but hurry it... it finishes Sunday !!!

Ps... hey, how lucky was I !! got 10 little dragonflies 'winging'their way to me... :) thank you Jackie

Spots and dots

Thats the theme for this weeks PBSC..... So here is my entry for this week... Hope it fits the bill, I think it does...
(So much for playing with my new Magnolia stamps LOL, but there is always tomorrow )...

Sarah Kay Card

Been playing again with my new stamps... I do love these Sarah Kay ones.... But am going to force myself to do a Tilda today lol.... as not done any of those for ages, and as my DD gave me 3 new ones for Christmas... I really must use them, or I will be in big heap of trouble.. LOL... Also got this weeks PBWC one to do... which is spotty or dotty... Im sure I will have something that fits the bill... just a matter of finding it.. !
Oh best go check whos birthdays are coming up too... seem to have quite a few in the near future so two birds one stone etc.. Will catch you all later... if I can drag myself out of my craft room... :)

Friday, 16 January 2009

Card for today

Still being good and beginning to use some of my 'just for looking at'papers lol Going to go on the hunt later for some sketches, as without even realising at the time, I seem to be using the same layout a lot of late... So think a bit more blog hopping is in need lol... trouble is I get sooo easily sidetracked, looking at all the lovely cards people are making, blog candy, funny stories etc etc... and before I know it, my eyelids are drooping, its way past my bedtime, and Im still none the wiser in finding what I had set out to find 4 hours earlier. ! So maybe if I start now, by midnight, I might actually achieve it this time..... says I !!! lol
Have got some special news, but cant tell you yet.. hehe.. so you will have to come back next week when I spill the beans. not sure why the ribbon looks so green compared to the flowers, cos they match lol... little gremlins again... same with the brown flowers, they actually match the backing.... either that or I need new googles !

Blog Candy time

We have such generous ladies in blog land.... they are giving away some fabby candy... but you best be quick... cos I should have done this days ago.. sorry... but with one thing and another, you know what its like....
so our lovely Bev is giving away a mountain of the stuff... and its gorgeous... I SO want it.. lol... (Ended)
Also Julie... celebrating a mammoth amount of hits (22nd Jan)
and Lulu (28th Jan)
Kim is also giving some super candy away.. (31st Jan)
Well I think that lot should keep you all going for a while.. Good luck to all... and enjoy looking at some fantastic blogs and cards too... I do SO love blog hopping... .. right.. Now I really must go and make some cards ... catch you all later

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Round 2

Ok... so I re read the destructions... and this time I got it right ! I think ! My entry for both challenges. !

Good Morning

Hi everyone, oh its been a busy few days... but I think I have finally got a day to myself... and will be off up in my little craft room in a bit.. to redo a challenge card... hehe... I sort of made a bit of an error... I read the instructions for both the PBSC and also for the PTWC.. went off upstairs to do the cards.... completed one, come back down to take a photo and add a link etc... only to realise I had.. put the two challenges together ... der... One should have been pink and brown with a PB image.... and the other was a sketch.... what did I do... the sketch in pink and brown .. with a deco in the middle... so not quite how it should have been.. that will teach me to try and multi task lol.
However, its made a n ice card nethertheless Had I have stuck a BP image in I would have got away with it on both counts. oh well. So today back to drawing board. LOL

Still no sign of the oilman... getting a tad worried now... have turned everything down a bit and walking round like a little eskimo some of the time, but I so worried it will totally run out and muck up the boiler, Im taking no chances.
Specially as Monday I went to drive car and it dead...totally flat lined... Got the mechanic out, and he used the old jump leads and hey presto.. life in the old girl... the car that is not me.. :)... took her up to garage to check it out.. and this little light appeared... soo whilst the garage man is very nicely telling me I might need a new battery, I very quietly said... would a little red light on the dash make my car die??? what little red light is that then? the one that tells me I have left the boot open a tad ! oh yes.. that would do it.. lol... now when I leave my lights on and try to get out of car... it beeps at me... so no chance of it happening, but when you get your shopping out of boot then lock up car... no beep and as not in car.. no little lights to tell you.... so lesson learnt... double check boot is firmly shut in future ! lol I did feel a bit stupid, but .. whats new. :).. at least it not cost me an arm and a leg anyway... and all is well now after a nice drive to charge it back up.
Right... card.... mix and match .. hehe... will add that, and say have a great day folks.
and hopefully will get myself back on form and start adding a few more cards now. Just dont know where the days go.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

A card ! finally

Well finally I can do what I meant to be doing, and add a card... or two lol... back to normality... well as normal as I get... its sooo nice to have my little blog back again.. (how sad is that) !
You just dont realise how much you going to miss something, till its gone.. !
These are a couple of cards I made, with two of the new stamps my daughter very kindly bought me for christmas.. by Sarah Kay.. Really must get myself back to my craft room now all has been restored on computer, and play with the other stamps.... got 6 new to play with so a lot of catching up to do..
Dont think I will be v enturing very far today, as its reading -4 deg outside !!! ... thermals and thick socks needed .. .and thats indoor lol..
Im hoping and praying my oil delivery comes before the oil runs out... as the 'sentry'is flashing away like a goodun in my kitchen... and I dont like to see it reading 1 !!!! ... bit scary.. will have to go have a read up and see how much oil I have actually got in tank.. I think I should be ok for a couple of weeks, but... .its still very worrying... Im the sort that panics when the petrol gauge on car reads quarter of a tank lol..
so without further ado..... the cards... hope you like.. x

Friday, 9 January 2009


Well what can I say...... 4 days of pulling my hair out, ringing, texting, emailing, pmíng.. you name it, Ive done it.... trying to get answers as to what I had done on my blog... and noone came up with the remedy/answer.... Then..... Trev, Karens Hubby, oh Great One !! rang me tonight, and within 5 mins... sorted... you are my hero ! You cannot believe the relief, happiness I feel, it was like my right arm had been ripped off.. lol.. ok... a bit much know... .... well actually no.... hehe...
I didnt realise how much my little corner of blog land meant to me.. til I could nt access it !
So in future.................... dont call the Blogdoc, blog nurse, blog physiciatric, web men, forum buddies, mates, family, friends, relatives, next door neighbours, friends of neighbours, ex friends of ex neighbours ertc etc etc etc................................ Ring Trev . ! lol
Thank you hun.... xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I would also like to THANK.... LYNN..... for all her hard work, patience and ... sense of humour... who kept me going th epast few days, also trying to fathom out the little demons in my puter ! Thanks Lynn xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jackie x

ps.... tomorrow I will be posting all sorts, to make up for lost time... lol .. xx

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


I have also lost my édit pencil'when I am signed in, Its a right mess. !

Help Needed Fellow Bloggers...

My blog is very very sicky poorly. And I dont know whats happened to it and I certainly dont know how to fix it.... so.... I hope someone out there who reads this might be able to help... as Ive spent all day going round in circles and still ive not rectified anything.
My toolbar has totally disappeared from my posting bit.... I cannot add pictures or edit or anything. NO TOOLBAR. I have cleared all cookies and cache etc.
All my followers are not visable on my front page.
It is thou only some images are showing.
Also when I go to add a comment to another person blog (whom I know has the word verification)... it tells me to copy the WV.... but... I cannot see it... so therefore cannot copy it, and in turn, cannot leave comments.
Can ANYONE please help me out? Ive tried to get some sense out of the blog help... but all it tells me is to clear cache etc, which I have done (about a dozen times).
My picture did disappear, and when I looked into that... it was giving me an error on the url.. although I didnt touch it... so i deleted that, and loaded up new pic. But once again, I think this has something to do with the problem.

Can anyone make any sense of this????? Many thanks J x

My new stamp

Finally a new card. With one of the new stamps my DD got me for Christmas.. .. By Sarah Kay, just love these stamps. Thought would go for pink.. and green lol for a change.. as seem to have been on a bit of a lilac kick with my last couple of cards, so nice not to do xmas colours. I seem to be stuck in the flower mode at min.. until I get bored with it.. lol.. Still havent decided what my forte is yet I dont think, my style seems to change every so many weeks, but thats the beauty of cards crafting, so many different avenues to go down, so many new things to try, well new to me anyway, still coming to grips with the colouring of stamps, not as good as I would like to be as yet, but still practicing LOL.
Got a queston for all you bloggers, well all 6 of you that might visit lol well actually two questions.
I seem to have lost my 'pencil'from my posts, so that I can edit each post from the main page with one click...
also I dont seem to be able to leave comments for anyone else.. as the code thingy is not showing up on their comment box... anyone got any ideas what on earth I have done to my blog for this to happen? answers on a postcard please. ! lol.. its infuriating the life out of me at mo... as cant comment on anyones blog... Many thanks.. and hope you like the cards Have a good day everyone and wrap up warm,. its cold out there. ! again. x OH..... also... I seem to have lost my tool bar now and I cant attach a picture of the card !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! opppps so thats 3 questions.

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Happy New Year and a Warning !!!!!

Happy New Year to everyone.
Sorry I have not been around of late... but with being poorly and Christmas and New Year etc.. you know what its like... time just flies by and then you realise you have neglected your blog and friends.
Well Im back now... but with some bad news Im afraid... but it is also a warning to others that do read my blog, to be extra careful.
I belong to a wonderful forum, Imag-e-nation, and as with here, we share and show are cards and makes.. Whilst a friend of mine was blog hopping, as you do, she came across a few pictures of wedding invitations that she recognised immediately......... my wedding invitations that I had made for my daughters up and coming wedding this year... plus rsvp cards, place names etc... all 150 of them.. in various states of process. Ending with the finished result... yes I did post them on forum and blog a few months back. Now these images she found... were NOT on my blog, and not on any posting I had made on forum... but ... they had been lifted by a fellow forum member and posted on her blogs and sites and claimed them to be here own work !!!! Not just copied the design, as if that would have been naughty enough ... but lifted the whole images.
When we looked at all her sites, to which she had a few... it came to light other peoples works was also on them.... once again, passing them off as her own work.... So.. ladies (and any gents)... please take steps to get a copyright overlay put on your photos or take other steps to make sure this sort of thing does not happen to you. !!!
As this person was found guilty as charged... well no doubt about that whatsoever... I will put her name here for all to see... Agnes Robertson. Please let any other forum you belong to know of this... so that everyone can do what is necessary to stop this.
sorry to be tider of bad news... but I know how this has made my friends and I feel... and I would hate for others to go through it also.
I will be back in next day or so with some cards that are half baked at mo. This time... with copyright stamped all over them lol.... take care all... and I have missed you all... xx