Tuesday, 30 September 2008

half baked card

Doing this card for an 80 year old lady who loves Tigers.... (my adopted Mum)... Had a lot of fun making this so far.... all the photos were done on photographic paper, and not even on the best setting of printing, but they have come out a treat, I so love my new Epsom printer. lol... Just printed off one sheet from the Jayne Netley cd, used a main image for the front, three smaller pics for the waterfall and one small image for the back page... I have also added a pocket and printed off a bookmark and laminated it and popped it into the pocket. Now all I have to do is add a verse and sentiment... hopefully will get them done this afternoon. But just wanted to pop something on here to keep you interested (lol)... as not done much blogging last few days or so.
And still cant add my challenge card... as the date has been changed until tomorrow for late enteries...
so hope you like the cards so far... will show the finished pages as soon as done them !

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Back again LOL

Omg... how can it take sooo long to do one card.. and how can my once tidy craft room now look like a bomb has gone off... and a family of 10 move in and have a play day.
Whats all that about? .. Latest challenge on the forum..
Needless to say, I cant show it yet... but will add to blog next week after voting finishes... (yes Image-e-nation) and no.. I still cant get the link thingy wotsit to work... then again... my whole puter stil not well... so this is yet again least of my problems... BT.. ! humph... Wireless.. humph... yes another phone call needed.. my computer seems to forget over night what it is meant to do in the mornings.. ie... connect to wireless broadband... ! I wont bore you with the hastles.. but puter looking like ending up in field opposite... very very soon. !!!!!
This is a card I put together a few days ago... just having a play with my first ever sketch... would have helped if i had no ticed at time, the sentiment was in gold and everything else was in silver !!!! LOL... sllight boo boo there me thinks... and yes... I do need new glasses LOL (do they do colour blindness ones)?
Also made a card for Lynne for her and baby Lauren... thinking of you both hun.... will post on here next day or so.. (once Ive posted it lol).. take care all and hope you like .. ish... my blunder of a card lol oh dear !!!

Friday, 26 September 2008

is giving away some beautiful cute blog candy... sooo sweet... go take a look

DT person needed... be quick

Are look for a third person to join their designer team... but it closes tonight, so you will have to be quick...

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Good Morning

Birds are singing, the sun is shining, what a lovely day it is today... such a contrast from the past couple of days. My little Robin is out and about searching in the garden... always makes me smile, as robins where my Dads favourite bird (and his name) and are mine too... Christmas cards always had to have a little one on there somewhere from me to him.... I find it very difficult now to make them... however... my little friend is out and about and put a mile on my face..
Not stopping long on here today as need to go and make a good friend of mine a congrats on your baby girl card....Well done Lynne ... and Lauren is a beautiful name...and such a little dot too... only 5lb 3oz.. but mum and baby doing well.
Can now add the card I entered into the last challenge on the Image-e-nation forum, which I am very happy to say came third. I was really pleased with this card.. and hope the lady that ordered it is too.
so... have a brill day everyone... and will catch up again very soon...
really must do some h........k today too.. lol.... ! .. still trying to work out how one person can make so much mess... still think the gremlins come in at night and have a party... cos i sure dont remember leaving it like this ......... :)

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

oh I nearly forgot

Made this card for my eldest daughter Hayley... I absolutely love this image... H is not girly girly.. pink and fluffy, like her kid sis... lol.... so I hope she liked this image as much as I do...

Been playing

Had to have a day taking it easy... due to ... extremely bad back today... but as it was oh so gloomy outside... heavy rain, grey and cold all day... it wasnt such a hardship. so I had a little play with my nesties.... (I also had a bit of a sort through of xmas stuff)... and this is what i come up with... nice and simple and quick... What do you think?

Also been thinking about a life changing discission...... moving... now.... do I go with Devon, YOrkshire or ..................... drum roll......... Spain LOL... am checking it all out.... as .... being in my autumn years.... and on my own... its a now or never discission, but not one that will be taken lightly... but... I do feel the need to do something positive and something different... dont want to become staid in my old age LOL

Sunday, 21 September 2008


This is the little stampboard box I made last weekend... never used this before, so a whole new experience... also done a stampboard tile... just a matter of playing around with some inks, a stamp or two, etching a bit and handpainting the centre of flowers... liked the effect of heating up the edges to make them bubble then adding embossing powder and heating again... wished I had had more time to play a bit more with this.. as wont get the time at home LOL.
Beatiful sunny day down here in Kent today.... and the lawn is just crying out for some attention... haircut needed I think... so will attached the stampboard piccys and catch up with you all a bit later... hope everyone has a lovely day.. xx

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Why Me?

Yep... you guessed it.. I got a duff one ! .... had the BT man out.. and guess what... it took him one and half hours to get nowhere basically, said he couldnt work out my puter neither.... eventually (after a bit of swearing under his breath) he did ring his mentor... (who just so happened to be having a day off !) lol...and with a bit of help did get the blooming thing to work ... wireless..... switched puter on and off a couple of times to make sure all was well... and off he went. Both of us very happy that he FINALLY got it to work....
Daughter and granddaughter came round for visit.... puter went to sleep... and when I opened it back up later... guess what.... it didnt work !! After me clicking anything that looked remotely like it could be clicked.... it come to life again.. BUT... it is NOT looking promising... so I thi nk tomorrow I will be ringing up BT yet again.. ever get that feeling you just not winning??????????
Needless to say... I did manage to finish my challenge card eventually... but cant show that just yet... and when I find the file that has my daughters birthday card in it.. I will post that... right now... lost the plot and the will to live... y et again... LOL Would have a serious drinky poos... but... after being ill for nigh on a week.... decided probably not such a good idea. (and no it wasnt alcohol induced). (which makes a change LOL). Still at least getting back in the swing of the blog... albeit a load of waffle and no cards to show... but then again, sounds about normal for me. ! Promise to find something to show you as soon as can. Or I will be sacked from craft blogger hehehe....

Scrummy blog candy

Bev at is giving away some super dooper candy... check it out..
(there is a direct link right hand side of my blog, puter playing up still !!!!)
and Im patiently, ok... maybe not so patiently awaiting Mr. BT man to come and fix today !!! then I will be back ... I hope.... as my blog and everything else has slipped dreadfully..... into oblivion.. (mind you I suppose its been very quiet of late for all you readers....) :)

Monday, 15 September 2008

Blog candy

Jak at has kindly put up some super blog candy for grabs... but you gotta be quick.... closes tonight at 5pm....

Sunday, 7 September 2008

100th Birthday

Was asked to make a card for a lady of 100 years young.... what an achievement to get to that age.. Enjoyed making this one, as its flowers, and lilac (my favs)... and pretty bits.... Also have made a card for my grandson who will be 9, which I hope he will love, as Im none to sure on it myself.

Another dismal wet grey day down here in Kent.... a week of constant rain is enough for anyone... Town house holding its on the flooding scene... Luckily have a good friend now that is keeping a close eye on the basement for me, bless her. Takes a weight of my mind thats for sure. Car in garage tomorrow... see what the damage is... one tyre or two needing to be replaced... if two and one of them is the brand spanking new one I only just had put on... I can see tears ahead.

Only 5 more days to the Manchester Meet... so looking forward to it now.. But can see me in a last minute rush as usual... need to go in to spare room with pith helmet and torch... lol... think its time I got someone round here to put stuff up in attic... cos Im sure there is meant to be a double bed in there somewhere . !!!!!! But hey, look on the bright side... my craft room is looking lovely ! lol

Saturday, 6 September 2008

oohh Christmas is a coming !

Finally got kicked started into making some Christmas Cards, after our last challenge (Imag-e-nation forum)... and have at least two more now.... just as well its only September LOL.... also it was a good friend of mine birthday, yes, the guy with the dustbin... lol.. so... as Mike not only likes a smoko but he also, like a beer (dont we all.... although mine comes in the disguise of a Vodka and diet coke) lol... so... thanks to Jak at LaPashe.... I finally braved it... and stroked it, and looked for the last time at it.. and succumed to... sniff.... sob... cutting up the sheet and making it into one fabulous card... oh, dont get me wrong.... I am not blowing my own trumpet in the card making department, but more.... you just cannot fail to make a brilliant card, with the Remember When sheets..... and Mick... he was chuffed to pieces.. (cant wait to make up the Christmas ones.)... so thank you Jak and LaPashe.... for helping me make a mans card so easily. And we all know how difficult mens cards are... oh and the men ! LOL

Thursday, 4 September 2008

what a great day

First of all my blog candy turned up from Dawn ... thank you sooo much hun... lots and lots of nice things to play with, feel soo lucky to have won and am soo chuffed with what I got.. So once again Thank You .

This is the card I entered into this weeks imag-e-nation challenge... which I came 3rd and once again soooo chuffed. NOw all I need is the time to make the other 49 xmas cards lol (or there abouts)...

Still got orders coming out of my ears and no time to do them...

Dogs' having wonderful new hair cuts... lol.. mini yorkie from scruffs to not quite crufts lol but defo looking 100% better... went in as a scruffy, long haired o.a.p. mop on legs, came out like a two year old... bless her.. dont think the 'hairdresser'says bless her at all... more like a few blue words uttered I think ! LOL.. but she looks lubly .. and certainly nothing like the 15 year old mop that went in this morning. !

then... flat tyre AGAIN... oh yes, this is the brand new tyre I just paid mega loads, to have replaced.... as had a puncture and a nail where a nail shouldnt have been ... on the rim... so new tyre... few WEEKS later... flat as a pancake again... booked for monday ! grrr.. then mega probs with puter.. but think my good friend Lynn in Spain has sorted.... new ISP due on 9th... needed desperately to save my favs... hundreds of them... and yes they saved... shame not on my puter thou lol... but in the safe hands of my great mate. (cheers hunny... I love you Lynn lol, specially if this works). ! LOL

Other house... omg.. not good news..... torrential rain ..... equals one basement 8"deep in water... half an hour before the Estate Agent was due to turn up ! ... so with one screwdriver, one dustpan and very damp feet I sorted it... baling out....drains and please dont let it rain again just before possible buyers turn up. (thank heavens I didnt have carpets fitted)!

So a week of ups and downs.. . I will add my xmas card that come 3rd in challenge, (hehe can you tell I am soo pleased with this)...

I will bid you farewell for today.. and hope the rest of the week stabilizes !...

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Lets try again LOL

Will attempt to load the other card again.... it might work... as puter seems a little happier this morning... think it might be recovering from pmt..LOL.. ha too late now... changed ISP... just need to wait for the change over... but hopefully wont take too long, at least Im getting lots of other things done in the meantime .... as give up trying to look at anything on here after a while.
Right so... fingers crossed everyone... here goes.What an awful day it is... feels like ive slept for a couple of extra months, and we in the depths of winter... whatever happened to the sunshine this year? certainly wasnt in this country much.
Putting house on market today... hopefully it wont take too long to sell... will be glad to see back of it... been long hard haul getting it done.. and so glad its finished.... and needless to say.... I was getting someone in this week to sort the garden for me ! erm.... think thats out of the window for a while, now the weather has turned again. Oh well... they might be able to see the end of it if they look carefully LOL think they might need a machette and a pith hat... probably a family of pygmies in the undergrowth and a bengal tiger. lol

hey what you know.. pics loaded !! fabulous... right best post now.. before it disappears... catch you all later folks... hopefully xx

Monday, 1 September 2008

its just not happening

Just to give you all aquick update..... I cannot add pics to blog now.. have been trying all morning.. and nothing.... Ive been disconnected more times than I care to admit .... and my patience has run out already... roll on my new ISP.. Im of to attempt to do some gardening, as the weeds are taking over... lol.. (not quite Triffids yet.... but!)... also... got some orders to make on the card front anyways.. even if cant show anyone just now.
Looking forward to the Imag-e-nation Manchester meet, which isnt that far away, great opportunity to meet up with old friends and new... Can get excited now I have dog sitters sorted. Was such a near thing, me not being able to go this year... but... sorted now... so on that note... before I get disconnected again.. I will try and post this..
see you all very soon I hope !
Will keep trying to load pics.. but dont hold your breath !