Sunday, 28 March 2010

Guess what I made !!!

Sit down before fall down ! lol.. yes.. a card.. got a good friends birthday coming up soon, and I was soooo chillaxed yesterday, for a change... I went and poked my head into my craft room... and this is what I come out with... comments to self... could do better, but.. have been out of practice for a long while.. and yes.. I did enjoy making it... so... hopefully, my enthusiasm for card making will now return, albeit slowly... as long as it does.
A few more pics from hols... just to see if you can see a theme here. lol... Im letting Pam do all the writing up and the decent piccies, hehe... she SO much better at it than me. Will probably throw one more lot on here and then stop boring you... but need to go and check out sons piccies, as once again they better than mine. Seriously think had camera on wrong settings, as I not ususally THIS bad at taking pics. Sticky note to self.. FIND AND READ MANUAL LOL
Hope you all have a good day... catch you all laters... ooh and I really must start up my blog hopping again, missing out on so much... dont know where my time goes, although I think if I wasnt running two farms and a cafe, it might help lol.. xxxx hugs

Friday, 26 March 2010

Evening peeps.

Well the best laid plans of mice and men !! afganglae. or something like that.... go to toot. ! Was meant to be away today to my eldest daughters H, to help her move county... but... youngest ... designated driver took poorly... so... poor H is left to own devices and friends and family tup north to help her sort.
So as I am still here.... more piccies and a few words.. re holiday.

After all the animals and safari, we jetted off in a 6 seater VIP plane.. what a difference... from what was to come lol... and off to Tanzania, Pemba... then... onto Fundu Lagoon ... yep after plane journey, 40mins in taxi, to the port, and into a HUGE boat across to the other side of the island... and onto one of my most fav places in the world... THE JETTY lol... and its bar... and what was waiting? A Pemba Punda.. Or Pemba Donkey... well ok, Vodka, ginger beer and angistora (sp) bitters.... I just love this drink. The ginger beer in Uk just not the same. then onto our room, although albeit very briefly, as Pam couldnt coupe with all the steps, so we was moved rapidly to a better location for her. Will show pics of our last abode. !
So here are a few pics of our first few days at Fundu Lagoon... Pemba Island. Oh yes, and... I met up again with the best (ok the most gorgeous ) barman there is on this planet.. and he makes the best ever PP. !! lol... that be William then ! .. and... Liz, our lovely Ressie Manager, who I had both missed dreadfully since my last visit. SO... Jetty, our room, when I say room, I Mean, bedroom , lounge, pool, deck, upper deck/loungers, beach loungers, lol..... and..... William, sunset... ...
so.................. here we go ..

Thursday, 25 March 2010

ok... elephants... lol

terminal 5... International Airport at BehoBeho... :)

ok. so we got to do what??? ... oooh, dont go for a wee in the bush... !!! because??????????????

Now, where did I get to? .... yes thats it.. elephanties... now onto lions..... we was so lucky to see a pride of females on our first day, and then a male and female ... doing the bizz !!! on our last day... now this is one very tired male, cos they have to go for it, 24/7.. to ensure the growth of the pride.. need I say more... well I could, but i am tired and its time for bed, but as I promised you some pics... here they are... will be back with the Fundu piccis on monday !!! wow... Masai... .. lots of them. and yes.. I do have a thing about them.... not that you would guess from the pics lo.l.... be back Monday... hugs

Bet you been wondering !!!

Where I have been !!! Well old computer finally met its maker so to speak, and gave up the ghost... managed to get all files off of there,just, and its taken me a week to organise and sort and upload/download (never do know the difference lol) to this one... and omg...its fantastic... I now have speed... something that went a long time ago on the other one.. I have sticky notes... yeah ok, so its the little things in life that keep me happy lol... and MANY other wonderful things .... I would like to say a huge thank you to Lynns son, Jevon, who very kindly looked for the best my money could buy .. and he did a fantastic job. So, thank you Jevon. x
I will be continuing with my holiday photos, as have been going throu them and (oohhh it seems so long ago already).. and there are so many I would love you to see.... so... if you can bear with me for just a little longer, I will be putting a few on here again for you all.
I see Pam had to take a little breather from holiday pics too, as she says.. life just gets in the way sometimes, and I have to agree.
Also... I hope you are all following The Sisterhood of Crafters blog... I should be there doing my bit.. and I have to apologise, as I have been abscent from that also. As for making any more cards.... nope... but... from next week.. I will be back.
I am away tomorrow for a few days, to help my eldest daughter H, move back to Kent from Lincs... I am so happy that she is coming home... (she missed us all tooooo much lol) bless.
and needless to say, we have missed her. Now just to get my wandering son and daughter in law home.. lol.... but... then again..... I might not have such fantastic holidays if they do... so maybe I leave them where they are lol.
I will be back later today with some photos for you.... much needed caffine first !! lol
Hope you all have a fantastic day.. and I have missed being here... .... mind you... my house is very tidy for a change !!! lol... just the craft room to give a once over, before i return to card making and trash it again hehe. til later guys... hugs xx
ps Karen P ..... I will be checking up on you mrs. !!!!!!lol

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Prepare to be shocked. !

Cos I was, .... I've made a card ! lol back to that in a mo....

Would just like to apologise for lack of more pics from hols... but been laid up most of last few days with chronic back problems... and this time I not exagerating. (Pam lol). have been hardly able to walk or move full stop.. even having to crawl on hands and knees up stairs at one point, but after a few tramadols, a large glass of vodka and a good nights sleep... I seem to be over the worst of it.. I hope ~!

From the feelings in my lower back, I think another disc has had its day... and I not talking record labels lol.. that and the fact my daughter pointed out \I've shrunk again ! cheers Stacy. ! going to be on eye level with Roo by this time next year lol.

Righty oh... card.... well as its Mothers Day.. I had no excuse not to at least try to make a card for Betty, who is more than a friend and mum to me... I did attempt to use Robbie Robo.. but... computer said no... got so far and puter froze up.. so gave up on that idea.... and used GCF to print out letters and hand cut them. didnt go overly mad with embellies, as Betty doesnt like ott cards. Hope she likes it.

As for Safari and hols snaps... I will be adding some more later today after I get back from lunch , myself , Stacy Ruby and Betty are all going out today.. will be a first for the four of us... sort of 4 generations... so will be nice.. just hope the chairs are comfy !!! as back still not 100% to say thwe least. So will catch up with you all later in day with next episode of our travels... in meantime... Pam is giving a fantastic record of events.. and in proper order to ! lol.. unlike me hehe.

HAVE A GRAND MOTHERS DAY . love and hugs

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Houston - we have a problem !

Back to reality with a big bump ! My computer is on the verge of death. ! So if I suddenly go AWOL... you will all know why. Hence no post yesterday... EVERYTHING is taking forever to load, if at all... but fingers crossed. I can sort out a post before it conks out again... might take all day at this rate !!!Erm yes it did take all day !!!! 8 hours infact to get puter working. grrr.Even typing, is a sentance behind me before it appears on screen.

So.. back to holidays... I would like to say.. if you want a reasonabily sensible, correct day to day running of events, don't look here lol... go and visit Pams blog... she was far more organised than me ! infact... she was organised full stop lol.
My recollections of days and happenings are like the pictures I am adding... erratic.! can't think why ! lol.
You ready girls and guys?
On ONE of our bush outings.... we come across a lone bull elephant... and out come the cameras again... look just how close it come... amazing.. so.. Tracey.. this one is especially for you ! lol..

..... right... for all you that loves a cruise..... get out your finery, and take a seat... cos this is how Pam and Jackie do cruising !! lol.... we had on our best safari togs, and headed off into the bush... and we had breakfast with the captain, after our cruise !! cant get much better than this can it ?
the cruise, consisted of one rather small low down to water vessel !!!! and a few thousand crocs and how knows how many hippos !!!!! .. yeah... most of them under the boat no doubt... me? scared? course not !!!!!!!!! LOL.. however.... getting nearly beached next to a few finished off ANY bravery I might have had (but didnt) lol
Who would have thought you go out for hours into the bush, and there around the next corner is the best ever breakfast table laid up... boys cooking on gas.. ( i think lol).. and oooh bonuses of bonuses... we had a proper toilet... which after squatting behind the jeep a few times was a luxury !! lol... yeah ok, so I COULD have gone behind a bush... but not on your nelly... not taking NO chances in what might be joining me there and biting my bum.
Oh... and the only thing that managed to take a lift with us... on our cruise, was in the last piccie !!! LOL.. as long as the crocs not follow suit.. ok by me... although Anie was not so happy.. as it hit her straight in the face and left a lovely bruise to show for its arrival into the boat and was on the menu for that nights supper for the boys, (along with another one that thought it would have a bash at jumping the boat. ) needless to say.. it didnt make the other side !!! LOL
Our cruise ship !!!!!!
Another ... happening... :) ... sitting at Beho Beho.... ordered some refreshing drinks.... drinks come... Pam, and Tam had theirs... I picked up mine... and... well you girls will know I ALWAYS get the duff one !!! ..... and just as I was putting the straw to my mouth.... the whole bottom of my glass just fell away... yes I was pretty much covered in drink... not a drop touched my mouth.. Pam and Tam in hysterics... Tam said she had never, in all her years seen such a thing happen... the glass was a thick chunky one... so goodness knows how it happened... needless to say... Pam DID take a photo, (which I cannot find!!) .. but she may add to her blog if she comes across it. Apparently my face was a picture !!! humph... and yes I did order another drink, and held tightly to bottom of glass... as I seemed to do for the rest of the holiday !!!
As I said.. if you expecting fantastic shots and a lovely commentry ... go to Pams blog !!! lol..

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

some safari pics.

yah, REAL giraffes. !!!

and yah again.... very REAL lionesses.... and very close... but think they just had dinner so we was ok !! ... and no.. I wasn't using a zoom camera lol...

now these I come to love... impalas.... so dainty .. saw hundreds of them, but so fast, hoping to see if Pam got better shots, spect she did !!! lol... Im still working my way through my cd.

Wonder what the poor people are doing today????????? we just about to have lunch in the bush... well., pretty much, as just below this is the area the hippos come through reguarly... and yes did see them, and no didnt catch them on camera.. but bet I know a woman that did !!! lol
LOO WITH A VIEW.. yah you got it right.... sat on loo taking pics of this and the hippo play area. you bored yet? cos if not, got some fabby pics of lions humping !!!!!!!!!! yes you did read that correctly.... but Im off for my dinner now... so will have to wait til moro... :) and yes we was VERY privaliged to .... sure there a word for this........................ VIEW?? lol..... over brekkie no less.. :)

There here !!!!

Before anything else........ Thank you Pam for sorting out the discs for me.... that was super quick.. and yes... I have been chomping at the bit ! lol huge hugs x

right gals and boys... be prepared to be bored silly. !!!!
Not too sure how to go about what I do and dont show and as and when.. not cos I being selective.. well ok... that and I still have 6 discs of Pams to go throu.... .. lol... so I am going to add a selection a day until the see numbers dwindling due to death by boredom.

so going to show a few of mine with a brief description... here we go, on Pam and mine journey through paradise... Feb 14 - 6th March.... sit back, pour a drink and relax.. oh and you might need some sunnies !! or matchsticks !! :)

Well we finally made it.
Beho Beho INTERNATIONAL airport ROFL... yep really !!!!
Our abode for the next three nights...
This is only showing half of the room, if that !!!!! .. shower was under the stars !! .. along with bats and gechos.. and other creepy crawlies,.... oooh a story to tell.......................
On our arrival at Beho Beho we was given STRICT instructions.... do not go out alone after dark, wait for guide.... something to do with roaming elephants and hippos etc... and lions . if EMERGENCY... ie one of the above animals come to dinner in bedroom.... have a horn to sound, but under NO circumstances use except for emegency. We can do that.... however... we not bargain on a creature in our bed one night.... I tried to call help... quietly.... out of a 2inch gap in door... it was in the mosquito net... so noway was i getting in bed... it HAD to be mega dangerous, and very big..... could have been poisoness !!!!! so... then tried to flash light SOS to main lodge area...... nothing............... so.... one more try... Pam no help, laughing too much at me, so called help again, think Pam let out a help too !!! within seconds... we had a Masai warrior in our room, all raring to go..... spear, stick, club, knife, and whatever other weapons he was concealing !!! that we couldnt see...... we pointed to said creature, a VERY big grin come across Masai face.... he jumped up, got creature in hand and got shot of..... erm........... ok.. so it was ONLY a praying mantis.... but how was we to know??? .... it was HUGE.... next day... son not happy with us... not good start to hols.. ROFL.. already in trouble.... rest of camp thought HIGHLY hilarious... as did the rest of the Masai... !!! My defense was... I DIDNT sound the horn !!! LOL

Monday, 8 March 2010

Thet (brown) Eagle has landed !!!

Well... I'm back.... very tanned, very chillaxed, and very sad to leave Africa.. I'm also very blooming cold !!!! LOL
Had three amazing weeks in Tanzania, visiting Selous Game Reserve, Beho Beho... Dar Es Salaam, and finally onto Pemba Island, Fundu Lagoon, for the remaining two weeks.... OMG... FANTASTIC is not the word.. it exceeded ALL of my expections and more.
I will be ... of course... adding a few piccies along the way .. as soon as my travelling buddy Pam gets them back to me,... between us... we managed to take around 3000... HOWEVER... don't panic... I will not be showing all... and dont all go.. thank goodness at once ! lol.
Once I have them and have chosen a few specials to show you I will add them here. Not that I want anyone to be envious of course :)....
I was very sad to leave behind, my son, and daughter in law, the sun, sea, sand, snorkling, diving, and so many good friends that I have made on this visit, plus renewing past friendships... there are a few that have become VERY special to me.. and it was a very tearful farewell. Still , one never knows when or if I might go back !!!! Never say never.
I finally managed to get a tan.. not sure how, as never sunbathed.. as around 40 deg. just a tad hot.. felt like sitting on a griddle LOL... (yes I did burn my bum).. snorkling ! dont ask !!!!! and no, dont worry, there are NO photos of that... thank goodness.
So.... I would like to say.... hello to all my friends here... and I will be back in the next few days with piccies... and then, when I feel I have bored you enough.. I will be commencing with the card making....
Also.... I would like this opportunity to mention that.... There is a new blog to keep a watchful eye on... and yes.. I am part of that... and very proud to be too.
Please go and check out The Sisterhood of Crafters... we will be opening our doors for the start of new challenges as from March 17th... St. Paddys Day... Hope that you will all take a peep and see what our new blog is all about.... I cannot wait to get cracking with this.. once I have caught up with myself....
Until tomorrow... huge hugs and its good to be back in blogland... xx