Thursday, 30 April 2009

Yoohoooo.... guess who..?

Hello everybodies... guess who? tis me..
Ive had such a lovely time... at my Nannies... cos guess what, my Unkle Matt and Auntie Anannie here... and I not met them before, well I did when I baby, but I no remember... I bit 'cared of them at first... but we had sooo much fun playing last night, when mummy come over for hot dinner, me not allowed it, but not like smell anyway.... Mummy had some with Matt, Anannie and Nannie... they said they would go pop cos ate soooo much... they tried to get me to try different th ings... but me said YUUUUUUKKKKKKK.... like Unkle Matts biskits thou... ooh I soo nearly in big troubles, cos I tried helping myself to them, cos thought it would save nannie the trouble.. and there is all sorts of stuff in cupboard, usually it empty apart from few tins and my biskits, so easy to get to.. but these other people must eat LOADS, cos cupboards sooo full, and I never seen so much stuff in Nannies cupboard, and my biskits right at the back... i did soo try and not knock anything over, but... oppps... but I still got my biskits... after three pink ones.. i got a bit... Nannie said Hyper... me not know what that mean, but I had LOTS of energy.. We played so much, well, I played with Anannie,... then she tired, so then I played with Matt, then he tired, and got grumpy a bit, me think he old man like my grandad, :), then I played with Nannie again, cos she had had a rest, then mummy had to go home ... but I was having such fun, I said NOOOOOOOO stay Nannie house, stay Nannie bed... I not care not got pjs, or only had 2 nappies, or not had bottle of milk or blankie... cos having sooooooooo much fun.... Xev loves me now, cos we played ball ... when Nannie, Anannie and Matt resting... Muggi hiding, still not sure why... only poked her in eyeball once... !
Then Nannie put me bed.. very big bed.. lots of pillows to stop me falling out... and............. Xev !!!! .. Nannie tried SOO hard to get her to go out of bedroom, but she wanted to stay with me cos she loves me, think it cos I throw the ball for her, and feed her hundreds of doggie biskits... even if she doesnt want them.. :) .. told Nannie come bed.. but she say later.... then.. when she just got in bed later... i sat up and frightened life out of her.... nearly as much as I did when shouted BARNEY about 3 am this morning, thats what nannie said, but I think she been dreaming myself... I not hear self talk in sleep, think Nannie making it alllll tup...
ooooh ... me 'cared of flies too.... but Anie catched them... but they went splatted and not fly afterward... why that? I said go way fly... :) (Auntin Anannie had to wash hands afterwards) . !
Then we had lunch... told nannie i like sketti... then when she cook it... said where beans !!! dont think she very happy, but ate ALLL my toast with butter on it..., tried to poke a sketti hoop in Xevs mouth, but dont think she liked sketti either !!
oooh time to go home now.. hope mummy still love me.. cos not want go home last night... and im a bit tired now, but not as tired as Nannie, Matt and Anannie... and Xev and Muggi ......... until next time everyboby.... from Ruby Tyler aged 2 xxx

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Giggling Tilda

I think this image is sooo sweet, these are some of the papers I been looking at and stroking for a while lol had a play around with a different sketch I made up, and added the usual bits, flowers ribbon etc. Will be back as soon as I can... time still being taken up with son and dil... and Im loving every minute of it, but it is going so quickly... sob. They off to France this weekend, so will enjoy a little bit of me time, but.... will miss them, then they back here for another 10 days or so.. .they away to Tanzania again... so probably wont see them for another year or two !!!
I think even people that dont like the no mouth tildas will like this one, as cant see she not got one LOL... have a fabby day xx

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Back to playing with flowers and ribbons LOL. and used one of my most fav images. This one was already painted up, not only my fav image but also my fav colours too. Have got a couple of hours to play today, and the everything is set out on my desk ready to go.... image ribbons, flowers papers etc, cant wait to go and play, its amazing what you find when you start delving,... coming across all sorts of yummy papers in my box.. think they the ones I been stroking for far to long.. so going to be brave today... and.... cut into some of them.. might need a lay down in a darkended room afterwards LOL... catch you all later..
and yes I am having a fabby time with the family, thank you all for your lovely messages. Oh... Will add a piccy of all of them.. (just sil's missing).. But my son, my dil, my two daughters and my three grandchildren... see if you can spot which child belongs to which adult rofl... defo got a good gene pool lol xx
scroll down for Flippin Kids card x

LaPashe - Flippin Kids - Cake

Here is another of the new sheets from Jak, I made three little tags using some of the paper I created using all the colours on the sheet, on the tagsI wrote, Sugar and Spice, all things nice and especially choccy cake lol..
check out Karen and Toni's blogs too as they have been busy making cards with the new sheets too.
This is the last one from me for now.

Monday, 27 April 2009

LaPashe -Flippin Potty

Another Flippin Kid.. lol...
I had to add a little extra something to this one, lol... so inside it says, "Does my bum look big in this?" I knew the freebie stamps I got donkeys years ago would come in handy one day.. Will have one more FK to show you later today or tomorrow. :)

Sunday, 26 April 2009

more fantastic blog candy

Debbie has put up some amaing BC (blog candy)... and I wasnt lucky enough to win Bevs, and I still havent uncrossed fingers and toes from that one... so.. here we go again LOL... will need A and E at this rate.. :)..
You must stay and look at Debbies cards too.. as they are amazing..

woweeeee.... and some more..
Tracie is also giving away some scrummy candy....oooh I SO want that tooooo lol (am I being very greedy?_ YEP :)

Iscream anyone? - LaPashe

another of Lapashe sheets, enjoyed playing with deckchair stripes and sunny days on this one.. and Icecream if get, Iscream if dont... :)
scroll down for more cards showing the new Lapashe sheets with links to the other DT blogs and even more cards.

LaPashe - Flippin Kids... :)

Well our Jak is launching the new Flippin Kids range now.. as we speak,so pop over to channel 22 on digi, or 671 on Sky. Ideal World/Create and Craft. 2 - 4pm. LaPashe
Check out the Design Teams blogs for more cards made from this fab new release, Jak, Toni and Karen have all added some ideas for you. Im sure you will enjoy these fun new sheets. Please make sure you pop back later... as I will be adding more :) I just love keeping you in suspense. lol (oh and maybe a couple more tomorrow :) )

These are Flippin First Steps, and Flippin Pedal

WOJ Blog Candy and a card...

Spoilt or what, LOL.
Katharina is offering up some super duper candy, you must pop over and see what she is so generously putting up !!!

As for the Card.... been playing again .... I was sooo getting withdrawel symptoms just had to have a day in craft room.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

For a friend

Well I finally managed to have a day crafting, as Battlestar Galactica just didnt do it for me, .. the whole series from start to finish ... anyway... heres my effort for today.. which I have made for a friend of mine. Please make sure you pop by tomorrow afternoon !!!!!!!! as got something special to show you :)

Friday, 24 April 2009

hip hip horrah..

managed to get a couple of cards made over the past few days.. so .. here we go.. card 1 .

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Im not here but !

I will be at Ally Pally by the time you get to see this, but I thought I would leave a card up for you all the same... I wasnt going to add flowers to this one, but I couldnt help myself LOL.. thank you Toni for the papers !!! :)

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Birthday card for Karen J

This is the card I made for Karen, a very good friend of mine (also on La Pashe DT). Wanted to show you as soon as made it, but for obvious reasons I couldnt !! lol
really enjoyed making this special card for a special lady. (I use the term Lady, very loosely LOL)
hope you like as much as we did xx

Friday, 17 April 2009

Had a day off.. :)

Decided to stop the withdrawel symptoms and make some cards whilst had a chance...
just the shopping to do... and im done, or done in LOL..
so... best add piccy and get skates on I spose...
will catch up with you all soon

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Bevs Blog Candy

To celebrate her year blogaversary Bev has put up some amazing blog candy, you have just got to check this out, and do stop to take a look at her fantastic cards too. Thanks Bev someone is going to be so thrilled with this.
Congrats on mega hits too.

Saturday, 11 April 2009


Thank you so much Liz for the award, it was very much appreciated, was so surprised the first time round, but to be awarded it twice, is fabulous. thank you. Ive already passed it on before, so I will give it a miss this time... xx
I might not be around much for the next few weeks,(and I know my poor blog is going to suffer badly), but I hope you all pop by now and then to see If I have managed to add anything. My son and daughter in law are coming over to UK from Africa for a few weeks holiday, so I will be pretty busy as not seen them for such a long while. take care everyone and I promise to try and add what I can, when I can.... xx

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Not a card

Yet another day not fancy making a card.... ooooh worrying lol..
But had to do something craft wise.... so... thought would finally get around to making my calender.. no.. I not had it since January lol.... Thanks Kaz for the mats and calender xx ... Sat and played with some of my fav papers and flowers and this is what I come up with... to go in my craft room.
Been doing, not a lot today as still suffering badly with my back after doing too much yesterday.. but at least spare room is now ready for son and dil. Will get around to rest of house by time they get here in 12 days time lol all the way from Africa.... not seen them since last July when I had my birthday out there with them... so cant wait to see them both.. thank heavens for tinternet ! at least do have some contact with them.
Right.. best add piccy... and sun is over the yardarm I do beleive LOL

Monday, 6 April 2009

As promised

Managed to get the card finished.. just... but forgot to add tiny pearls to sentiment.... so use your imagination ... cos they on there now.. lol
Went for broke on this.. and added all sorts.. lol... well in for a penny I thought..:)
I'm off to pour myself a nice cold glass of wine... so will catch you all tomorrow at some point... unless I actually do decide to finally get around to sorting out my sons room ready for his and my dil's return to UK... erm... in 2 weeks time... well actually... 12 days.... opps... so If I go awol for a couple of days, someone send out the fire brigade or someone in uniform, cos Im still stuck under all the boxes and junk that needs to come out of there.... :) xx

Challenge card

Opps guess who forgot to add a card yesterday !!! I meant to add this one after the challenge results were shown, but it went clean out of my head... (nothing new)... So will add this now, and treat you all to another later.. well not sure if treat is the correct word, but you know what I mean LOL..
I sat and painted up three images yesterday but had one of those days I actually didnt fancy making a card... now that doesnt happen often... but papers and image all ready to go... reddy being the clue !!!lol... infact its going to be a bit too red I think.. might have to have a rethink of one of the papers.. (I dont normally do red, but wanted to use the flowers I bought) LOL..
so, will catch up later and add another card as soon as Ive done my bit for society ... and gone and seen Mum. Have a good day...

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Just when you thought it was safe

LOL... Im here... just, by skin of teeth, with a card for you. Well I didnt want to let you down now did I ! LOL... very quick card, as already had the image painted up, and wanted to try out another variation of the wow card.. ish... with a twist... (that be the colouring in of the SK image then) hehe...
have straightened out the flower since photo, (glue not dry, thankfully), so that the dangly, dangles.... well much better than it did.
one of my most fav images... and I know I use it a lot, and Im sorry for that, but it was painted up ready to go.... so.. without further ado.... here you go, Card for the Day . I havent added a sentiment as yet, but will do... another day xxx I have made others today, but you have to wait !!!!!!... keep watching this space .... !!!!!!! :)

Friday, 3 April 2009

PB for change

Been whizzing round like a headless chook again... not stopped all day yet nowt to show for it... how DOES that happen?
Got a parcel in the post............................ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...... cant tell you what just yet .............. but ... watch this space.................. :) ..........
Sorry about the circles again... but not hidden them as yet. lol.. and this card was half done anyway, thats my excuse and Im sticking to it. One of my fav sketches and found some new papers... well not new... just hidden from self. hehe... as one does. ! ... will be back tomorrow at some stage.. and not sure what with... time will tell.... thanks for visiting....

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Similar but not the same

Done similar card to yesterdays white on white, but just cream today, as the flowers matched perfectly. Wasnt really in mood so its not a lot different im afraid....
But I will get the creative juices a flowing again and come up with something else soon , along this line.
Feeling bit sorry for self at mo, been to dentist.... and had root treatment done.... lots of injections... well felt like it... think it only two... but I dont like that bit at all.... was ok once had stopped shaking so violently from panic. Thought that it all over and done with... then just as leaving, dentist tells me to make another appointment as more work needed on that tooth.... doh.... think I need tranquilizing. lol....
Got half baked card on go... so will put that on blog tomorrow hopefully, and I think I best hide my round nesties from myself, cos getting used far too much of late. lol.... I do have other ones, honest... but I love the circles.... as you have probably noticed lol.
Off to do some h........k... grrrr.. what a waste of time that is... only gets dirty and messy again... think a family of 20 come in overnight just to mess everything up and throw muck all over the place, cos it sure cant be me making all th is mess ! :)

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Something different

Thought I would do something different for a change... been wanting to try this idea out for ages, but kept getting distracted with all my lovely backing papers lol (and SK images etc).. I would love to try and do a few more along these lines... but I NEED white white flowers... or invest in a retro punch.. !! Anyway... its a shame I added the three lilac flowers, cos think it would have looked better without.. too late now lol... Will have another bash.. at least I know Im not locked into one sort of card... cos was getting a bit worried that I might get pretty paper withdrawel lol
Still got raging toothache... but got appointment tomorrow thank goodness.. not that I like going to dentist... terrified.. however, the pain is worse than the fear. !
right Im out of here.... still got to sort that award out today too... must find the time to do that.. and also find out how I add my name to the list !! lol.... take care all.. and have a good day x