Saturday, 28 February 2009

Build a blossom

Jak has very kindly made up some lovely 'build a blossom' free deco sheets for us... how kind is that !... they really are lovely... and I just had to have a quicky go at one of them.... if you like what you see. pop over to Jaks blog.

Recipe ! lol always makes me giggle this bit
Jaks flower !! lol... cb folder, which i chalked in green.. not sure if you can see that, ribbon from stash, prima flowers and charm added.. tag chalked around edges in green too. and my dangly bits arent dangling !!! bad photography LOL

Friday, 27 February 2009

Edwin in fall

Found this little chap in my stamped image box.. so thought make a nice change to do a little Edwin. Think I should have put on smaller card on reflection, but had already put the brown on for another card that I changed my mind on... still it turned out ok in the end.. just lol.. not having a very good day today... thanks to some unsavoury things going on in my life at mo !! maybe thats why this turned out to be a bit of a "dark"card lol... still at least I made one...

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Any old Iron?

I fared much better on this one... brain must be functioning better now ! lol... Once again another birthday card, for a special friend... I will add the persons name to the little tag on top of the watering can, yes I did use the nesties for this.. fiddly little blighter it was too... as was the miniscule piece of card I used that will go on top on this.. once again used dtp on the edges.. went for broke on this... the little heart charm says handmade with love... (not enough room to say blood sweat but no tears lol)... Didnt win that punch by Martha Stewart (sulk)... so this next best thing.....
Now I must remember to put this in full view so I dont lose it !!! cos its the first birthday card Ive actually managed to make in advance for someone.... I think EVERYone elses has been a week late... mind you by the time this persons birthday comes, whats the betting I forget to post or something, and it will still be late ! lol...


One of my fav Magnolia Tilda stamps... Made this for a special friend, very late for her birthday Im afraid and also... made from my sick bed lol.. well almost.... (yes I am on the mend now, slowly).. First card made in ages, and not all went according to plan !!! ... but Im putting that down to still not feeling 100% (well I wont be able to use that excuse for much longer lol)..
Really enjoyed making this ... so much so... Im half way through another card today, so slowly getting back in the swing of things re my crafting. (need to get a wriggle on as got an important assignment for Friday !!!!) :)
I will catch up with all awards (and tags) that all you nice peeps keep leaving for me... I want to thank you very much, Im not ignoring you, I just havent been doing much at all.. as you have probably noticed, of late. But ... keep checking back.. and I intend to more than catch up with myself now... my poor blog has suffered these past couple of weeks, .... !!! hope you all have a brill day.. and dont forget to check out Bevs blog later to see if you was lucky enough to win her candy !!! ... (I soooo want that punch lol)... take care all....

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Blog Candy time...

Wow.. is all I can say to this one... dear oh dear.. I would have been gutted if missed the chance of this one !! (not been blog hopping as normal due to being poorly). so thank you Lynn for pointing out to me one of my fav bloggers is hitting the 150,000 mark on her blog !!!! well doesnt take a lot to guess who this is... cos she my inspiration !!! yep... our lovely Bev has put up some fantastic candy ... dont miss out the chance of winning it.. cos its scrummy and I want it.. dont mind which.. .im easily pleased lol.... Well done Bev on enourmous amounts of hits....
so what you all waiting for...? go on get out of here and go see Bevs blog.. xx

Friday, 20 February 2009

Ok.. 1st proper assignment ! ...- La Pashe

Yes, I know I should have taken it seriously, as it my first 'let her loose assignment" But... this image brought out the sillier side of me (and my partner in crime !!!!( LOL Lynn I blame you ! ))... so ................ Following Jaks Palm Trees, and sand... and exotic beaches. etc... I went for the other alternative .! Well we can all dream !
check out what the other LaPashe DT's have done... Toni at
and also Karen at

Like the adults say.. this is the receipe...
One La Pashe image, (in a hammock is good!) one A5 .. yes done this on a5 just to show it fits nicely too.. ... a few images ... La Pashe Man.. dont we just love that image !!! blokes in the kitchen lol ... and yeah back to planet Earth... the washing line and ...... ok the washing is in the tumbler... 2009 ! ...

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Im so sorry everyone

but Im still so ill... I cant even muster the energy to lift the card stock ! never mind do owt with it.. this is the worst I have felt for such a long time.. and for so long.... im off to be d now and hoping the dog will let me sleep.. she really isnt helping.. ! but at 15/16.. she aint got a clue bless her... nite all.. will be back asap with something to show you xx

Monday, 16 February 2009

no cards

Due to unforeseen circumstances.................. Im dying........ well ok slight exageration.... but Im really quite poorly at mo... and did try to make a card today, but was coughing and spluttering so much... and nearly falling asleep in between... I gave it up as a bad job.. and left it...
Why is it, the older we get the worse colds and coughs seem to effect us?? or is it just me?? And I never used to get this many either... could get away with one or two a year... I seem forever catching them nowdays... mainly due to granddaughter me thinks !!! ... but my defenses must be down thats all I can say.... time to bring in reinforcements I think.. Brandy??? well vodka not helping keep the germs away... LOL.. and it could be called purely medicinal then. ")
will try again tomorrow folks.... hope you all feeling heaps better than I am just now. x

Sunday, 15 February 2009

A card ! finally

Due to Ruby having the day off... or is that me? .. Managed to get in the craft room today... even thou feeling awful just now with Rubys germs... Had to make this one... will have to drag my poor body out tomorrow to post LOL... are you all feeling sorry for me? NO? thats ok, cos I feeling sorry for me enough anyway.. :)
(blanked the name out), as wouldnt have put this on until sent.. but not much else got done today, and I did promise to put a card up for a change. LOL.. so hope the person who its for doesnt mind :)... Will try to get back in swing with the cards .. as soon as feeling a bit better.... take care all... x

just to let everyone know... the corners where stamped with pink ink, and clear embossed.. stamp by Penny Black... very old stamp 1998 ! lol ..

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Letter from Ruby Tyler (aged nearly two)

Dear Nannie
I have to say sorreeeee .. not too sure why... but soreeeeee Nanniedoit... maybe it was cos I poked the dogs in the eyeballs... but only to see if they blinked like I does... and I just had to see how far my little fingers went up their nostrals... Mummy said it a good thing you let me watch Beebies or Sess might have got a real shock, mummy says I toooo young to do vets training :)
Im also sorreeee for being nawty and keep asking for chokolate... but its SOOO much nicer than tato.. dont you agree? .. I think Im soreee too for chasing Muggi around the kitchen and lounge but I only wanted to cuddle her.. does she not like being picked up upside down??? I love it when Daddy does it too me :) Muggi and Sess not very good at hide and seek neither... I kept finding them... why does Sess keep looking at me with ....Collie stare mummy says??? doesnt she like me ? not very friendly your dogs nannie... not like my Busta... he lets me ride on his back... why didnt Sess let me? I did soooo try to get on her. once again she runned away...
I been to hairdressers... and guess what... I ever ever soo good girl.... that nice Kelli who does my hair, you know the one Nannie... the one you cant afford to go to... well I special girl... and she done my hair beautiful and I sat like a little angel.. . cos she gives me jelly beans... I think I like Kelli lots. :) she not say that word I not like !!! :)
I asked mummy to go bed early last night Nannie... cos I was soooo tired... was you? did you play more with my bricks when I left? bet you couldnt find ALL of them... cos I hided them... under the sofa, the tv, the dogs bed, cos thought Sess might like to have play too... I also hid her bone.. did she find it yet?.. cant remember where I put that thou.. so think nuver sorreeee. :)...

Mummy and Daddy taking me out for dinner tomorrow... not sure if I going to be good or not yet... I think I might.. cos they do sisscream.... :)

Mummy says I can come again to see you VERY soon.. :) .. I bet you and the doggies cant wait ! ..and if we make cakes again.. can you read the packet this time nannie... cos you told me we had Dora explorer cakes...b ut they looked very much like Postman Pat to me !!!! silly Nannie.. and I promise not to wipe my nose next time when I mixing the cakes... (dont tell daddy cos I think he ate that one) :)...
Im going now Nannie .. maybe I go see if Libby or Buzz want to play horsey....
see you soon love from Ruby Tyler aged nearly two.. xxx

Friday, 13 February 2009


hello everybody...
last time on Nannies puter... (for a while).. !!!!! a LONG while Nannie said!
She gets grumpy when tired.. I think she very very tired !!
I was good girl.. for a while... !
we watched Iggly AGAIN and the tombleboo oooo drunk all the pinkyponk juiice and nearly fell over... just like Nannie does , didnt know she had Pinkyponk juice here !!

made Nannie cook me dinner, then didnt want it.. so nannie said NOOOO chokolate.. NOOO biskits...... (that horrid word again).. then I found Muggis EYES.... with my fingers. ! ... she played hide and seek but I found her.... about 100000 times. :) think MUggi VERY tired now too ! so I played with Sess.... I found her nose.... she got two little holes there so I tried to see if both fingers would fit... THEY DID ! then... I found her EYES too !!!! they much bigger than Muggis, but I still fitted my fingers in them.. :) then I found her tail... so Nannie said shall we play with Barney ! :( .
then I was hungry.. so asked nannie for biskit.. and chokolate... i can say chokolate 100000's of times.. and i can pull sad face toooo... more times I say chokolate,... i can get sadder, and sadder and make eyes leak water .... but still nannie said no chokolate... so she made my dinner warm ... I didnt want that... I wanted biskit then... and STILL nannie said no... :(
Then mummy came, after we watched loads of Iggle Piggle AGAIN.. Nannie nearly knows ALL the names now... isnt she clever :) I asked mummy If I could have a biskit... but Nannie told mummy to say no... I think I going off Nannie.... so I let them both know I NOT happy.....
for about an hour..... then mummy said I had to go in car... Nannie said Thank God again... who is this invisible man? cos I never see him? perhaps he is hiding with Muggi and Sess?????

Im going to hairdresser tonight... not sure If I will decide I want hair cut or not yet :) Bye bye all... until next time.... from Ruby (aged nearly two)....
(nannie said I not make my 2nd birthday??? whats that all about?) Nannie said crispbread and cheese nice.... so I had to try some of hers... very messy stuff you know.. but nice.. much better than sketti and tato. xx

Friday with Nannie by Ruby Tyler (aged nearly two)

Hello again everybody... fank you sooo much for all your lovely comments.. Nannie read them too me... I think maybe she not read all of it to me thou...! but she said people like my story, so I thought I would tell you allll about today... cos I really missed Nannie and Ive been SOOO excited to see her again...
Nannie not look too good this morning when mummy brought me over in the car... I kept telling mummy, " nannie, nannie, sess, muggi, nannie allll the way here... "
Think mummy knew where we going, but I just wanted remind her. I also think mummy saying naughty words to me... but I couldnt quite hear her... cos we had 'wheels on the bus" on the music box.... we played wheels on the bus... lots of times, cos I like that one. and I like it loud and like my mummy to join me in singing it... mummy not too good at singing that time of morning...

Nannie still in her dressing gown.. does she not know we got to go to park again on the roundabout and the swings and take balls for us to play with... doh... she best get a move on.. I soo excited .. Nannie looks very tired ... I not know why .. cos I full of energy .. I saved it all up special, to use with Nannie today. She also said "thank you" to me as soon as I got here, that was very nice of her, but I not understand why... something about sharing germs and rotten cold?

I got to go now thou... cos nannie got to go and try have shower... i like to play beeboo and open shower door.. but nannie says no.. ! (I dont like that word) but its ok... cos after that we can come back down stairs ... I like that bit best.. cos... (dont tell mummy this or we be in big trouble)... nannie lets me come down on my bum..... and i slide alllll the way down... its sooo much fun... but nannie cant keep up with me... i wanted another go.. but was told that horrible word I not like (again) ..... If im allowed I be back later and tell you about our day together... I got a feeling nannie might be wanting me to have a little sleeps later !! bye bye for now... love Ruby Tyler (aged nearly two) x

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Me and My Dog... by Ruby.

Nannie said she would write all about my busy two days with her, cos all her keys worn out on her keyboard and I dont know where they are yet, cos I only nearly two. .. I think Ive tired out Nannie a bit.. well lots actually, cos she been very tired today and kept wanting me to go to sleep... but we had SO much to do... I didnt let her have a little nap... cos I WIDE awake !!... so... we played with Barney, Riff, Baby Bop and BJ for AGES.. then nannie got a bit bored I think.. so let me watch Barnaby Bear and Iggle Piggle in the Midnight Garden on her laptop... cos her tv not working, Daddy tried to mend it tonight.. but dont think he stuck the cables in the hole proper... cos it all fuzzy and nannie cant watch C beebies on it now...
Well after Barney... we had lunch... nannie ate most of it.. cos I let her.. she said she glad I not here too often or she be size of hippypottymouse... I had chokolate instead... but dont tell mummy, cos nannie said not to... cos we did eat most of my dinner, nannie said.
Then we took Sess (Xev) to park.. we left Muggi sleeping in bed.. cos she tired too... but im still not tired.. we took two balls, one for nannie and one
for me... think Sess shouild have had one tooo. I went on swings.... nearly flattened Sess who got in way.. ! .. then I made nannie go on roundabout.... she said she felt sick... I not understand why, cos we only went round and round about... oh... 200 times... nannie said i eggsaggyrated... I not understand big words.. (cos I only nearly two)... Then... we got back to Nannies house I wanted carry... cos my legs not working proper then.. they was tired... but rest of me not... we got home.. to nannies... eventually... even thou only 2 mins from park... she say it tooooook HALF AN HOUR.. oh Nannie you do tell fibbies.
The just when Nannie thought she could go in kitchen and have one of them bad things that she not alllowed to have when Im here... cos Mummy says it bad for me.... I said boo... hehe... so Nannie had to put it out... she prentended she making a hot juice !! Then we made Iggle Piggle biskits... and I done all the cutting out myself... nannie put in that hot thing that she not usually use, cos it not go ping....
and then mummy and daddy come to get me... I think my nannie said to man Thank God.... but I not see him ...
this is a picture of me and Sess (Xev)...
when nannie recovered and I come to visit again.. she said something about 2015... but i not do big numbers yet... (cos I only nearly two).... I will write to you all again.. bye bye for now... Love Ruby Tyler xx (Nannie says Tyler when she say naughty step too) !


Another Flippin'Women card.. this will certainly be a fav amongst us women... as what you dont see on the front is hidden nicely on the back !!!! and will appeal to our sense of humours. !!! and .. guess who forgot to take a piccy of the finished inside !!! lol but there is a huge cake hidden... brilliant.. so much fun these sheets, dont think anyone will regret buying them. check out Jak, Toni and Karens blogs... see what they have done with their cards too..
Im granddaughter sitting again today... so another day no card making.. so glad I had these done in advance. Will have to be extra busy in craft room tomorrow. right.. best add piccy before my peace is shattered... will catch up with you all tomorrow.. at some stage... if I dont sleep all day.. this babysitting is hard work im shattered LOL.. where do they get all their energy from? Cos I could sure do with some of it !! Iggle Piggle biscuits to make today !!! We done Postman Pat cakes yesterday, (I had picked up wrong packet, thought I bought Dora the explorer !!!) and im still finding bits of icing stuck in places i didnt know possible... (in the kitchen I hasten to add) . !! :)... makes a change from foam pads and dst I spose ! LOL .

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

LaPashe Flippin'Women Part Deux

Well... I was told to keep my first lot quite plain.. and I did manage that... thats the pure beauty of these sheets... not a lot needs to be added... They really do suit any stage of crafting, whether you are a complete beginner ... to the more experienced crafter. You can put as little or as much to it as you wish.. Im leaning towards the beginner stage... (for now).. to show you.. what a fab card you can make with just the sheets.. All that is needed is.. to cut out .. yep we can all manage that.... (me, just, after a few glasses of vino calapso) :) a few peel offs and the sentiment that is included on the sheets... and heypresto.. one card.... tomorrow I have added just a little touch of Jackie !'' lol... but still kept the card quite plain... Watch out in the near future for a little bit more for the slightly more experienced crafter.... or go to Jak, Karens or Toni's blogs now and see what can be done on a higher level... These sheets are fab and not to be missed... there is a little bit of someone we know in all of them.... well done LaPashe again !...

Sunday, 8 February 2009

LaPashe Flippin Women.. hurrah....

Our Jak is on
Tv NOW... go see...( Ideal World Sky Channel 644 Freeview 22. ) she is demostrating the new LaPashe Flippin Women.. this is what you will get.. plus 19 more of similar.. or different LOL... they are flippin marvellous... a defo must have. ! this is just a taster of what you can do... go check out Toni's blog, Karen's and also Jaks ... have a look and see what they have been up to.. ! some more samples of these fab new sheets. Flippin Brilliant !
This one is called Flippin'Whoa. I think maybe Jak used me for the purposes of this character. ! lol

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Blog Candy

My good friend and √°dopted kid sis' Toni is celebrating her 1st blogaversary over at
she is giving away some fabby stash... and I want it ! ..LOL... guess a lot more of you will too when you see what the lovely gal is giving away.
Whilst you there, make sure you take a look at her fantastic cards and her piccies... great blog ... keep it up Toni xx

Granddaughters birthday card..

Afternoon all.... sorry been awol but had a busy few days... all will be revealed tomorrow !!!! so dont forget to check back in the afternoon, ;)
This card has taken a couple of days .. but I have loved making it soooo much... obviously cos its for my little granddaughter. Had this idea about a month ago, and been playing around with different ideas.. but as said little un has gone from Barney to Peppa Pig .. in that space of time, I decided not to incorporate any of those characters. (Which was my original plan LOL) Nanny would have been well out of favour if got the wrong one... so played it safe in end and used butterflies and flowers. HOpe it not look too old for her now, but I dont think it is... so fingers crossed. She loves sparkleys so added as many as dare lol
right back to the grindstone... got one more job to do for tomorrow at ...... 2pm !!!! so see you all then ...

Thursday, 5 February 2009

ooh look what I got.

Thank you Toni
The only rules are to pass it on to five other people
that are talented bloggers !... erm... can I come back to this one.. cos its going to be soooo difficult to choose just 5!, there are so many of you... will be back later when had a little think...
Once again Toni. thankyou I am as 'we'say Well Chuffed . x

A card at last

Ok, so its another Sarah Kay... sorryyyy lol... But this was the image I was doing whilst teaching my good friend Debs, the Jackie way of painting.. and I hate to admit it... but I think Debs's turned out far better LOL... Ive been busy doing other things !!! all will be revealed very soon... so havent got time to stamp up other images at mo... but thought it would give you something to look at for now.. went a little bit OTT with the flowers ... or not.. :) depends on your view I spose.. hope you like anyway... Im now back off to what I am supposed to be doing :)

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Painting Tuturial.. Jackie style.

Ive been asked by quite a few ladies to do a Painting Tut... I am going to say straight away, Im not that brill at painting, (see Bev R's cards !!!!) she a master in the art of stamped images, and Jak is a marvel at freehand paintings... They do it probably the correct way, LOL... I do it ... like Frank said, My Way ! .
But I will give it a bash and try to add pictures as well. although not good at that either lol so think pictures going to be all over the place. ! I will try my best.
Ingredients.... (please remember this is the way I do it)
Paints (obviously) lol.. I use shimmer paints from The Works, (2.99),
Set of kiddies paints from Woolies (99p) :) bargain
water, brushes, I use the medium one, for everything, but choice is yours, (I dont fill the resovoir (sp).
kitchen roll, plain white tiles for mixing colours on, (or something to that effect).. sheet of scrap paper/or card, (to test the brush before applying to printed image).
One printed image. For this demo (rofl, I am using... ohh guess what.. a Sarah Kay). ! :)
Right here we go then.
No. 1 ... load a brush up with said colour, having brush not too wet it causes water blobs (this is SO not going to be very techno). out line the image .. ie in this case the apron with pink paint.
No. 2 ... then wash brush out in clean water, and all but dry it.. and then.. blend the painted outline colour into the centre of the image.. swirling the brush round and round... if the brush becomes too coated in colour, wipe clean on kitchen roll ( or you will end up with no shading but one block colour).
No. 3 ... Next . a little bit more shading.. go over some places (usually marked on most stamps... with a loaded brush of paint again (not too wet)... clean brush off and all but dry
No. 4 ... repeat the blending in circle motions.... hey presto... one painted apron.. (well Im not doing the whole image tonight as light bad and im shattered) lol so if Ive gone over the lines you know why.
Now going to attempt to add the piccies in nearly right places.... cant see that happening. ! ..
Any questions?? leave me a comment and I will try to answer it best I can..... NOW.. I will want to see what you come up with... cos Heaven help you all, with my instructions, as I said, so much easier to show... and no.. I dont have a vid cam thingy whatsit !

Monday, 2 February 2009

My little Pony

Still trying to work out two things... 1. How come its taken me nearly all day to do such a simple card( when the image was already painted) ... and 2. What happened to the Sarah Kay image I was working on all morning, in lilacs? Number one, cant answer myself, lol but no. 2... just wasnt happening today... mojo gone awol again... I must have had every combination of lilac papers out that I own.. even put a card together except for image at one point.. but binned it, you know when you just cant get it right? .. hence went across to something different... so maybe that does answer no. 1 LOL
Anyway... painted this up a while back, so once again, doubting my painting on this one ! I must admit to adding a bit paint to the image, but as said.. mojo gone awol... so in end left well alone.. Ive left this without sentiment as going to leave this one blank. Not sure if I should add something else to card, as it looks a bit.. empty, to me.... maybe not used to less is more lol...
Now, Im off to write some cheques and cry.. cos all the snow is going which means I will be able to go round the postbox and post said cheques off.. sob... which in turn, means lack of money in bank a bit quicker than I would have liked LOL... not to worry... its only money !!!!! (thats what I have to keep telling self lol).

Sunday, 1 February 2009


Bit more painting going on here.... and a bit of playing... another stamp had a while and not come to grips with til now... and still had a bit of a battle, but think it ok in end...
I really must invest in a small pair of jewellry pliers.. cos using household DIY ones just isnt easy ! lol.. oh Im talking jump rings here.. incase you not following. As for the flowers... still not got enough variation in my craft room... and to think I used to take the mickey out of all those craft rooms I saw on web with millions... (ok slight exgageration maybe) of jars of flowers, now.. I never got the right size in right colour... same as ribbons !!! lol
Im already on the case of tomorrows card.... or three.... cant make mind up if want to paint, construct or go delving for papers..... maybe a cup of coffee in order whilst I have a think ! lol... hope you like todays card .. x