Friday 30 October 2009

Opps missed a day !

Don't know how that happened I'm sure ! lol... but forgot to put a card on here yesterday doh.... put it down to senility :)...
Well last chance to have a crack for the 6 freebie stamps over at Pink Gem, as it closes tomorrow, also the call for a GDTM.. I have not put a sentiment on this one as yet, as want to keep it to one side for now.. but have left a little spot for one :).. probably not the best thing to do if you trying to get on a DT.. lol. I love colouring up this little stamp, as once again, its just so easy to colour.. reminds me of Ruby in her new red coat. :).
Have managed to dig out an old xmas stamp too, that I never quite got around to doing much with last year, but, made a quick and simple card to show you tomorrow (providing I dont forget again lol)... I do have a lot on my mind at min, so putting it down to that a bit... hehe.. excuses excuses. ! I all for quick and simple, for Christmas cards, as... as ever, I didnt really start them early enough.. pure laziness on my part and was having so much fun with all the new other stamps I have purchased of late, plus all the lovely images I have aquired from DIC, just didnt get around to dragging out the xmas box... yes ... box... I dont actually have much in the way of Xmas stuff... was quite surprised myself, seeing as I got a whole room packed to the rafters of everything else. !! ... good excuse for a spendies LOL... I have bought a few Cuddly Buddly stamps, but... as ever... there are a lot more on my wish list ! ..
As for my poor Robo... he still hasnt seen the light of day... so much for having all those lessons whilst in Spain... at this rate I will have forgotten all I learnt... oh well, good excuse to have to go back again .. LOL...
Right onward and upward... colouring to be done and dog to be walked.. in that order :)... catch you all tomorrow, and hope you all have a fabby day .. hugs x

Wednesday 28 October 2009

Creative Card Crew Challenge

A very quick and easy Chrimbo card.. Cuddly buddly stamp, copics, stamped sentiment, cbug folder and crushed glass on acetate snowflake.. nesties and ribbon... done.. Done a couple using the same image, just love my hedgies.. and so easy to colour up quickly, which is just what you need for loads of Christmas cards, and card for the Creative Card Crew Chall.
had a day off from most things today... ie housework lol... whats the point !!! and crafting, due to visiting 'mum'. Can't do much tonight as light dreadful in craft room, so ...daylight lamp is defo on my list of things I need !!!!
Feeling absolutely shattered, not know why, as not done anything, just hope I not caught manflu from the chippy !!!!! (thats carpenter, not fish and chip shop rofl).
Kitchen at bit of standstill.. but I have the most amazing, fabulous.... CUPBOARD lol... only thing finished and plastered up.. dont ask.. its a long story.. but in brief.... moving of boiler holding up everything else.. still no lights... still no cooker... no ceiling.. no flooring.. or floor come to that... big hole in it... erm... well I will add a couple of pics.. and you will get the drift.. :)... but I just keep telling self... it will all be worth it in the end.....
think an early night might be order tonight.. and maybe I will feel a bit more with it tomorrow.. could be lack of good food !!!!! LOL... perhaps a chinese is on the menu for tomorrow hehe.

Tuesday 27 October 2009

Mo Manning Image/ SCSC

Managed to make a few cards the last couple of days.... not as many as would have liked, but im up and down stairs checking men, mice and dogs... lol... and its been hard to settle... however.... have coloured up some images, and got some xmas cards done... so not too bad I spose, oh and a couple of birthday cards too.
Not sure what to show you first now lol.... Think I will go with..... Opps lol... well thats what I think anyway !.. this is soooo adorable.. Mo does the most amazing images, so I couldnt wait to get my mitts on this one.. Also I will be putting this into the Secret Crafter Saturday Challenge, which this week is orange and one other colour, Not a clue as usual what papers Ive used lol.... but did use copics... (had a bash with water colours yesterday.... and wasnt happy with the depth of colour, think I been spoilt with copics !)... some ribbon from stash. No help at all on this receipe lark am I?! LOL..
Right Im off for a drink, as the dust is sticking in my throat.... thats my excuse and Im sticking to it LOL... have a good evening everyone... will be back tommorrow with....... not sure what yet ... hehe.... x hugs

Monday 26 October 2009

Challenge Card for DIC

Its that time of the week again.... our Monday Challenge over at DigitalInk...
This is the card I made, with an image from Jules Junk, that can be found over in the Best little shoppe in Town.. :), I think this little snowman is just adorable, and once I had coloured his scarf and hat.... I just had to use the new SU papers I just bought, a computer generated sentiment, a bit of sparkle and glitter, and the other requirements needed for the challenge.

Make sure you check out the other DT's blogs and cards,(in the sidebar) cos the girls have done good again this week (yes I get a sneeky peep at them.. hehe)... and they really have come up with some super fabby cards. Well done girls.
So the challenge this week is.... use glitter, fabric, button/s and a bow... yes our Boni really does like to challenge us !!!! lol... but with Xmas cards being made by so many now, adding that lot on a card won' t be difficult... specially the glitter lol...
A brill bit of news too.... who fancies a free digi stamp each month???? well I don't suppose many of you will say no..... so... take a look at this .... and well.... you know what to do. !!!!!

Right I best get myself motivated and move some boxes before the electrician turns up.. or he wont be too pleased when he cant access certain parts of the house !!!! ooh and I think a wardrobe might need to be emptied and moved too... so its still all go here..

Hope you all have a fabby week.... a nd we look forward to loads of enteries into the challenge... get those thinking caps on people and get crafting...:)

Oh by the way.... once again I am afraid I am having to post this a few hours early, due to the fact the scheduled post is NOT working again !!!! grrrrrr... (as just tried that).... and secondly... I will be without electric in the next half hour for probably a lot of today... so bear with me folks... and check out the other girls later today, as.... I am about 5 hours in front of them!!!!
hugs x

Sunday 25 October 2009

Image by Inger

Good morning everyone... hope you all managed to get an extra hour in bed...
me.....? not a chance... infact I was up earlier than normal.... think said dog thought she heard them say clock go FORWARD a hour !!!! grrrr... never mind... done my farming, cooking and fed the fish.. lol...
and just about to escape to my little haven for an hour or two until daughter turns up to move some more stuff from lounge for me, as kitchen units coming this week, and no where to put them... and no they not flat packed ! lol...
This has got to be one of my most fav images at mo, I know I only used it a couple of weeks ago, but I love it... and its a dream to colour. It is a free image by Inger, please drop by her blog and if take it, remember to thank her, and also to show her your makes... so kind of her to give this away...
Yes, usual copics.... although I am seriously thinking I might get the water colours out today, for a change... although I get the feeling I might find them a bit wishy washy now. :), we shall see.
I cuttle bugged the top half of card with the leaf folder, turned it around and done the bottom half with the swiss dots, added a piece of silk ribbon and tied... stamped sentiment and... one card done.. sounds easy when you put it like that doesnt it lol. (so how come it took forever??) lol

Will be glad to get my photo corner back... I know that much.. these shots are dreadful... ooooh just noticed... not coloured in the little bears nose lol.. oppps.... best go do that now.. bless him.

Will catch up with you all laters..... off to play... as feel the need ..:)
Enjoy rest of weekend peeps... hugs J xx

Saturday 24 October 2009

A card !!! and DT call for Sassy Designs

In amongst all the chaos, mess, dust, more mess... I escaped to my little haven, and attempted to make a card or two... after a couple of images made their way to the gash (rubbish) bin, and the third nearly ended up there too.... I took self off for a cuppa ... had a play on puter... and chillaxed for an hour or two, the best I can ... the mess is getting to me a bit now ! and its only been a week... got another week or two to go yet. !.. cannot believe the mess... DUST !!! OMG.... it gets everywhere doesnt it!... oh well.. I hope the outcome is well worth it. !

Right enough of moaning, lol... Have managed to do my challenge card for DIC for Monday, (which cant show you just yet, obviously)... :) sorry, and I stamped up a Pink Gem image and had a play, also had some new papers to play with from SU, plus my pointsettias from Hobby House... coloured with copic's... lots of glitter and sparkle ... well, it is a Christmas card lol. also, managed to colour up one of my fav images from Inger.. which I will add tomorrow, as not sure when will have the incentive to get in craft room again.
Found DT call at Sassy Designs, so am putting this card in, just incase... :).. well.. nothing lost, nuffink gained. .. Was wondering whether to put this one of tomorrows one in... but.. well hopefully made right choice.
yeah, did you guess I not a happy bunny just now??? sorry guys.. Having suffered from OCD for many years, and combating it.... I find now is a VERY tough time for me. !!!... will get myself back on track and be the happy jolly little bunny you all kn ow (and love I hope LOL)...
hope you all having a good weekend... oh and dont forget the clock tomorrow.... think we get an extra hour in bed.... well those of us that dont get woken at silly oclock by an ancient dog who not know what day it is, never mind the time LOL...

oh oh ps.. please excuse the rubbish photography.... but cant access my normal 'photo' spot ! lol.. so these are not the best ... but.. well, you get the geist ! x

xxx hugs J

Friday 23 October 2009


Yeah... ok ... still no card..... but... hopefully over the weekend I will get something done... well got no option as new DIC challenge up on monday... gosh I am SOOOOO far behind... not had time to do nowt re cards, blogs, challenges, DT's. Cannot believe the total chaos having a new kitchen can cause.. it really throws EVERYTHING out of kilta. I hate my life being so disorganised... but a couple more weeks... and all will be good in the world again !
Now for the totally fantastic brilliant news.... I have just booked my tickets for my holiday to............................................................. Tanzania/Zanzibar .. who is a lucky mummy ! I am going to visit my fabby son and lovely dil at Fundu Lagoon, Pemba Island, Tanzania... in Feb. to say I am one very happy bunny is an understatement... IM ECSTATIC (sp)
right off to find out who George Michaels daddy is "!!!!! lol.... will catch you peeps up, over the weekend.. have a good one ! xx

Thursday 22 October 2009

Still awol and Day 4 in de house.

Well sorry guys, but no card again today.... its just too hectic and messy.. and dont think I will be able to do much for a tad longer yet... my assistance, or hinderance is required by three hunky men... well.... how could I possibly refuse ! lol... Just not time to sit and craft, ...
House is in total chaos... layers and layers of dust throughout.... just as well I dont suffer from OCD anymore lol.... would be rocking back and forth in a corner by now. ! lol
Wall is down, window has been moved.. and I have a lovely eastern looking rug hanging up over window... lol... (well a grotty old bit I had chucked out, and the builders brought back in) !!! only for one night thou.. I hope !!!

awaiting delivery of materials now.. before next stage can commence... I am still able to use the kettle and microwave.. and water... so all is not lost yet. ! ... Im hanging on in here as long as can tolerate the mess and mayhem... (well with eye candy like Ive got to oggle... I not going nowhere just yet) rofl.
will add a few piccies of as was... and as is.... and I am not apologizing for the mess rofl. !!
Hope you all have a fabby day crafting !!! ... think of poor little ole me unable to settle in the peace and quiet and not quite so dusty craft room.... need to go out now for couple of hours.. then... run round after the chappies !!! :).. oooh the muscles on one of them.. phoar ! lol.. shame it not height of summer and blazing hot !!!!! :)

Tuesday 20 October 2009

Mission Kitchen

Well I did say this Day 1 in de house, but its actually day two.... cos lecky man here yesterday... and today EDF and lecky man ....
So.. today.. more holes in ceiling, more mess in kitchen , few more boxes in lounge.. although not enough, as still not done under the stairs cupboard... tomorrow... wall coming down... and Im off out for the day lol.. dogs going to Auntie Stacys, Im off to mums for a few hours.... and then come back to the chaos.. but Im cool... it WILL be ok... thats what I keep telling self... as I k now its going to get worse before better.. .. What I never understand is, when you do one room in house, why is it the whole house ends up in turmoil?..
Anyway on to something pretty... :).... Made this yesterday, in admist all the mayhem lol...
My other WOJ stamp I bought last week, always liked this stamp and so pleased finally got around to buying it. ..
Might be a day or so before I manage to make another card... as having to play it one day at a time.
Till then.... keep crafting buddies. :)

Monday 19 October 2009

New DIC Challenge

Morning everyone... got a fabby challenge this week over at Digi Ink Challenge. This week it is... 'Anything but a card'... I had to use my braincell for this one... lol.. but once I had the idea... it was all systems go... I have made a little bag for Ruby... from one sheet of 12 x 12 scrap book paper.... which I then reinforced with some card stock. Have used a Sewn Together image,called Halen,(which can be found in the best little digi Shoppe in town), and placed on Nesties... added some prima flowers... and hey presto... one cute little girly bag (trouble is mummy (Stacy) now wants me to make her a Halloween bag for her treats lol)...
So gals... get your thinking caps on and we would love to see what you come up with for this one... just remember its anything BUT a card. You have until next Sunday evening to get all your lovely creations in... which the DT cannot wait to go and look at.... so good luck to all.... have fun with this one, Im sure you will...

I am having to post this a bit early I am afraid... as it not 8am EST, but my electrician is here chomping at the bit, to turn all the power off.... so... work must commence... hope to be back asap.
have a great day... hugs x

Saturday 17 October 2009

Guess who FINALLY got a WOJ stamp :)

Well two actually lol... but only stamped up this one as yet... although the card is very simple for me... I didnt want to overface the image, (I am sure that will come next time round thou lol)... Thought I would stay away from the trad red and green that I tend to normally go for , and do something a tad different ... .. now I think I need a lie down.. LOL...
Yep you guessed, copics, some glitter card and a few bits from stash... and im loving that crushed glass... :)
I spose it might have been an idea to see if there were any challenges going I could have taken part in BEFORE I made the card... lol.. however...
catch you all tomorrow hopefully... hugs x

Candy time

Our lovely Bev has some awesome blog candy to give away... AND a draw for Simon Says Saturday Stamp Surprise is giving a way a Magnolia stamp too... So two draws to enter... thank you so much Bev...
Me, Im meant to be packing boxes today.... getting the kitchen ready for demo time... one small problem... boxes are at a freinds house.... so dont think I should be sat here blog hopping :) but.. well I just have to do my rounds... or will get withdrawels from that too. lol. Will have to drive over to get them asap.
Hopefully at some point today I WILL make a card... and pop it on here later. I HOPE. !!! if not... I will surely be back tomorrow with something... luckily Mondays challenge item for DIC is ready and waiting to be posted... phew., organised for a change lol.
Cuppa time... a few more blogs to visit, sort emails..., and I best get a wriggle on...
hope you all have a fabby day, and don't forget to drop by Bevs blog...
til later then...... xx hugs

Friday 16 October 2009

WitchHazel and 2 challenges

Hi Folks,
Another card made today.... even surprising myself here LOL, but this one was special to me, cos you would not beleive what I went through to get this right.. Kathy, the owner of Pixie Dust, which is where I got this freebie little witchypoo from, is fast becoming a very good friend of mine,.., lol... the amount of emails whizzing back and forth last night is unreal, thank goodness for 'tinernet...
I hasten to add, it was me with the problem, ... (nowt new there !), not sure what I was doing wrong, but we got there in the end... and I am so pleased, that woman has the patience of a saint lol... Thank you Kathy...
I hope you will all take a whizz over and say hi to her, and visit her new up and coming blog... although images are not new to her... go and have a read and all will be explained :).
me? Im off for a cuppa and a ciggie... yes I know... I still one of the dirty few... :)...
so here she is.... FINALLY little WitchHazel.... who I am going to enter into the Papertake weekly challenge. and also the Cute Card Thursday Challenge.
ooh.... looks like I MIGHT be out of action a bit from next week.... re kitchen alterations going on.. might have to move in with daughter for a week or two... .. how will I cope without my craft room????? ahhhhhhh... the thought makes me weak at the knees. Best I get a HUGE box of images and take my copics with me at least :)...
till tomorrow... hugs x

Thursday 15 October 2009

Roses on Paper/SSC/SCSC

Come across another fab blog... Roses on Paper, which is a combined challenge blog with Belles and Whistles., So I made up this card to enter, the colours required for the GDT call were, orange, green and brown, and the other requirements, to follow a sketch, well as you all know I LOVE SKETCHES ... and come across a brill one at Sketch Saturday Challenge, also Secret Crafter Saturday Challenge has an Autumn colours challenge, so a three in one for me.

Papers used from SU and stash, ribbon and flowers from stash and a Greeting Farm stamp. coloured with copics, as ever.
Hope you all had a brill day... I've been Roo sitting, so a bit worn out now, lol.. (ok so I only had her for a couple of hours... but). lol...
See you all tomorrow ....

Wednesday 14 October 2009

A little birdie tells me .......

I missed a couple of days of blogging, well nearly !.... :)
yesterday.... just far to busy to get into craft room... getting ready for the big demolition.. (of kitchen).... and today I been out gallivanting... :) With 10 other crafty sorry,, crafting friends lol...
Had a fabby day, made an inside out or back to front or upside down card, not too sure which... x2 (not quite finished, so will have to finish them off and show you tomorrow ... ish.... )... and a little owl... who was made from nesties and a couple of punches... (plus a bit of ribbon and some bradetts) how cute is this? ... i know its nowt like I normally make, but hey, isnt that the complete joy of having a lesson or two ?...
Would like to thank all the girls for their company today, all special friends in your own way !!! .... hehehe.... and Kaz ROFLMAO.... love you hun xx ... Also for poor Carole, the demonstator, for putting up with us lot , again, think she drew the short straw, bless her.
Well had to have a spendies in the shop.. would have been awfully rude not too.... but was quite restrained .... just a couple of WOJ stamps FINALLY GOT SOME YEEHAH... and a couple of copics and some prima flowers....
Will be back tomorrow with something... not sure what yet... as SOOOOO many images to play with...
so in the meantime... Ollie xxxx
Jackie x

Monday 12 October 2009

A New DIC challenge.

Good morning all... the start of a whole new week...:)... and a new challenge is (will be... in a few hours time, 8am EST).. set at DIC. (Digital Ink Challenge Blog) .This week it is a sketch.. ohhh I love sketches... so really enjoyed this one.
I have used an image from Judy at M&M's, called Aunt Venie... from the new Body Tots series, which can be found at the DIC Shoppe, they are fun, and there are some brill cowboys and Injuns there to 'play' with too, I think these are just something different, which is always great to find.
I have used copics (surprise surprise LOL), to colour her with, typed a sentiment for the front, added my usual flowers :) bit of ribbon from stash.. and used a Martha Stewart punch to make a scalloped border. I think the papers are from K & Co... although please dont quote me on that lol.. you know I useless when it comes to my papers. The trouble is... I buy them from variouis places, then as soon as got them, I put them in colour folders, hence never remember what the make is.
So, gals.... we over at DIC h ope that you will be joining in the fun this week and take part... as we always love to see what you can come up with. There will be a fabby image giveaway to the winner.. so what you waiting for.. ? Have fun and come join in. Don't forget to go check out the other DT's blogs too, as I am sure they will be adding some awesome cards as well.

Oh and there is still time to enter the raffle draw too, as this doesnt take place until 19th October...
Hope you all have a really good day.... take care all and will be back tomorrow hopefully with another card.... ta ta for now x

Sunday 11 October 2009

Checks are us. :)

A lovely image from Mo at Digital Pencil, It was a must have purchase.. lucky really as she has her first challenge running this week on the DigiPencilChallenge Blog, The theme is purple, not that you would have guessed lol... so this is my contribution. Obviously coloured with copics, added some gems over the snowflakes (got to have a bit of bling on xmas cards lol).. ribbon and charm from stash, and the paper was printed off from a cd... dont ask me... cos yet AGAIN, not a clue, just one I had saved, plus the new snow cb folder, which I love.
Don't forget tomorrow.... new challenge at DIC.. :)..
Off to do some dreaded housework... as the whole house looks pretty mucky at mo... far too busy playing with all these new images and stamps I have aquired of late... well... dust still be there tomorrow lol... have a great day .... see ya all tomorrow xxx

Friday 9 October 2009

Mr and Mrs Snowpeeps

Another little gem of a stamp.. from... yeah you guessed it.. Pink Gem. Nearly managed to make this one a complete WOW card (thats white on white) lol.. but, well... as I've said before, my cards never end up like I th ink they will lol..
(This might be different to what some peeps expect from you as a 'designer' (some peeps will know who I talking about ... yeah can you tell I still miffed?)...LOL... )
Anyway Im off to enter the Pink Gem challenge again... well if I put enough cards in I got more chance of winning... and they are giving away 6 stamps as a prize... woweeeeeee... and you can enter as many cards as you like... how brill is that? so what you lot still doing here?? go have a looksee? and if you got any of Janet's fabby stamps... get stamping up gals...
Off to cause havoc somewhere else now... lol... catch you all tomorrow.. :)
ps..Janet.. if you looking in.. thank you so much for the lovely comments on my cards... and thank you for such FABBY stamps to work with xx

Thursday 8 October 2009

Challenge card .. for 2 challenges :)

Well I think I've managed to do a 2 in one card... need to go back and treble check all the requirements.
Firstly, another Pink Gem image, (and for their challenge), then the copics challenge
Don't know how managed to put a card together today as feeling as rough as old boots, had a migrainey head for 3 days now, and can't shift it, but defo feeling worse for wear today.. all the tablets im taking im surprised anything wants to linger.. never mind.. can have a chillax evening for a change, and hopefully will feel better tomorrow.
so, that I dont make you all as depressed as I feel,... going to keep this short today... hope you all having a brill day anyways... and hopefully I will be back to my cheery old self tomoz. (best had be or will defo shoot self )
hugs Jackie xx
even lost my siggy... oh well... sure it somewhere to be found, if only I could bother looking for it x LOL

Wednesday 7 October 2009

Hoot Hoot

Another cutey stamp from Pink Gem this one is called Winter Hoot, and I just think he is such a sweetie. I didn't do much to the card, as I wanted to keep it simple for a change :).. just used the snowy cb folder (thank you Lynn xx), a ready made sentiment, found lurking in the bottom of my xmas box, some ribbon ,gems and stickles oh and of course he was coloured with copics. I did layer him up a bit for some depth.
Can't stop to natter today.. as got lots to do (as always..)...
But make sure you pop back tomorrow as got something worth while showing you... (well I will have if I go and do what I'm told hehe)
catch you all laters... have a good day... :)

Tuesday 6 October 2009

couldn't resist........................

Had my granddaughter over to stay tonight... and I couldn't resist taking these photo's and showing you.
The face of an angel? .. well yeah, when she asleep lol
this is Ruby Tyler with William and Piggy.. looking like every inch of a pure delight and angelic in every way.. oh if only you knew lol.
then a couple of hours later... i snuck up again, (basically to see where Xev dog was, as if I didnt know)... and there she was taking good care of bab. Xev is not known for her tolerance of kids.. nor am I come to that.. hehe... and there were 4 doors/room open for her, one with big double bed all to herself if chose.. and normally she would have, trust me. !!!! i find dog hairs in all the wrong places ! lol. but, when Roo is here.. this is where you will find her.. !!! keeping an eye and ear open., !
In a few weeks time, apparently, Roo is taking Xev into a dog show, as child handler lol.. SHE/Roo is only 2 and a half, but this dog.. is brilliant with her... (well the last few months has been) so, we will see what happens, I will take piccies for you all, and if you see the back end of a pair of shoes, it will be Rubys lol... but Xev seems to dote on her and keeps her safe.... a dog in a million (and a granddaughter) xxxxxxxxx

Pink Gem card

Received my PinkGem stamps this morning hurrah, been on my wish list for so long, and finally got a round to getting some... hehe all five... managed to make one card and copic'd up another image for tomorow... (Pam you will love tomorrows one !!!)..
I am also entering for a chance to win 6 of Janets stamps too.. how cool is that... so fingers crossed... as they say... you have to be in it to win it... take a looksee for yourselves girls... if you have any of her stamps.. get cracking.
Might be back later... if not catch you all tomorrow... xx
recipe ... . one pink gem stamp hehe... , copics used,paper from goodness knows where (red one was a sheet of wrapping paper from the works.. yonks ago), stickles on poinsettias, poinsettias from Hobby House, text stamp from Cuddly Buddly. lace and ribbon from stash. and used a cb folder. Hey I done pretty good on todays receipe !!! (don't expect it to last lol)

Monday 5 October 2009

blog candy alert :)

Hi... just come across this blog and Iris has some fabby blog candy up for grabs, runs until 8th Oct... so get yourselves over there, do the necessaries and keep ya fingers crossed. (thanks hun for chance of winning some super candy x)

Autumn/Fall card - D-IC

Morning peeps... oooh I've been sooo excited to show you this card, talk about wanting the days to go quickly so I could add it to my blog...
We have a new challenge over at Digi Ink Co... this week it is a theme challenge, an Autumn/Fall card using one of the Stamping Dragon Designs, which can be purchased at the shoppe, and this is what I come up with. It is quite different for me... (must be having a week of it lol)... defo will be needing to take a chill pill or something, all these changes in my card making.. hehe. But I th oroughly enjoyed making this one.
I bought a little leaf stamp at Ally Pally in readiness for this card, as had the idea to do a background with it, which I used clear ink pad and chalks. then copic'd the leaves and decoupaged th em (not sure if that shows in piccy). coloured up the natural buttons and ribbon with copics too... wonderful little pens they are... (can you tell I love em) :).
So what you all waitin gfor? you going to join us this week at Digi?? I do hope so, as we love to see your creations with 'our' images.
Have a good day.. and happy crafting x
ps you might have to wait a couple of hours before the other girls add theirs, from across the pond) xx

pps... you really must go and look at the other DTM's cards .. (links in sidebar)... they really are awesome... way to go girls xx

Sunday 4 October 2009

Back to what I happy with :)

Stamps and colouring :)... and a fabby new image I come across, designed by Inger at (thank you so much Inger)
I just adore this image and have, what I class as, rough copic'd it, in places... I didn't want some areas totally blended so left them as was, and also some places totally devoid of any colour... to me, its what the image called for .. (not sure if that makes sense to anyone else, other than me lol)..

I am also going to enter this into the Secret Crafter Saturday Challenge... as the theme is Celebration... well you cant get much better than Christmas can you. :)...

been playing with glitter glass again, or what ever its called... lol.. made up the tags myself to hang from the ribbon !!!! hehee guess who didnt measure before stuck on ribbon.. hence coming out from under the pointsettia now lol... well.. since when do all cards end up, the way they intended in the first place? (mine hardly ever do thats for sure) lol... right on that note... time for a cuppa or a glass of wine, as after all it is Sunday :) and best go tidy up the mess I made in craft room ... enjoy the rest of your day... xx oh as for the backing paper.... as per usual.. not a blooming clue LOL (oh and did you notice only ONE backing paper too... !!!!, thats quite worrying for me lol)