Saturday, 29 November 2008

Frosty The Snowman , PBSC

Two cards and two posts in one day... am I spoiling you or what? lol
This is the card I am entering in this weeks Penny Black Saturday Challenge, (see sidebar) the destructions for this week are.... no patterned papers. !!! So spent all morning painting away... not sure what I was going to do.. but very relaxing is painting lol... managed to do about 4 different images... then went on a hunt for papers to match... think next time.. will do other way around, sure it would have been easier !!! that will teach me for getting carried away with the paintbox.
Without further ado... Frosty !

FPC .. poinsettia card

Well who would have thought !... it might have taken me forever to do, But I got there in the end... first attempt at FPC.
We had a girly/craft day at a friends yesterday, and Pam gave us a demo on the poinsettias.... and had very kindly supplied us with all the necessary shapes already punched out (thank you Pam)... from there... she instructed us as we all went along... needless to say, I think I was well and truely way behind everyone else, but... finished off the actual card and holly today.. I am pleased with the end result, and if my hands were better than they are, I would love to do some more of this, but, arthritis does not help. But maybe on a good day I might be ok to have another bash.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Scrummy blog candy

Bev and Katherina are offering up some fabulous candy.. and I WANT IT lol... go take a look and leave a comment and link to your blog... or even if you havent got a blog, you can still enter. Thank you both... lovely lovely candy...

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Card for son.

I hate mens cards. ! Been so busy with chrimbo cards... forgot I had to make a card for son and get in post quick sharp.... HOpe it gets there in time... or I will be in heap big trouble. As he is a dive master (amongst his many talents), and at present is living and working in Africa, plus just got back from a safari, I thought this image was ideal. I then added the sea, behind the piccy, and then acetate over the top, and then added the 'bubbles'.. which I punched out with a crop a dile and an ordinary hole punch lol.. silly afternoon spent ! lol

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Award time. yeehah

First of all I would like to thank Louise Emma and Val for presenting this award to me, thank you both very much.
This blog invests and believes the PROXIMITY- nearness in space, time and relationships.These blogs are exceedingly charming.These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends,They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement.Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated,Please give more attention to these writers.
The award also states that I have to award it to 8 more blogs. I know this award has been recieved by many of the blogs I like to follow, so forgive me if you have already recieved this award, but I thought you deserved another and if I could, I'd give all the blogs I follow this award. Here are the 8 blogs I'd like to give this award to:
Pam ..
Val ..
Bev ..

Funky Christmas

Well this is certainly nothing like the other cards I have been making of late, but good reason for that.. This is my entry for two challenges this week, one for PTC and the other for PBSC. So have managed to combine them into one card. (just)... This is way out of my comfort zone.. so completely different to what I would normally do, but well, its worth a go at something out of the norm. (and since when have I been normal anyway LOL). Just hope Ive got the sketch bit correct, still none to sure how far you can deviate away from them... so fingers crossed ive done it right. Am also going to see if I can do this ... my card is here , bit.. somehow.. not holding out much hope for that !!! lol... but I will give it a try..
Still not sorted out the 7 peeps I sposed to nominate as yet... but will try and get round to that asap. I know for a fact I have been lucky enough to also be given an award, one from Val and one from Louise Emma.... I promise I will try and sort them too... and I am extremely pleased that you have thought me 'worthy'of this award.. thank you both so much.
Right onwards and upwards... time to post the card and keep fingers crossed that at least some of you will like it !!! Its different.. thats all I can say... oh... the theme was "Funky Christmas"and not to use traditional colours... so here goes !!! xx Have a good day folks. x

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Ive been tagged

By Bev ..
thanks hun.. I think LOL...
and the idea is I have to state 7 interesting facts about myself.. and then pass on to 7 other peeps... so here goes.. not sure about the intesting bit thou !!!!

1).... Born in London within the sound of Bow Bells, so that makes me a true cockney (and very proud of that I am too)
2) ... I have a full motorbike license .. so yes used to ride bikes obviously 250cc, biggest I rode on own, as got short legs lol . !!!
3)... Used to own my own horse, and competed in Dressage, X country, and show jumping
4) ... Have a steering ticket, which enabled me to steer cross channel ferries from Dover to Calais ..and back again !! lol (first stewardess on P and O to achieve as far as I know).
5)... Hope to been thrown out of a plane next year for charity... belated birthday present from my kids... Im rather hoping they remind a chappy to put a parachute on and go tandem with me.. and not just chuck me out of the plane !!!!
6) ...Am not known for my tact.... so usually in trouble at some point.. but smile my way out of it ! :) cos Im loveable ! lol
7)... are you bored yet..? narrowly escaped, fire, drowning and bombings !!!! do you think someone trying to tell me something?? maybe something to do with no. 6 ???

Right now to do the hard part lol...
Will come back to this bit in the morning... x

Snow White Xmas Part Deux

After the success of my other white on white cards.... I put another two together for you all to have a looksee at. I love these cards, as they the quickest ones Ive made... and so many different possibilities to them. Could go on and on with them. But... think I now need to have a count up to see how many more Xmas cards I need to make before get carried away with them. lol... Thank you everyone for your wonderful feedback on these, and I am also pleased to hear that it has given a lot of you inspiration to have a go at something similiar.
Hopefully Mr. Postie will be bringing me some stamped images today from various kind peeps that have come to my rescue... (thank you Bev, Dawn and Toni). As am hoping to have another bash at a challenge... (lack of stamps is stopping me just now). I wouild like to have a go at a sketch as well.... so will have to find one I can do with images available to me.
Another day in my cubby hole I think.... bitter day here in Kent... will have to go out looking like an eskimo when I walk the dogs.... oh and on that note... My little old girl NOT happy with me... its been so cold I had to dig out her horse rug, and she not like wearing it.. cant think why,, maybe she thinks it ruins her street cred? ... and yes.. you did read that correct.. i did say horse rug.. lol... when I had my horse Murphy, up until a couple of years ago, I always bought him a certain brand of rug, (like clothes they all fit different)... then they brought out doggy coats/rugs.... so both my horse and my dog had matching rugs !!!! lol... check out the horse label rofl. Will attach a piccy of her too for you all to laugh at.. sorry... look at. ! (dont think she can read.. as eyesight bad now)LOL...
so hope you enjoy piccies..... have a good day... and thank you all again for visiting and leaving your comments... always makes my day. xx

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Snow White Xmas

On a roll now... after the card I added yesterday, I thought I would have go at seeing how many different ways I could use the same idea... ish ! lol... and well... see for yourselves !!! ... I will either bore the pants off of you... as going to add all 5 ... if Mr. Bloggy lets me... or.. you might be able to take some inspiration from them... rather it was the latter LOL... I could have continued along the same lines with many more to be honest... and ive only used one image and a couple of folders. (hence me worried it might be the former).. It made a lovely change to actually go with the flo... and not stop dead after one card... cant remember the last time I got so many made in one day.. Only spotted two things I need to sort.. one of the tie bows is bum about face... hehe... and I need to wipe a few finger prints off the silver mirri card ! opps nothing like a bit of photgraphy to spot your mistooks ! all of the cards are either a5 or 7 x5, and all the snowflake pieces have been cb twice, and the circle cut out of.... so they all sit back. plus can use the circles for something else now. :)
Today as its wet, cold and miserable outside.... oh and very windy ! .... I will just have to go into my craft room again.. and .... oh dear.... play ! hehe... But... its a birthday card or two I need to be making this time... so hopefully will show you those tomorrow.. all being well.
Really hope you havent got fed up with the white xmas ones .... as have a few more up my sleeve.. but might not bother to drive you nuts with any more LOL After all.. you can only have so much of a good thing ROFL... :).
hope you all have a good day... Im off to find some elephants now. ! (birthday card for son). would it be terrible of me if I used one of his latest safari pictures do you think?? lol I know a lady who has made a lovely card from a couple of his photos... but unfortunately she hasnt put it on her blog yet... so Greta.. if you reading this... get a move on... and I can post a link to your site for all to see !!!! cos its such a lovely card, well done. Son is thrilled to bits with what you have done with the photos.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Peace and Joy

And now for something different !..Been playing with my CB folders and nesties... and this is what I have come up with.. Might add a bit of sparkle to it later... (might not lol)... got a few more ideas up my sleeve too in the same vein, now whether they work out or not remains to be seen lol... will need a bit of prescision engineering... to get the effect Im thinking of... so a bit of swearing might be on the agenda later. :) ..
Looking like the Elephant man ... again... abscess back up.. same place as before.. dentist booked for next Thursday.. if he wants to take this tooth out.. he is in for a fight ... To say I have a phobia of dentists... is still a slight understatement. !.. and they usually have to knock me out to take teeth out.. but I really dont want any more out... or will end up looking like gummy bear. !.. so.. think a lot of work will be in order.. yes.. I do feel sorry for myself.. :(.. scared, no... terrified, is probably a better word lol.. never mind.. in the mean time Im back to popping pills again.. these anti bionics dont exactly make me run round like Lindsey Wagner... (or have I got the wrong programme?, in which case... that might explain it LOL).
HOpe you all have a good day... Im off to attack the craft room for a few hours... will need to wade my way through xmas papers and.... organised chaos!.. more chaos than organised... but... I know where things are !!! (Ish)
Am also hoping some kind soul will send me some stamped images in the post soon.... as I cant enter the new PBSC until she does... humph.. so Toni... if you reading this ! LOL... help !!!!!! please. Im needing Funky Christmas !!! Can see a spendies coming on in new year if Im going to keep up with these challenges... dont think my 3 or 4 stamps will suffice for long do you?? lol...
catch you all later.. xxx
Val has got some fab candy up for grabs... and go check out her blog, well worth a visit.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Church Scene

Admist all the mayhem... I finally managed to make a grand total of ... two cards LOL
The tree I embosssed with white detail embossing powder, and also the sentiment, mat and layered on swiss dots... the background was stamped by moi !
The little eskimo and snowman... once again from Funky Fairy. Sentiment embossed, and once again, background I stamped up myself.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

PTW Challenge and PB challenge

They wanted snow... they got snow... LOL... (yes I know I added this one a couple of days ago, but Im sure you and they wont mind that, as it fits the bill perfectly)..
also have entered it in the PB challenge as well as once again it fits the bill.

Also, my card for the day... is.... a likkle Xmas tree with bits added... too early to be too technical. I had already sold a similar card to a friend, and she wanted a lighter version of it also, so this is what I come up with... she was very pleased with it... so much so I hoped I could have the darker version back lol (one of my favs)... but not so... (October 15th entry, if your interested).
Right onwards and upwards... as they say... got a million and one things to do (again)... and yes... still coughing like mad,,,, unlike Kath (on All that Glitters), my voice is not sounding sexy at all... just plain old rough lol... hope you all have a brill day and will catch you later... (opps just noticed... used same backing paper on both cards lol.... time for a rummage in paperstock and come up with something different).

Debbie at Passion for Crafts, has put up some fabby candy... here is the link... brill blog and well worth a visit. 26/11

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Well its almost cold enough!

For snowmen and Eskimo outfits LOL, so thought would add this card today, Yes, ok I cheated I made it yesterday and should have added it... but knew I had yet another hectic day today, and wouldnt get the time to make one... so held this back... cant go spoiling you all in one go !!
Got the image from Funky Fairy (see sidebar)..Some fab free downloads on there..and a brill blog.
Spent over half hour yesterday in bank... sorting out sons bank account... (personally I think he got me money laundering so he can have me put inside so he can nab my house) LOL.... done all the paperwork, which takes forever, waited for second time in queue, only to get to the cashier and for him to say did I have two forms of ID .... erm .... no !!!! blagged my way through that one, as nice young man at desk had the misfortune of dealing with me last time I had to do one of these, and funny enough... he remembered me ! (cant think why) LOL... so gave all the paperwork in.. and off home I went... only to check my answer phone when I got home to find.................... message from bank..... ... I hadnt signed the form !!!! grrrr.... so today... back I went again.. I hate TOWNS.
Also had to go up and check the drains at 'Dad's'house... stocking full of toot off the roof.... put a fresh one on ... cleaned off the salt deposits on inside of wall... and another day gone.
Can someone please point me in right direction to my craft room again... please.. and also give me a day of peace and quiet with no problems?
Tomorrow morning will be spent doing copies and copies of paperwork I need to send off... and there is a fair wack of that... so not looking forward to that either... why is life never simple??? Just want to have a stress free day in my little cubby hole playing... and I even made an effort to clear a slightly bigger space to do some crafting in... got half a desk now !!! impressed or what??? LOL not that that will last long . !
Just where are the days going?? Im only half way to getting my xmas cards done, plus still got orders, plus... ohhhh not been to the shop for ages.. so need to get over there too... and not sure what got in my spare box.. please please let there be enough for this time to add to shop.. cos I really not got the time to make any more 'normal'cards just now...
on that note... (and they say cardmaking is meant to be relaxing)?????
Off to put head in gas oven... oh forgot , two slight problems with that, Northsea now... and.... I dont get gas here LOL...

Monday, 17 November 2008

As promised

This one has certainly got the ahhhhh factor.. lol Ordered by customer... spec. - for a couple that rescues cats and dogs. I made the backing paper myself with a small stamp, and gold metallic ink pad. added a bit of glitter glue here and there. But, didnt want 'real' animals on card. Also, didnt want deco... as going through the post. Hope this meets approval. (am going to send this to Fiskerettes for the challenge as it fits in nicely with the spec)
Right back to my cutting out.... and find some new batteries for my camera, as my charger seems to be dead, never mind the batteries.

Been busy and a bad blogger

First of all I would like to apologise to all my avid readers (lol).... that I have not updated my blog for a few days... but... thats because I have been busy making the dreaded Christmas cards..... I will be taking piccies of them later and will post them later on today... when I get five mins...
Its all been go ... and Ijust dont know where the days are going... talk about manic.. for those of you who saw my lovely tidy craft room a short while ago... well that room has disappeared... lol... looks like a bomb has been dropped on it no w.. and NO Im not taking any photos lol.. but Im in my 'creative' mode at min, so darent tidy up too much.. hey thats my excuse and Im sticking to it. ! although, to have more than a 8" x 8" square to work in would be good lol..
I had to do over a dozen inserts yesterday and boy do I hate doing that bit... managed to get an order for 10 cards, and need to get them out of the way so I can go back to my own Christmas cards, I really can see me ending up buying some this year, sorry for swearing !!! lol ...
well thats enough of me gabbing.... and all time sat here chatting could be cutting up more decoupage or something hehe... will promise to put some cards on later... so hope you pop back ... bye for now and all have a good day. xx

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Lapashe/ C & C

Im still here.... Im on the mend from man flu.. ok.. flu... ok.. bad bad cold.. one or the other.. but recovering.. thank goodness. Sound like some Alaskian husky dog, but the body is recovering quicker than the voice lol. ! Feeling as human as I get. So.. in all.. a GOOD DAY lol.
I love my postie... (ok bit strong).. I really like him... in shorts and hairy legs,, all year.. but. every man to their own I say ! lol... he brought me... my new LaPashe sheets.. series 5 and 6 .. nice man ! :)... Jak you costing me a fortune gal. ! lol but loving every minute of it. Also... how cool is this... hand made card from the Mistress her self.. ohh does that sound like a Madam ? LOL anyways... As I was saying... The Mistress ... !!! .. none other than Jak...herself... made in front of trillions on C and C... (yep another super sell out)... I emailed in.. saying.. i sooooo pooorly.. (well I was, so no lie there)... had to drag myself to the pouter to type that ! ...) and congrats etc to our Jak... and lo and behold.. in the post.. THE card.... how cool... such a happy bunny. signed as well... (that will be on ebay in a few years ) LOL... highest bidder highest bidder ! lol... .
I am very proud to know this lady and she is fab.. and her deco sheets are amazing.. if you have not heard of her or seen them.. go check them out.. will try and leave a link lol. ! Fab for mens cards in particular.. and we all know how much we hate them... no... not the men... well.. ok maybe from time to time... but ... making the cards for them ... so difficult.. yes the cards.... no not the men... hehe..
so.. on that note... here is the ... pride of place card... and hopefully a link ... thanks again Jak.. and also Magic hands lol.. xxxxxxx promise to try and add a card over the next couple of days... well you know how it is... all the best laid plans of mice and men etc... . please someone point me in the right direction of my craft room , shut the door and lock me in.... PLEASE !!!! XXX

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

quickie card

Thought would try again today to make a few cards.. !!! needless to say, I gave up.. I had already stamped this up and wasnt sure what to do with it.. but it surely wasnt anything like it ended up LOL.... due to still feeling dreadful... I literally threw this together... and called it a day.. not even sure I like it. never mind.. always tomorrow.
Just tried to walk the dogs, and it nearly killed me... then I nearly killed the oap... she done the off.. and I couldnt run to catch her for the life of me... so she got home about 5 mins before me. !!! I really shouldnt let her off the lead, as she just takes herself off home when she has had enough.. I had a coughing fit in middle of field... and thought my time was up LOL... dont think the cold sharp wind done me any favours. !... oh well at least the Collie had fun.. one out of three not bad..! catch you all tomorrow.... off to do a bit more pill popping Fed up with this now.

Monday, 10 November 2008

blog candy 16/11
hope you will pop over to Frans blog, fabby blog and also some lovely candy up for grabs.

me... im feeling dreadful today, spent most of day on sofa, watching C &C... and waited patiently for Jak of Lapashe fame
to 'go live'at 6pm... not that she was there long as yet another two sell outs... way to go girl... so chuffed for you. (and I got my email read out too), so an added bonus. Perhaps I will be lucky enough to get mine pulled out of the box and get a card from The Great One ! LOL

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Hedgehogs and Ladies... :)

Used my fav xmas stamp for this year... (again)... just love this image.. and did stamp and paint up a job lot lol.... just seeeing how many different cards I can make with them now.
The lady on the postcard is something a little different for me, being that Im still coming to grips with this stamping lark... Just stamped it on white card stock... as was playing (sorry testing) lol... and it came out better than thought, so, waste not want not... didnt want it on stark white card, so after tearing the card, used TH distressing ink pad (my one and only), in walnut, and used a wet brush to spred it a bit further on the card, thne chalked over the rest of the card, used part of a 12 x 12 scapbook sheet for backing, few jump rings, and my nesties and prima flowers. few pearls and bobs your uncle... (ok so it wasnt a five minute card, but I do like spending a lot of time changing my mind .... )needless to say, craft room looks like bombs hit it again, and it was SO tidy,
Not feeling too brill today, cold and cough coming out now, so feeling rough rough... never mind.. hopefully start to feel a bit brighter tomorrow. Just as well dont need to go out far today... wil have wrap up well against the cold when walk the dogs in about 10 mins !!! ... been putting it off half the day, but really must push self and get them out for a run.
catch you all later...

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Blog candy 11/11

Well done to Bev for having over 50,000 hits... and thank you also for putting up some really scummy candy....

some lovely candy here too... 16/11

Bit of a mixed day.

First the bad news... been over to 'Dads'House, yeah the one that took me about 15 months to gut and redecorate from top to bottom... and I mean GUT ... only to find... my basement flooded... totally... drain blocked (one downpipe to 6 or 8 houses)... yep mine !!!! ... and about 6"of water up the outside walls and door.... as Ive been away and not cleared it.. it run under the door and the whole front room was sodden.... worse still it had gone up the walls and its blown all the paintwork .. and stinks to high heaven ! ... could have sobbed. so.. will have to find someone with a de humidifier and get that dried out and rubbed back and repainted ! not a happy bunny. On top of that, Im coming down with a rotten cough and cold, and am beginning to feel...'well rough'as they say. (poor me LOL). well no one else here to feel sorry for me, so might as well feel sorry for myself. ! lol.

Good news.... (well it certainly cheered me up after that)... just got home and thought would do a bit of blog hopping etc.. and awaiting for me was a lovely √°ward'from Denise, thank you sooo much... really made up for such a horrible day, and also gained another follower in Denise, and another blog for me to visit too. So am looking on bright side...
Now to pass it on too 7 peeps ! omg... I would love to add a lot more than 7... as I just love so many blogs I visit.. so this is going to be very hard to chose just so few.


Will keep the crafters happy tomorrow lol... (and not just the nutters who have a silly sense of humour like myself).... and post some cards... yes.. I have made... erm... one or two...! lol
sorry about the links... well... lack of..... not sure what happened there... so we back to copy and paste again im afraid... sorry guys... gremlins again !!!!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Gawd I'm............................................

blooming knackered. !!!
Been away up Yorkshire for a few days... ... only 600 plus miles round trip, but hey... lol..
met up with a fellow imag-e-nator, Karen J, (she of La Pashe team) .. nothing like a bit of name dropping ah ! .. almost royalty (I did say almost).. LOL..
Had a fab few days with her, making a mess of her craft room, but... to make amends, did get her ribbon collection sorted onto dolly pegs for her. ! Went up lots of mountains too ! lol.... and my gawd was that scary on the way home, sheer drop over a tiny tiny dry stone wall (like what they got on Emmerdale)... hehe .. but such tiny roads... (we call them PATHS down South) ....... sure only sheep should be using them personally.... never mind cars. !
however.... closed eyes and not look down seemed to have worked, as safely back on terra firma Kent !!!! ...
so............ am totally shattered... think early night in order... and will catch up with you all soon....
just need to get a fix of some blog hopping first thou :)