Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Blue and Green

Who says they cant be seen together?? I think they look ok. See no pink no lilac in sight ! and yet still girly, still delving into all my papers... and coming across all sorts of pretty ones :) some I just stroke and put back thou, as we do. If wee dog lets me escape I may even manage to get another card on the go today, now that would be something new lol... its a toss up, garden, housework or craft room........... erm...... not much contest there is there. ! Needs and wants comes to mind... hehe... and I soooo NEED and WANT to go into my craft room... as for the other two, well... only one of those word has to be used... and its not the latter. so guess what wins... catch you all later... x

Thank you so much Pam for the Award... I feel very honoured as I know you dont normally do these... so thank you... not sure if its for Ruby or me, but Im nabbing it lol..

Uber (synonym to Super) Amazing Blog Award is a blog award given to sites who:
~ inspire you
~ make you smile and laugh
~ or maybe gives amazing information
~ a great read
~ has an amazing design
~ and any other reasons you can think of that makes them uber amazing!
The rules of this award are:
* Copy the badge and put the logo on your blog sidebar or post.
* Nominate at least 5 blogs (can be more) that for you are Uber Amazing!
* Let them know that they have received this Uber Amazing award by commenting on their blog.
* Share the love and link to this post and to the person you received your award from.
* Come back and comment
here so that your link could be added to the masterlist of awardees.

I will have to have a little think and do this tonight... cos it going to be hard to pick peeps... so please bare with me... x

I would like to nominate

Bev as I love her blog and her cards are so inspirational and beautiful.
Karen because she always drops by to comment on my cards, and I never find time to do likewise, so this is to say a big thank you.... ( I do pop in when I can. )
Karen J I adore her cards, so neat and precise and fabby.
Kath Always makes me laugh with her blog, and her cards and tags are amazing (this lady is sooo funny)
and lastly, but not least,
Sam Her stitched cards are fantastic, I just wish my hands would let me hold a needle and also have the patience to do these. gorgeous.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Morning everyone... Its me... Ruby T.

Well I got to go home in minute... so I thought I quickly send you update of my night and morning with Nannie... she not seem too happy today, not sure why.. Im very lively today, infact I was very lively last night too. Nannie come to bed about 1am thinking I be fast sleep... but as soon as she come in bedroom I woked up and said HIYA... and scared nanny nearly to death.. hehe.. then I talked to nannie but she said I had to go back to sleep, so I thought ok I will... for now... Nanny was very tired. I kicked, and tossed and turned and stuck my feet in nannies belly, and in her back, and kicked her boobies cos I nearly upside down by then... then I had to get back right way, so kicked nannie in all sorts of places .... allll night she said, I think she eggsagerating... she say she had NO sleep at all... I slept... I just wriggle a lot, apparently, and I talk all night too, I dont remember any of that, cos I sleep like good girl, if nannie sleeping like good girl too she not know I wriggle and kick and talk all night !
then at 6am... I WIDE awake... and I talked to Iggle Piggle, and Ellie, and my pillow, and nannie and I talk in Ruby talk, too... and I played and made LOTS of noise cos I heard doggy bark so I done barking noises too.... soo loud cos I found I can screach really really loud now and really high pitched too... i got really good at that this morning... then I had doggy bark again, so i barked back... again.. lots... then said Nannie you sleep???? I think she was aawake, cos she moving... so I poked her in eye to see if open or shut... they opened !!! I did warn her.. cos said EYE.. before the poke.... then I said EAR... but for some reason Nannie got up beofre I could test her ears to see if they awake too.
We come downstairs and I wanted my milk... Nannie wanted smokkie stick and hot juice... but I said I want milk.. so I had that first.. Nannie big she can wait.. I got dry mouth cos thinjk it been talking all night.. so I needed milk. Nannie had her coffee...(hot juice)... she not seem to wake up after one cup... so went for another, but I wanted my puffs then... dont like milk on them, so had in bowl dry... and dropped the bowl... nannie said rude word I think.... only half of them dropped thou, the rest landed in my lap, so we put them back in bowl.... then i not want any more so I tried to put lid on... nannie cleaned up the ones on floor cos the doggies not like them... they stick to all sorts of things... like nannies slippers, xevs paws, my pjs... my toys... anyway, when I try putting lid on... well... i sort of.... dropped the rest of them all over the floor again... nannie defo said rude word that time cos I heard her !! ... i got of chair and still had lots on chair... so after nannie picked them all up off floor again, i thought I would help and brushed them all off of chair so nannies chair all nice and clean for her... cant understand why she went into kitchen and had head hanging outside back door.???
Muggi been shaking allll morning... nannie said its fear... me not understand that...
I tipped ALLLL my toys ALL over the louinge floor... why?> cos I can. didnt want to play with them, just thought Muggi might like to have ostikle course on floor.... she keep bumping into toys, she not very good at ostikle course, maybe cos Nannie said she blind??? Muggi went for sleep in bathroom upstairs for some peace and quiet. !!!
Did you know, doggy biskits float in water bowl??? Oh I still after them biskits I not have last night, I not forget them, so thought I go find in cupboard, but mummy said no... so i kept shutting the doors.... lots... and banging ... lots... till the cupboard door broked.... Daddy had to fix it... he not happy... he got poorly head me thinks...
Right I got to go now, I could stay and talk LOTS more.. but Nannie needs a rest...
until next time everybodies.... lots of love and hugs.... Ruby Tyler... aged two xxx

Friday, 27 March 2009

My visit by Ruby Tyler aged Two !!!

Hello everyone...
did you see, Ive had a birthday since I last wrote to you all... Im soo big now.. Im two..
Ive given nannie her orders for the night, so best she behave and do as I told her, ie... Im not going to bed unless Iggle piggle is on tv... she said something about not having dvd cd or bbc... not sure which... so she put... Elledale on for me, dont go much on that at all.. not quite in the midnight garden now is it... more like in a garage... I dont do cars.... well I like my lego ones, but not watching them on television.
Nannie gave me my milk... which I drunk, after she threatened to take it away and drink it herself, cos I said NO... I learnt the horrible word too now.. and I use it ALL the time... now they know how I feel when they say it to me all the time !!!! :)
Ive had my story, didnt go much on that either, sure Daddy and Mummy say different words than Nannie, maybe she cant read?? I think she just making it up as she goes along, she thinks I stupid and not know the story, I do so... !
So Im supposed to be sleeping in Nannies big bed... yeah right... like she can keep me in that ! .. I escaped.. was ok, got out no problem.. even with a guard thingy and lots of pillows to stop me, it was like climbing Mount Evercrest... but I managed it... trouble is... I cant get back in it now and I am soooo tired... think Nannies bed bit bigger than my one.. think that cos Nannie got longer legs than me !
Ive had a play with the doggies... Muggi looks so pretty with stickers on her... as does Xev, and also Nannies floor and Nannies sofa. :)
Wanted a biskit but i not allowed, cos threw my toast over the table and nannie said i had to put back on plate.. I dont think so... doesn she not recognise a paddy??
Well thats the third time ive had Nannie upstairs.. last resort.. tried EVERYTHING else... only one thing left to do to get self down stairs... poo in my nappy ! :) Cant understand why Nannie looks SOOOO discustard... its quite normal you know.. think she said somethink about smelly bum and words I not quite understand yet... but Im learning ALLLL the time.. cos I two now.. and cant wait to be three... Bit tired now everyone, so th ink I might just have to have a little bit of shut eye... just the one eye though,... dont want Nannie thinking I sleeping.. got to keep her on her toes... cos I still got hump I never had my biskits .. if i get time in morrow I write again... nite nite xxx Ruby Tyler aged two xxx

Mrs. Mop

Poor neglected little blog.... cannot believe I not posted anything since Tuesday... sorry all, not sure where this week has gone, I did have to make some mens cards... and wouild you beleive it, was in such a rush to get them completed and packaged up... I forgot to take pics of all of them... lol... yes three in one day, Two were Lapashe ones, thank heavens for those sheets.. and just a car one, so nothing pretty to show you... well, nothing to show full stop. lol... been rushing round like a headless chook again.. never mind... Ive had a lovely morning and part of afternoon working on this little sweetie... feeling the need to do a lilac card now thou lol...
Hope you like her, I certainly do.. STILL waiting for Imagenation shop to restock.. I am soo desperate for white square envies.. yes I know I could buy them elsewhere, but thats far too easy for me ... or is that difficult?? lol
Got Ruby tonight... she just may decide to do some writing whilst she here, I will have to have a little word with her...!! :) J x

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

another cutie

Another little cutie, not sure who this stamp is by... will have to ask my friend G :)... but had to have a go today and paint her up, sposed to be doing ..................... mens cards... erm.... dont think this fits the bill lol... but i have cut out some deco... well actually lots of deco, cos kept changing mind along the way,.. and why didnt I start with LaPashe??? cos would have saved me a lot of time and effort. Also had an order for a mustang. ! I presume they meant the car ... I do so hope so ! lol not happy with that card... as got an empty space that im not sure how to fill yet... they were just a bit too specific in their requirements.. !!!!!! ... so whilst im faffing around with men !!!! (s.. cards) lol.. thought I would show this little girly... isnt she cute... and no lilac in sight lol

Monday, 23 March 2009

MORE blog candy...

Jennifer is offering up some fabby candy... and I want and NEED it... so dont all rush lol... (12th April)

Spot the mistake !!!

Please look at this image and tell me whats wrong with it !!!! :)

Sunday, 22 March 2009

More blog candy..

Paula is offering up some lovely goodies, and as I said, even if Im not lucky in this, I know know which sentiment stamps I need and who makes them lol... so all is not lost. Closes 27th March...

blog candy..but hurry up

Dear oh dear... talk about scrap in at last min.... I thought I had added myself to Bevs candy link... but NOOOO... I would have hung myself, never mind kicked if I hadnt entered... you know the saying, cant win it if not in it, or something like that.. LOL... go and check it out, but be quick sharp as ends today !!! Its superb... thank you Bev for putting this up... xx
Also Katharina has the latest woj stamps up for grabs to.... once again you need to get a wriggle on... such generous ladies ....

Saturday, 21 March 2009


what a blooming week.... been soooo busy... but just about managed to do a card tonight... ish.... another rush job , Gorjuss girl.. pink and blue... right im rushing off again ... weddings, weekends, outfits, daughters and cakes... lol ... never a dull moment !!! (not added a sentiment as yet... not had time LOL)

Thursday, 19 March 2009

beiges for a change and a SN

Now this little stamp by Sugar Nellie (I think LOL)... I really really DOOOOO need SOOOOO much... someone very kind sweet person stamped her up for me and I love her, (the image that is) lol... had to do another rush job card today... and the p hotography is pooh... it looks wonky... but I double checked and its not on the card, phew.. had me worried. Cant stop as need to go and do results for challenge... so (hey bet you lot pleased I not going to be gassing for ages on here)... here she is... and I hope I have done her justice. complete different colours for me.. and im not sure now if I like them lol.... they might grow on me.... but wanted to use the papers , maybe try different combo when got more time...xxxx

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Want to pass this on... to....

All the peeps that pass through, stay for a gander, leave a comment, have a giggle, friends, bloggers.... am I sounding like Ive won an oscar?? lol.... to all that come by my blog .............. thank you xxxxxxxxx

Sarah Kay

Thought I best get a wriggle on and get a card made today.. all did not go according to plan! but then I dont think it ever does with me LOL... Why do photos always show up anything youve done wrong?? Defo the old saying of the camera never lies lol.. tiny bit of fixing needed I think :)
Also why did i decide to burn all the stuff I would have shredded, had I have had a shredder that is... on a lovely warm spring day???? now got a grateful of mess and was rather warm this afternoon lol... wish id left til tonight, that temp has defo dropped somewhat, or it might be where I been spit roasting self on a open fire half the day LOL..
Thank you Karen for the image... another stamp I MUST add to my small collection... :) and thank you Debs for the sentiment .... I also need more sentiment stamps :) oh and as my friend Lynn is away at mo... I can safely say... I havent got enough backing papers hehe... bit like the ribbon and flowers... never got the one I want.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Another Blossom

As Jak caught me unawares and put her lastest free sheet up early... I had to make this up very quickly so you could see what another beautiful blossom she has done for you. If you would like to see other ideas on how to use the blossom, visit Toni and Karen. Im sure they will have made some stunning creations.
Right quick dash to shops... for my bottle of wine for tonight... then race back and sort out this challenge !! well I can try anyway x
Recipe.. cos been asked to let you all know, was.. Jaks backing papers, Jaks blossom, (obviously) lol c/b embossing folder, which after running through the CB I sanded off the embossed bit with a sanding block, so that the white showed throu, stamp and cardstock from stash.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Pink it is..

Finally done a pink card... a stamp yet again Ive had for ages and not used... not sure if will again, or as someone suggested, maybe use a different ink next time.. Not having a good day today, but will try and get back on the craft wagon and get cracking tomorrow, and will hopefully be feeling a bit happier than have the last few days... Why you ask... well its been 2 years since my Dad passed away... and I miss him dreadfully, they say it gets easier.... not sure when that is ! ... sorry to be on such a downer at mo... but the Joker in the Pack will be back on form soon. x

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Mothers Day Card

Still in the lilac theme... sooo trying to do another colour honest lol.. but another little pot/vase of lilac flowers that I liked.. thought these were pansies too untill I had finished cutting them out.. and realized they roses lol... cant say Ive seen roses this colour, however.. !
Made this for my 'Mum' a darling lady I have known for about 7 years now, who I met and go and visit her at least once every week.. and we put the the world to rights, we chat and laugh, have lunch, I take her shopping, and lose her on a regular basis, lol.. not deliberately, think I need one of those springy wrist things on her that they put on kiddies nowdays, she has a tendency to dissapear around corners If I turn my back on her for a mo, needle and haystack comes to mind in the mega Tesco store. !!! she has more or less adopted me as her other daughter... I love her to bits and wanted to do something special for her. As much as she loves my 'normal'cards.. she doesnt do little girls without mouths lol... but as I tell her, thats cos they should be seen and not heard hehehe. She adores flowers and likes decoupage... so I hope this fits the bill nicely.
Im thinking pink ... pink pink.... not sure if will work... but if I say it enough it might lol.. catch you all tomorrow... xx
I did trim the ribbon AFTER I took the piccy lol..

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Pot of Pansies

Well it might not be quite pink... lol but it is something different, Rome wasnt built in a day... :) a very fiddly deco by Nikky,but I so liked it I had to have a bash at making it up, I was tempted to cut bits off in the end, as really was struggling with the cutting out on this, its not perfect, but if you dont look too closely.. its ok LOL.. Dug out my pansy tapestry stamps too and sat and had a play, didnt really need to do much else to it. I might add a little tag to it at some point if needed to send to someone special...
hope you like. and thank you to Nikky xx

Sunday, 8 March 2009


Guess the hersey bars... or choccie bars if you English ! lol... ive had my guess cos I so NEED these punches by MS..... what a generous gal... go check it out. xx

Brown and Blue ... Just for you

Another Gorjuss Girl.. such a sweet image. Ive now decided I not only need hundreds of stamps, but... (dont tell my friend Lynn) I need more papers... its getting a bit like the ribbon, never got the right ones .. I searched high and low for something with brown and blue in it... could I find any... well ... no.. as you can see.. I really did think I must have some... maybe I wasnt looking right place? lol ... I now feel a pink day coming on.. LOL.. now pink papers I do have plenty of.. :) Im also feeling the need to try something new... although Im not too sure what yet.. dont be at all surprised if tomorrows card is another cutie image with flowers and papers LOL...

Saturday, 7 March 2009

She saw seashells ....

Painted this image up ages ago.... infact a very very very long time ago, half mounted it.. and never got around to making up into card... tried that today.... and ended up binning it.... got told off by fellow crafter and friend, Lynn,.... lol.... so retrieved it from bin, added some more colour to it, remounted it.. and this is the outcome.... I had already made the flower before I binned the thing... so.. mustard and lilac it was. ! LOL

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Gorjuss Girl

By Sugar Nellie... and I think she is just Gorjuss. Would like to thank Bev for the image... thanks hun... enjoyed playing today. hope Ive done her proud. xx
In keeping with this weeks challenge set by moi... its lilac and green, just a different sketch.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Got Spots before my eyes :)

Another blooming blossom or is it budding blossom?? LOL whichever... its made a loverly flower, I bet you are all wondering where the sheets come from for this one.... well.. you will all have to keep your eyes peeled on Jak's blog.... cos they will be coming out............... soon !!! :)... well we do like to tease you..

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Do you remember the tut?

NO.. not King Tut... LOL..
The tuturial that I did for painting.. well this is the finished result. ..
Had to make a very quick card this morning, to say thank you, and remembered I had some finished images.. this being one of them obviously.
This is quite a plain card for me of late, lol... but I did have to make it very quickly.. thats my excuse..and Im sticking to it , lol and I thought it would make a nice change.
Right now back to what I was doing... will catch you later, with maybe another card... if I remove myself from the keyboard !!

Monday, 2 March 2009

Its a winner

Not made a card today as been out visiting my 'mum'.... come home to find I had won a challenge with my 'spring card'... wow was I chuffed or what.
Needless to say I now have to think up a new challenge for the girls on Imagenation. ! I have an idea... but am making them all wait LOL... needs a bit of ..... sorting.. :)
well Im not going to give too much away as yet am I ! lol...
so thank you everyone who voted for the card... and this is the one ...